10 Productivity Tips for Writers

productivity tips for writersIt is very important to know that, sometimes, as writers, the amount we make will be determined by how productive we are. This also applies to bloggers and other creative people because if you can finish that same work in less than half the period it usually takes, you can spend the time saved doing more productive things like marketing your business.

I write an average of 4-5 posts daily, and on my best days I write a total of 7 articles. However, I have been able to increase the number of articles I write on the average day to around 10, and I’m writing even more on my best days without the quality of my articles suffering.

One thing I’d like you to know, though, is that our body is capable of doing much more than it already does, only if we could learn to make effective use of it under the right circumstances. The tips below made me 200% more productive, and I’m sure you will at least be able to double your productivity by following them.

Tip #1 – Have Multiple Computers

multiple computers - productivity for writers

I noticed that whenever I work on my main computer I’m always distracted by newsflash popping out of everywhere. I also find it fascinating to be checking my stats often while at the same time interacting with people on Facebook and Twitter.

The reality is that I feel great reading the news, but it becomes really frustrating to discover that I have spent hours doing that, without me knowing it, and also without learning anything worthwhile. This is a problem that needs a solution, and the distractions are just too much than to disable one medium or the other – for another one will soon pop up.

The solution I came up with is to buy a new laptop. This new laptop won’t ever be used to access the internet, because I won’t have the internet installed on it. The only things installed on the laptop are the applications I need to write.

Whenever I plan to write new articles, I do my research first on my “internet enabled” laptop, I try to collate the information I get and then save it into a word document or a text file. I’ll then copy the results of my research into my other computer so that I can easily make use of the information I need without having to set up the internet on it.

The end result is that it becomes very easy for me to write productively since there won’t be a single distraction. I’m only left with two options, write and edit.

Tip #2 – Use a Standing Desk

standing computer - productivity for writers

When you sit down comfortably on the chair, with a cup of coffee in your hands, it isn’t easy not to get distracted, but when you are standing and dancing while working, every minute will be reminding you of the great task ahead of you.

Aside the fact that research has shown that sitting down all day is dangerous to our health, and that it has more health hazards associated to it, using a standing desk also ensures you stay more focused. It leaves no room for comfort, and as we all know, we easily get distracted when we are comfortable.

Using a standing desk can also serve as a form of exercise, and exercises make us healthy and more productive. A standing desk is like a two-edged sword, and having one will ensure you are more productive not only because you will be healthier, but because you will also find it easy to deal with distractions.

Tip #3 – Don’t Multitask

don't multitask - productivity tips for writers

Since you are a writer with a great responsibility and a lot of things to deal with within a short period of time, what better way to get results than to be writing and checking your email and twitter at the same time? Right? The funny thing is that doing that might be a mistake.

I have discovered that I am more productive when I focus on one task and that task only till it is completed. Working on multiple things at a time is a great waste of your time, it also sometimes results in loss of ideas, and at the end, you see that new “very important” information pop up that suck hours of your time, even though you’re yet to finish your primary assignment.

The more focused you are on a task, the easier it is to get it done and work on other tasks, but the moment you start working on 2 or 3 things at the same time, you find it difficult to get things done, and you also find it easier to procrastinate.

Tip #4 – Do Your Research before Writing

research is important - productivity tips for writers

One of the secrets to my writing a lot of articles within a short period of time is to research first before writing. Instead of writing article A and then getting the points for article B, I try to know how many articles I will need to write in a particular day, and I ensure I research the points and everything I need for those articles before I start typing the first article.

One thing, though, is that we often need facts for some articles we write, and it is always better to back up those facts with links to authority sources. Instead of having to resolve to use the internet whenever you need those facts, why not get those facts beforehand and put them in a notepad? Why not get the links you need to include along with the facts at the same time so that you can easily make use of them without having to close a single computer window? If that doesn’t seem to work, you can indicate sections of your article that needs facts to back them up, and then use the internet to research those facts once all your articles have been written.

Tip #5 – Improve your Environment

a good environment - productivity tips for writers

If you tell me you find it difficult to work and be productive, the first thing I will ask you is where you work.

