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How to Write Great Headlines That Bring Results

write killer headlinesInspired by the post Persuasion power on findmyblogway.com I decided to write a post on how to write headlines on this blog today.

Many people overlook the importance of having great headlines and they see their headlines as a minor aspect of their blog’s success.

Your headline a very important element in your blog post and it can determine the difference between the success and failure of your post, your headline will determine if your posts will be read or not and your headline will also determine how viral your posts will go.

Writing headlines that you feel are great is not just enough, what is of utmost important is the results you will get. This post will be talking about how to write great headlines that bring results.

Utilize Your Readers Desire to…

One of the first steps to writing great headlines is to utilize your readers desire to do/know something. Your headline has to resonate with your readers and should also give your readers a reason to read the headline itself. If your readers are more interested in blogging and you begin to talk about dancing then you have already killed your headline. Your readers want something, this might be tips on how to make money online, it might be tips on how to get traffic and it might be tips on how to be a successful blogger.

Let your readers know that you understand their needs and that you are the right person with a solution to their problems by tailoring your headlines to their needs. If your readers are bloggers who want to know more about blogging, it will be more effective to use headlines that make it easy to know that your post is about blogging. One great example of a blogging headline is “7 Little Know Ways to Build a Successful Blog”.

Let Your Headlines Give Your Post More Value

If you take a look at the example headline I used above (“7 Little Know Ways to Build a Successful Blog”) you will notice that using a headline like that makes the post of more importance to your readers. Many people will have read several posts titled “7 ways to build a successful blog” but me putting “little known” in the above headline has already made it of more importance thereby telling my readers that it is not just a common type of post but a post with tips that can’t be found elsewhere. It is very easy to just allow generic headlines to slip in but using your headline to make your post of more importance will make your readers more eager to read it – if you came across a headline titled “7 was to…” or “7 little know ways to…” you will be more eager to click the second one first because you will be interested in knowing what is it the fellow has to say that you didn’t before.

Let your Headlines Have a Disqualifying Factor

Another great way to come up with great headlines that bring results is by making sure your headline has a disqualifying factor. For example, I sent a mail to my list titled “7 Fundamental Keys to Blogging Success (Only for Serious Bloggers)”, you will notice that the phrase “Only for serious bloggers” is a disqualifying factor; I can also make it “not for everybody” thereby making the headline be “7 Fundamental Keys to Blogging Success (Not for Everybody)”. The results you will get from these types of headlines is that people will be more curious to know what the content of the blog post/email is that makes them unqualified.

Let Your Headlines Have a Sign of Urgency

Another great way to come up with killer headlines is by making sure your headline has a sign of urgency attached to it, if you are trying to write a blog post (or email) promoting your new product launch then you can decide to give it a sign of urgency by using something like this, “The First 5 People Only…” or “…Only if you Buy in 24 Hours Time” or “…Now or Never”. Phrases like this create a feeling of urgency in your readers and makes them take action immediately.

Use Call-to-Actions in Your Headlines

Another way to come up with killer headlines is by making sure you effectively use call-to-actions in your headlines, for example, if you want your readers to take action immediately you can start your headline with something like “Take Action Immediately…” etc.

Many people read headlines and forget about it (as if they are reading a story) but if you could effectively use call to actions in your headlines you will be able to get your readers to do what you want right away.

Use “Key” Words

Another great way to write headlines that bring results is by using key words. There are some words that if used in your headlines you will definitely get results, some example of these words are “key”, “golden” etc. You will notice you will be eager to read a post titled “7 Keys to…” or “7 Golden Secrets to…” because of the key words in those titles. Another importance of key words is that they tend to arouse more interest in your readers thereby making them more eager to know what you have in stock.

Some Great Headline Formulas

Since this is a post about writing great headlines I have decided to list some great headline formulas that you can build your blog posts on, all you need to do is fill in the gap and you are ready to go.

1. Little Known Ways to…. (This makes your readers feel your post is more unique and can’t be found elsewhere).

2. {Insert number} Sure-fire Ways to… (This creates a sense of assurance in your post and makes your readers feel like it is all they need, and it will definitely work for them).

3. What Everybody Ought to Know About… (People always want more knowledge and headlines like this make them want to know what they are to know that they didn’t know earlier on).

4. Here is a Quick Way to… (People love fast results and this makes them want to know how to do something faster).

5. The Secret to… (People love to know secrets and this makes them want to know what they don’t know before).

6. How to… (Almost every how-to headlines work!).

7. Do You Have to {Do this}to {get this} (This type of headlines preach against the norm thereby telling people they don’t have to do the norm to get the desired results, people love to hear things like this).

