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Writing Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Guest posting on reputable writing blogs will definitely boost your business and possibly earn you more clients. However, your writing must be high-quality, original, engaging and useful to their audience.

Not only will guest posting drive more traffic to your blog, it will build your social proof and connect you with more like-minded people in the industry. On top of that, your writing skills will improve as you strive to deliver excellent content to prominent blogs. Go through the list of blogs below, read the guidelines and start pitching your article ideas to them.

Note: If you’d like to see more blogs that accept guest posts, be sure to check out our list of blogs that accept guest posts in over 20 different niches.

1.  Write to Done

Domain Authority: 60          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Follow the guidelines carefully. Send the headline and a one-paragraph outline of your proposed post. Go through the blog to avoid duplicating content. Read the topics listed on the guidelines page for more information about the submission criteria.

2.  Men With Pens

Domain Authority: 58          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Articles must be high-quality and pass the tough review and editorial process of this high-ranking blog. The team is extremely picky, so do study the guidelines carefully before sending your article. In addition, read How to Guest Post for Success to increase your knowledge.

3.  Write Hacked

Domain Authority: 35           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Aim to write 700-1000 words in your high-quality post. Send your ideas or the completed post for review. However, please read the guidelines for more information before you start work. To submit, email your ideas or post.

4.  Jane Friedman

Domain Authority: 63          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Make sure your writing meets the high standards of this blog. First, check out the guest post archives to get an idea what is acceptable. Check out this post from Copyblogger to help with pitching a guest post. Read the guidelines for more details which also has the contact form.

5.  Wealthy Web Writer

Domain Authority: 30          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Content needed for this blog are articles, videos, podcasts or training modules. Produce one or more of the above and get noticed by potential clients. However, make sure to read the guidelines carefully to find out what they’re looking for. Complete your submission on this form.

6.  Novel Publicity

Domain Authority: 42          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Only guest posts that meet the criteria on the guidelines page will be accepted. Articles should be well-written and contain advice to help authors. This does not include your personal experiences. Submit your post on the guidelines page.

7.  Freelance Writing

Domain Authority: 53          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Share your stories, insights or advice on this blog. Email your completed article with 2-3 recently published samples. Read the writer’s guidelines before submitting your content. Also, check out the articles section to see what has already been published before you commence work.

8.  About Freelance Writing

Domain Authority: 46     

How to Submit a Guest Post: First, read this post Guest Posting – How To Piss Me Off! It’s what not to do to get published here. Next, read and follow the guidelines. When you’re ready to submit, email your post for review.

9.  Write it Sideways

Domain Authority: 42               

How to Submit a Guest Post: Share your knowledge with the community here and help them achieve their goals. Check out the content and style guide on the guidelines page, and read this tutorial about Submitting Guest Posts in HTML Using WordPress.  When you’re ready, send any questions via the contact page.

10.  Duolit

Domain Authority: 39          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Although guest posts are by invitation only here, you can still pitch an idea. Make sure it’s exceptional. Follow the guidelines prudently. Submit your completed post using the form on the guidelines page, along with three links to some of your published work.   

11.  Grow Map

Domain Authority: 51          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Send a contact request on Skype and include your Twitter username, website or other social URL. Provide the proposed title and links to samples of your published articles. If you’re interested in publishing on this site, please read more detailed information in the guidelines.

12.  Be a Freelance Blogger

Domain Authority: 41          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Start by reading the guest blogging guidelines,  then check out the blog and sign up for email updates. Next, comment on blog posts to connect with the audience. Email your article outline to Lauren to get started.

13.  Writer’s Relief

Domain Authority: 48          

How to Submit a Guest Post: You’re allowed to re-post one of your previously published articles on this site. Or choose from the topics on the guidelines page to write an article for submission. Send your submission by email when you’re ready.

14.  Live Write Thrive

Domain Authority: 50          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Go through the blog to familiarize yourself with the content and writing style. Contact Susan with your article idea, which should be relevant and instructive. Read the guidelines here before starting work.

15.  Writers Helping Writers

Domain Authority: 44          

How to Submit a Guest Post: This team is selective when choosing guest bloggers. Therefore, read the tips on the guidelines page to see if you qualify. Next, read the content to get a feel of the writing style. When ready, you can pitch your idea by completing this form.

16.  The Write Practice

Domain Authority: 57          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Take note, this blog is about deliberate practice. Each post ends with a Practice Section. The guidelines page has a Practice Section to help you construct yours. It also contains other valuable information you need to know before you start writing.

17.  Be a Better Blogger

Domain Authority: 38           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Standards are high here so read and follow the writing guidelines before starting work. Check out the articles on this site and read them carefully, then fill out this application form to pitch your ideas.

18.  Pro Writing Aid

Domain Authority: 43          

How to Submit a Guest Post: To meet the standards of this blog, run your article through ProWritingAid before submitting it. The guidelines have lots of advice, so do read the page carefully.

19.  Online Income Teacher

Domain Authority: 35          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Check out the guidelines for topic ideas and examples of other published authors on the blog. This blog accepts articles written in English only. Pitch your ideas in the form on the guidelines page.

20.  A List Apart

Domain Authority: 90          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Submit a rough draft, an outline, or a pitch. Read and follow the style guide and also check out the recent articles before emailing your submission. The guidelines page has more detailed information.


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