How does your environment look like? Is it healthy? Do you find it difficult to concentrate, or are there children disturbing you with their shouts every moment?

The calmer your environment is, the easier it becomes to concentrate. The more focused you are, the faster you get things done, and the more likely you are to produce something of value.

Sometimes, what you need to do is relocate. You might not have the money to change apartments yet but you can easily look for a friend who has a better environment and be working in his/her place till you get enough money to make the change you need. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to distract yourself with your favorite music. When there is uncontrollable noise around me, what I do is make use of my headset and listen to my favorite albums in the loudest possible volume: I know that is a kind of noise, but it is organized noise and something that makes me more productive instead of destabilized.

Tip #6 – Take Occasional Rests and Exercise Daily

constant exercise - productivity tips for writers

I was always the guy who was never organized. I’m not used to regular exercises, and I only do things the way I want. It was only of recent that I began to see how important exercise is to our health and productivity.

I have been able to increase my daily productivity level by at least 60%, and the reality is that I only exercise for an average of 10 minutes a day. I find out that I’m more refreshed, and relaxed, after doing a few push ups and I automatically switch into a mode where I am ready to conquer the day.

Another important thing is that you should ensure you don’t overwork yourself. It is better to break a day’s work into two day’s work if it means you will still be able to work for the rest of the week. Don’t just work yourself up without thinking about the risks – the harder you work, the more rest you need to take.

Tip #7 – Work at a Stretch

work at a stretch - productivity tips for writers

One thing about life is that there is no one size fits all solution to every problem, and while some people will advise to be taking breaks every 20 or 25 minutes, I have found working for a longer period of time to work for me.

Whenever I want to do any serious writing, and after researching and getting my points, I switch myself into a “write mode”. In this write mode I make it a duty to write without taking any breaks for up to 3 or 4 hours, sometimes longer. That means whenever I finish writing an article, instead of going to Twitter or Facebook, or instead of sitting down to rest a little, I move on to the next article without taking a break, and I do that for hours, or for a set number of articles depending on what my goals are.

If you’re a freelance writer who needs to produce a lot of articles regularly, then that is what works for me and I’m certain it will work for you too.

Tip #8 – Write First, Proofread Later

proofreading your work - productivity tips for writers

So many writers are obsessed with their writing that they keep on proofreading every sentence and paragraph they write – and the worst thing about that is that their work still end up having errors even after that.

Aside several great writers advising that the best thing to do for your articles is to write it and proofread it with a fresh perspective the next day, I have also discovered that writing my articles without trying to proofread it makes me more productive.

Your articles will never be perfect so there is no point in obsessing over that. Whenever you write, you will experience a free flow of ideas influencing your writing and making it of a high quality, during this free flow it is important not to edit any sentence you write in order to ensure the free flow continues. Once you’ve finished your writing, you can easily go over the article again to edit it to have a better taste.

Tip #9 – Have Clear and Achievable Goals

have achievable goals - productivity tips for writers

Another thing that I have observed to be working great for me is to have goals before doing any of my writing. Before writing, it is important to have an idea of how many words you want your article to be, how many articles you want to write, how many hours you want to spend on that article, and how soon you want the article to be completed.

My best days are those days that I start with an idea of how many articles I want written, because no matter how tough that day seems, or no matter unproductive I feel, I don’t stop until I have that number of articles written.

Disciplining yourself is very important when trying to be more productive, but of what point is discipline when there is no goal? When you know what goals you are aiming towards, it becomes very easy for you to discipline yourself towards making it possible.

Tip #10 – Read Productivity Books and Blogs

read a lot of books - productivity tips for writers

This is the final and probably the most important tip in this article.

The above tips are only what have worked for me and are very limited in a sense because they come from one man. By trying to read the work of others you will be exposed to the experiments of others, and the results they got. You will be able to see more facts and figures, and you will be able to know what to drop and what to adapt to.

The reality is that there is no one solution to every problem, but at the same time there is no single individual that is entirely different – there are people with the same characteristics and tastes as you all over the world, and by reading productivity books and blogs you will be exposed to what works for them, and as a result find it easy increase your productivity.

The Next Step…

The more productive people there is, the better the world gets. Share this post on Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon so that many others can benefit from it.

