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Do you need writing tips to make you a better writer?

Writing is a significant part of the world we live in today. Gone are the days when our essence depended on the sword. The world is changing fast, and a large percentage of the people in charge of  that change are writers!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a freelance writer or whether you are planning to write a novel, you need the right tips to get results. Since the quality and effectiveness of your writing will – to a great extent – impact the results you get, it doesn’t hurt to have a few quality writing tips.

Do you need tips to help you become a more productive writer? Do you need tips to help you write that next viral article? Below are some of the best writing tips on this blog.

1. 10 Productivity Tips for Writers

2. 9 Lessons I Learned in 8 Months of Writing for Income

3. How to Write Great Content when You Don’t Feel Like It

4. Two Ingredients of Awesome: Content and Metaphor

5. How to Write Content that Gets Read

The key to becoming a better writer is to read a lot and write constantly. Read the above articles, read a lot more articles and books, then take your pen and write down your brilliance.

Improve Your Knowledge of the English Language

A large part of what WritersinCharge does, is show you how to attract the right clients and help you make money from your writing.

We’re now branching off into another micro-niche of freelance writing and will address some real writing issues non-native and native English speakers both have with English language rules and usage.

We’re in the process of building a rich collection of articles aimed at improving your use of English. After all, no matter how well you can market, or how many clients you can attract, you’ll only be able to hang onto them long-term if you can deliver the goods as close to perfect as possible.

When clients hire you to write for them, they essentially hire you to represent them. Whatever you say and however you express yourself reflects on them and their business. If your writing has a lot of grammatical mistakes, punctuation misplacement and misspelling, your client’s business will be seen as lackadaisical and unprofessional.   They won’t have you working for them for very long.

As the articles are published, they’ll be listed here on this page. You can expect to see a collection of words writers misuse, punctuation lessons, spelling lessons and general English writing and editing tips. Here are some of the first articles in the series:

Writing Mistakes: Writing Tone

Writing Mistakes: Using the Apostrophe

Writing Mistakes: Punctuation part 1

Writing Mistakes: Punctuation part 2

How To Use Inverted Commas, Brackets and Capital Letters

When to Use Commas


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