Writers’ Fantasies Cartoon Series

Every week, on Wednesdays, a new cartoon is released on this blog for the Writers’ Fantasies series.

The idea behind this is simple:

Every writer has a fantasy, a dream and an idea of what a successful freelance writing career means to them. Along the way on this journey, there are challenges and misconceptions.

Sometimes we need help in practical and comical ways to get through these challenges.

If you want the real truth about what it takes to succeed as a writer online, from a comical and satirical standpoint, the Writers’ Fantasies cartoon series – published by WritersinCharge every Wednesday is for you.

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Writers’ Fantasies Episodes

Each episode of the Writers’ Fantasies cartoon series is listed below. If you have questions in regards to any of the cartoons, kindly let us know!

Writers’ Fantasies #1: The BIG Secret