By Bamidele

Onibalusi Bamidele is the founder and CEO of Writers in Charge. Follow him on twitter here.

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Michael @Blast4Trafficsays:

Write now and proofread later is one I love so much. I have been enjoying writing recently, because the amount of traffic Google sends me via Organic search is great. I believe quality content is the watchword of every successful venture online.

Your post is great. It made me flash my mind back to when I was doing bum marketing, all these where the exact techniques Dean Shainin taught me. You have made it pretty simple and I love the way you explained everything.

Keep up the good work Oni, I’m proud of you and 9ja loves you.

Hi Michael,

Aha, I find it really boring to be writing and proofreading at the same time because it suddenly results in lack of ideas.

Writing online is definitely great and there are several places you can expect to get your traffic from 🙂

Pranay Nigotiyasays:

Hi Oni,
thanks for sharing your thoughts. Honestly these tips are general in nature but they need to applied properly to get good results. Lot of times it happens we are aware of few these and we dont apply. So moral is not only know about these tips and but also apply diligenty.
Thanks again.

Hi Pranay,

You’re right – if only we all learn to apply what we know then things will be better for us.

hei great tips oni..

but i just broke one of my feels like i just broke up with my girlfriend.. i hope it will be ok by the end of this week 🙂

i really agree that environment can affect us during typing new post..if we work in a clean, fresh environment, our brain will work smoothly and the idea will keep coming and coming 🙂

Hi Haru,

Aha, it seems we bloggers are so attached to our work online :). I really hope you get your laptop fixed soon!

I can just imagine how productive I will be if I were to be working in an environment like the one in the above picture…lol!

I hear your pain on losing a comp, especially since I have so many programs tied to my writing and general productivity.

One tool that I use for anyone interested is called ZenWriter.

It’s a fullscreen writing tool like DarkRoom & WriteRoom but looks way better, although without a coupon code is costs $9, so it isn’t free.

Overall another great post Oni, I don’t comment a lot here but I really enjoy your blog!

I’ll definitely be giving ZenWriter a try.

I’m really glad you enjoy reading my blog!

Thanks a lot and have a great day!


Is it Downsays:

These are awesome tips for a writer. I don’t know about using quite so many computers, lol, but maybe that works for some people! I really like your advice on doing research before hand and having several pieces going; sometimes, I’ll be writing one post and get distracted by thoughts of great ideas for a different post. I’m going to try to have several going and hammer them out.

I think you got what I’m trying to say about researching first. Researching first combined with working at a stretch is the main way I get a lot of things done.

I always have an issue with writing and editing at the same time. I just always feel like I see something that needs editing right away and don’t want to forget it later and change it right then and there. I know it’s anti-productive though, need to work at it.

Multiple screens is AWESOME. I love having the ability to look at multiple objects without having to click around on different tabs.

The standing desk thing I’ve never really tried before. Good thing to test out though. Do you use one?

Great post Oni!

Eugene – One thing that’s helped me to keep the flow going when I know there’s something I want to come back and change later is to add a “[xx]” after it. Then, once I have most of my content down, I can simply do a “Find” search within my document and go back and fix all the little issues. Hope that helps!

Oni – Great tips!!!

HI Eugene,

Concerning the writing and editing at the same time I think it will get better once one could understand that his/her writing will never be perfect.

The standing desk is a great idea and I have a standing desk and a normal desk. The reality is that I haven’t used my normal desk for almost a month now, but I’m always using the standing desk whenever I want to write.

Definitely multiple computers, i’m planning on getting another either desktop or laptop.

Hi Sokun,

That’s really great to hear.

I’m very sure you will love the experience 🙂

Another thoughtful advice from your personal experience. Thanks a lot. I’ll attempt to implement the write now – proofread later. I fall short over there.


I’m really glad you gained something new from the post 🙂

Doing research and taking down notes of the important points before writing helps me loads. If I have to look up for something in the middle of writing, it is highly risky coz I may get distracted. And, it seriously breaks my writing flow. Good list of tips Oni.

And I agree exercising does wonders.


Hi Jane,

I’m glad you got my point!

Researching first and writing later is probably one of my best tips, it has always done wonders for me.

broccoli soupsays:

I think reading about new advancements can make the writer more famous and successful.All other tips are secondary but the primary entity is knowledge then management tips.

You’re right about that. I just find out that I love reading a lot nowadays, because the more I read the better my experience about what’s going on in the world and the more polished my writing becomes.

Writing is the one of the important part of any post without that any blogger can’t complete a post so these why all blogger should need to do much focus on write skills specially for newbie in this field.

Hi Sam,

Exactly. The online world is now more focused on writing than ever. The better your writing, the more impact you’re likely going to make.

i never seen a killer writer like you

standing desk idea is really cool , i am following it

Hi Kuldeep,

Well, I really wish that was true. I’m working on improving my writing everyday and I’m pretty sure you will start enjoying it more very soon 🙂

I liked the “use a standing desk” tips as this will definitely reminds you to stay focused. I think that organization is the key to all of this. A few months ago i tried to calculate the wasted time on some tasks that meant nothing for my blogging. I was checking my email inbox 100 times a day, checking my rankings every day, checking stats…etc and all this took more then half of my day. What i do now is to assign a specific day of the week to check all of these. This way i was able to focus on actual things and double or even triple my productivity.

Hi Edgar,

Aha, I think assigning a task to everyday of the week is a smart idea. That will work pretty great if you can stick to it!


I am amazed at the amount of content you can generate. I would like to see how you break down writing one article – minute by minute . . .

Hi Bruce,

I think that’s a great idea.

I haven’t really thought about that, but I might as well do it later in the future 🙂

Home Depot Bathroom Vanitiessays:

Hy! Oni all are nice tips here. yes, multi PC helps but at the starting most of us use one PC either laptop or desktop and yes environment really matter to be creative

I’m glad you enjoyed the post Alamin 🙂

Hey Oni,
I love all the tips and I was planning to get another computer to work on because I get so easily distracted and spend most of my time – losing time. Sometimes, when I am in a time bind, I turn off everything, like Tweetdeck and other distractions and just open a plain text doc to write. Being ADHD and multitasking all the time is really something that takes away too much time. I am working on it though.

I want to say that I don’t really agree on the standing desk thing, which I see many people are recommending these days. I graduated Sports University and my major things there were health, medicine and fitness, so if a person uses the standing desk and spends as much time working on it as they do sitting, it is not going to be good for them.

Although sitting all day isn’t healthy, nor is standing…

But that on the side, I have 9 other things to work on from this post, so you will keep me pretty busy organizing all that for better productivity 🙂

Hi Brankica,

First of all, thanks so much for the valuable comment, I really appreciate it 🙂

Aha, you’re right about that. I also have to turn of Twitter, email etc. but i noticed I sometimes procrastinate in doing so – but with my new computer, the first thing I’ll do for the day is write, once the writing is completed I can then switch over to my other laptop and be distracted as much as I want 🙂

Thanks so much for contributing your expert advice on the standing desk thing. I sometimes experience back pains when I started using it but I’m no longer experiencing back pains as I’m getting used to it. I try to dance and move about every once in a while when using the standing desk instead of staying on one spot.

I’m really glad you found this article valuable.

Thanks a lot and have a great weekend!

Thanks Akash! 🙂

Hi Onibalusi,

Points are very good but I think if you really do good research about your post then you can collect lot of information and after that writing an interesting and touching article depends upon your own writing skills. By research you can find the material but how to make best use of it depends upon your own writing skills.

Hi Riya,

Definitely. It doesn’t matter which of the tips in this article you use, the results you get depends on your skills but the tips in this article makes it easy for you to get more results in half the time it normally takes.

Awesome advice! Multitasking is my biggest distraction while trying to write. It’s hard to stop doing it when it’s a strength in so many other areas of my life…

I find it better to focus on just one task and that task alone – I get things done twice as fast using that technique alone.

Great tips! And I love the pics as well! The only one one that I find an impossibility is putting an end to the multitasking. With 5 kids, a pooch and an expanding communications business, it ain’t gonna happen. I suppose it’s more a matter of prioritizing the tasks and not allowing myself to become too distracted.

Hi Ruth,

Thanks for the compliment on the pics 🙂

Aha, you have a point about prioritizing your tasks. I think having a priority list makes it easy to avoid distractions.

Jackie Paulsonsays:

Hi Onibalusi, your tips are very clear and I love to write as well. I am working on my own blog which I want to create into a site. I am excited to learn from you. I love that “remove all distractions” and do not multi task. Those points are so true. I love the quiet of the night when everything is calm and still. I tend to be a producer and a procrastinator and or just don’t start because of my fears. I just need to get on with it, let go and just start writing.

Hi Jackie,

I’m really glad you loved my tips and find them easy to understand.

I also find it easy to write when everything is calm – I just can’t stand all those noise!

Concerning the fears, what I do is look at the future and see what my writing can help me achieve. Doing that alone does great wonders for me.

Jackie Paulsonsays:

Onibalusi, thanks for the tips once again, as for my fears- i need to just “go for it” stop worry and know that I will have something to say that others will want to hear and read.

Thanks bro 🙂

Karla Campossays:

Great tips Onit! It is funny that you mention having multiple computers because I have three, the thing is I also have 3 kids so I think you can guess what happens to my other computers…. I’m going to need a 4th soon since my 2 year old is joining in on the family love for the internet.

Hi Karla,

Aha, all the kids want to have their own computer 🙂

Having a 4th computer will definitely make a difference for you, as this way the kids will get to have their own computer while it will be easier for you to get your work done.

Hi there,

Indeed this blog is very much informative specially for the main reason that I am a new hired writer and this blog is such a great help.

Grab A Trafficsays:

I have been following up on this blog and I want to credit Onibalusi for the high level of transparency and absolute sincerity.

I fully agree with your submissions about the precepts/principles of seasoned writers, it a rank along my line of retrospect.

Keep it up.

Thanks 🙂

i am also planning to use multiple computers. it will really help to increase my productivity.

Hi Himanshu,

That’s really great to hear. Let me know how everything goes 🙂

Kitchen cabinets home depotsays:

Thanks oni….. great tips to be writer

Hi Onibalusi, i like your ideas and be happy, that i found your Blog. The second idea is very interesting – i never try before to stand for a longer time and write on a Computer.
Greetings from Germany,

Hi Viktor,

I’m glad you loved my blog and that you enjoyed reading this article.

Thanks also for the link on your blog!


web hosting forumssays:

Hi, oni !

Really like the idea of standing, but having multiple computers is not only the solution.

what if you disable internet on the laptop when you’ve completed research and then start writing, I think that can help too.


Grab A Trafficsays:

Yes I think so too or what do you think Oni?


Your post really helped me to understand this.It has great details and yet it is easy to understand.That’s what i was looking for.I will definitely share it with others.Thanks for sharing.

Excellent post Oni. The idea of using a standing desk is something new for me and rare for maybe most of us. But true enough for me, I easily get distracted when I am comfortable. I only find comfort when I do nothing and I don’t feel like doing something. So I’m thinking of following your tip and see how it would work for me.

Great work you have done here.Really your tips are very useful for me.Thanks a lot.

Points are very clear. I have personally experienced that we have to take break for 3-4 days in a month from blogging, so that stress becomes less and also you get new ideas when you are burden free.

BY the Way Oni With the support of you and other bloggers I GOt PR 4 my blog.

I’m really glad you now have a PR4 now Atish. Congrats on that! 🙂

Thanks dude

I like the number one point. I have a spare old laptop now I am going to make use of it 🙂

gardening shedssays:

I am often to blogging and i really appreciate your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your site and keep checking for new information.

Great tips Oni. All 10 tips mentioned in the list really will help. Most of the points you mentioned are true based on my experience as well. I was also doing an experiment by doing exercise daily before writing and it really helps me to be more productive. My mind becomes more focused when I do exercise before writing or doing some work. But the one thing I would like to have which I can’t afford right now is Tip #5 – a better environment. There are really a lot of distractions in my home especially with my kids around.

Your tips are marvelous. I just got into writing some months ago and got really stuck. I Got some ideas from your post, especially #4 and #9, figured out some mistakes I made and things do look brighter now. Thank you so much!

Thanks ,Really encouraging post.Setting Goals is important than anything.I want to be a Good blogger.But i haven’t any Goals ,earning form blog ,that’s my only Goals.Later i understand that this Goal never help me.I bored many time during writing and i lost my patients.

Your tips looks very simple and seems that everybody knows it. But many do not implement effectively. I too not considered these tips seriously so far. I used to stop writing many times due to one or other reasons. Now i will try to overcome all.

Amazing advise taken from a person who knows efficiency at work. Great article.

Peggy Fratkysays:

After the Panda Update i am very careful about my content and i make sure that the article is unique with some hot post like this. This post will help surely a lot of article/content writers.

Great tips Onibalusi! I love this articles of yours, especially if you give any tips for writing. I personally have to work on most of the tips you mentioned in the article. I’ll start with the daily exercises and will stop multitasking.
Thanks a lot!

Hey Onibalusi,
Thanks for this great post, I liked the two points very much i.e. not to do multiple task simultaneously and the take occasional rest.

Your post is great. It made me flash my mind back to when I was doing bum marketing.

Great article for young writers like me but tips no 1 is not feasible as of now since I only own a desktop at home.Maybe if I would be serious in making money with freelance writing or any online job then, that the time I would upgrade my PC setups.

thank you so much for the great tips. been writing for several months now and there is a remarkable increase in production already. however, these tips will surely make things better and less stressful though the first tip of having multiple computers is not accessible for everyone.

Thank you for the tips. Lately I have been dry when deciding to write..thank you for the tips.

Rakesh Narangsays:

The second point was new to me, I am planning to buy a new laptop but it would contradictory to my prime goal at the moment, it would help me blog better but still i am confused where to go for it or not.

I do the Tip #6 everyday and it works great for me…and anyway thanks for this post was very useful

This is a fantastic article. All of your tips hit it spot on. I use a standing desk already and I have seem great productivity increase and I truly feel this will help you from getting distracted throughout the day of working! Thanks for the tips, keep ’em coming!

SEO Servicessays:

I like the tip 9 and for writing purpose it helps me a lot not even a single but all. I like the shared resources by you. Thanks dude.

All the goals are achieved by sheer commitment and appropriate usage of resources.

Informative and such a true post!

I love your first point most of all, as it is something that happens with me so often!

Just when you do sit down to write, you are distracted by the various things going on on the Internet, besides the social networking sites, and getting multiple laptops or computer seems the only way, unless you collect your data/material and switch off the Internet for a few hours!

Thanks for sharing and I shall surely spread the word about your nice post 🙂

Thanks a lot for spreading the word about the article Harleena. I really appreciate it 🙂

The healthy lifestyle increases the productivity of work.

Sylviane Nucciosays:

Great article, Onibalusi. As a writer myself, I agree that research should be done first and foremost and proofreading should be done last, because proofreading is a breaker of thoughts and your creativity will be negatively affected. Therefore your article will suffer.

Great article. All your points are awesome and I’d like to add that what has helped me the most is setting goals for the hours I schedule for writing as well as a reward after achieving my goal to make the task less tedious.

I love the idea that you bought a new laptop with no internet on it to boost your productivity! What a novel idea! I might have to try that!

Thank you Onibalusi, I’ve to add one more. I see you emphasis on PC to increase productivity, but today palmtop, iPhone and also SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB are more effective as you can write while travelling. Am I right?

I agree with you that getting a stand up table actually helps to increase our productivity as a writer. It makes us more focused thus working in short burst rather than for a long extended period of time. Ikea has very nice and affordable stand up table.

Thanks for this Oni…you’ve nailed it. I never used to exercise….I’ve started today 🙂

Hi Oni-
It’s important to remember (along the lines of setting goals), that it should be our purpose, according to philosopher Buckminster Fuller, “to add value to the people of this generation and those that follow”. Your productivity tips are, indeed a good start. I could definitely deal with a ‘standing desk’; one of my as yet unrealized goals is to include a fitness blog among my sites. Feeling ‘powerful’ is clearly an asset to productivity.
Keep up the good work, and get someone to produce a widget for you so I can promote your info on my sites.

Oguntayo Mathew Adekunlesays:

Bamidele, thanks for the tips, very inspiring, keep it up

William Johnsonsays:

This is really serious because this is what i’m actually passing through. Most time as i’m writing with my system, i always get stopped either from my facebook or twitter, or yahoo hat as well as google talk as may people always want to chat with me and it’s get me distracted from writing article or getting focus on what i was doing at hand.

Hits to this advice, before you start writing chat ur facebook, or twitter for 30 minutes and sign out then start working on your day job. Never allow your facebook to be on as people will distort to chat with you if your popular like me or from friend.

Sujoy @ For Tips and Trickssays:

Thnx for this article !

Itender rawatsays:

Great post! Hope to read from you again sometime!

Daniel Milsteinsays:

Good Share.I hope more people discover your blog because you really know what you’re talking about. Can’t wait to read more from you!

Thanks Daniel! I really appreciate your comment 🙂

Myrna Gandasays:

These are great tips Bamidele. There is another thing that I do whenever I don’t feel it starting to write — I decide to write miserably. I don’t complete sentences, I use lots of punctuations, a great lines wherever I feel it; I mean it’s totally chaotic. Then a clear picture begins to manifest and then slowly I start inserting words and expressions I want to use. This mostly works.

Hey Myrna,

Glad to see that’s what works for you!

Thanks so much for the nice comment!

Best Regards,

Great tips! Which reminds me, I need to clean up my work environment its very cluttered!

James Hannansays:

I am not a professional writer. But I enjoyed this 10 tips.


Great tips, Bamidele – I agree with them all, but I think ZenWriter is a good alternative to your first one – it provides a distraction free writing environment without having to use a different computer.

Excellent advice – thank you,


Deji R Yusufsays:

Oni this is a very insightful post! 🙂
my best tip is the side you talked about exercising, i must confess it is eye opening.

Having many computers really help and I have proven that you can become more productive. When I’ve written my first few reviews, articles, and blogs I’ve used an old laptop capable of only running few programs and connecting it to Internet is just not possible or better leave it just it is.

In spite of being outdated, I’ve earned a lot on that computer till it has succumbed to overuse. And with my high-tech laptop, I can barely write a post without distraction.

Thanks for this post and reminding me of having a standing desk. Writing and seating at the same time makes me much tired and entail me to lie down as much time or even more when I was writing/blogging.

Joel Amawhesays:

What suprised me most was when i learnt that you’re Nigeria and that you’re this young.
Believe me, you are good!

Bamidele Onibalusisays:

Thanks, Joel 🙂

I hired many Nigerian people for my website writing and they are really great.
I really liked their writing.
thank you

Thank you. Nice tips sir. I’m like point no 2. It rare tips but really working for me because we always sitting in front of computer and it will hurt me if i’m not moving. Thank you for your advice.

Great post Oni! All 10 tips mentioned in the list really will help. Most of the points you mentioned are true based on my experience as well.I believe quality content is the watchword of every successful venture online.

Thanks a lot Onibalusi, great work you have done here.Really your tips are very useful for me.

halo ono,
I found “A-ha” momment when you said ‘write first, proofread later’,, when i write about tutorial, i realize my article never perfect and it would really help me out

amit tiwarisays:

really cool tips you given here man, reading reading and reading is what i am up to nowadays to improve my writing skills. using standing desk was awsome suggestion, sitting down on desk for long gives pain in the back, also it eases up mind affecting productivity. 🙂

Hello, Bamidele,
I am new to blogging field,And these tips will surly gonna help me in future..
I just subscribed your newsletter to keep in touch with writersincharge..


Productivity: Daily Exercise Will Improve Your Writing Skills | Tamara Williams Virtual Assistant Servicessays:

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Loved this article – great ideas! Thanks so much for posting!


Am checking you out! Just moved from Vancouver, WA to Colorado. Wish I’d known about you before I moved!

Hi oni,
Best post on productivity. I am also against multitasking like you. Thank for writing such a informative post.

Hi Oni,
Researching for ALL articles at the same time seems like a great tip! I definitely need to increase my productivity, and I am going to use that one today.
Thank you so much!

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