8. Do You… (Since people always want to contribute and be heard, question headlines also tend to work best in getting people’s attention).

9. {Insert Number} Reasons Why… (Since this is giving some reasons, people will definitely want to read it).

10. Warning: {Insert headline here} (the warning alone is a red alert and if used with a powerful headline there should be results).

11. {Insert Number} Ways to… (List posts tend to get the best attention)

Some Great Headlines to Give You More Headlines Inspiration

– What Michelle Hides From Obama
– Science Proves God Cures!
– Dead Baby Awakes In Coffin

– Beer Builds Your Bones
– World’s Shortest Man Aims High To Win World Title

– What Your Favorite Ice Cream Reveals About You
– Birthday Candles Burn Down 102-Year-Old’s Family Home
– Top scientist has proved…You Could Go Back to the Future!


Your headline has a lot to do with the success of your blog and it shouldn’t be neglected, the above are some great tips to help you write better headlines.

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43 Comments on "How to Write Great Headlines That Bring Results"

  1. Michael says:

    Hi Oni

    You have absolutely hit this one out of the park! A brilliant, well written and constructed post that brings home the importance of headlines. A long post, but I devoured every word!



    P.s Have you received your prize yet?

    • Great Lye,

      Your headline is the most important aspect of your post because it will determine whether your post will be read or not.

      I’m glad you loved the post.

      Concerning the prize, I’ve replied your email.

  2. Dave Pearson says:

    This is one of your best posts, I love headlines, they’re waht make people read the rest of the article and are one of the most important parts. You made this very, very clear!


  3. Lye Kuek Hin says:

    Hi Oni,

    Thanks for the mention. I agree strongly a headline really determined the difference between failure and success. You have pointed out some great tips above. I like the first one “utilize the desire of the readers”. The curiosity of humans is very high and they are more willing to dig deep into your post if we can arouse their curiosity with a catchy headline.

    Really great tips. Thanks for sharing Oni.

    • Sure Lye,

      Your post inspired me to write this one so you truly deserved a mention.

      I am so glad you loved the post 🙂

  4. Hi Onibalusi
    This post rock and great points you made about writing great headlines.I have stumble this awesome post

    Thanks For Sharing 😀

    • Hi Abhishek,

      Thanks so much for the stumble and I am so glad you love this post 🙂

      Thanks so much for commenting,

  5. polywood says:

    Using keyword in heading is a great job and more rewarding.

  6. When it comes to communicating with the written word, your headlines is the break or make factor. Knowing how to craft your headlines is the one most important lesson you definitely want to learn. Thanks for these tips.

    And, oh… congratulations on your being on the list of 30 young entreprenuers making money on the net!

    • Exactly Chadrack,

      Your headline is very important when trying to get the best from your efforts.

      I’m glad you loved the post!

  7. Patricia says:

    A really informative post. I have found that if I write a provocative headline it does peek people’s interest. I love the way you have several different ways to get the reader’s attention so you are not just relying on only one method to capture your audience.
    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Patricia says:

      forgot to say you have been stumbled 🙂 highly recommended reading
      Patricia Perth Australia

    • Exactly Patricia,

      Being flexible has its own advantage and the best thing to to know what works for you.

      Thanks so much for the stumble and I’m glad you loved this post.

  8. Oni.. great post – you made some really good points in this article. Telling your audience you’re gonna show them how to do something has always worked the best for me

    I especially liked your headline formulas at the end.. good stuff

    thanks for sharing

    • Great Hector,

      Making use of headline formulas is one way to short-cut one’s way to better headlines.

      I’m glad you loved the post.

      Thanks so much for commenting,

  9. Samuel says:

    Awesome post man! you’ve nailed it ! thanks for sharing and keep the good work up!

  10. Hi Oni,

    A super post here.

    You’ve listed multiple ways to tap into reader’s emotions, the basis of successful headline writing. I like the Key words list. You can add “Proven” to the list, from my experience readers seem to like it.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.

    Ryan Biddulph

    • Exactly Ryan,

      I have gotten more success from using key words.

      You definitely write great headlines on your blog (at least, from what I have been reading).

      Thanks so much for commenting,

  11. Mandeep says:

    Hey Oni, Great post! I like the great headline formulas sections. I remember writing a post similar to this one on my blog. I think headlines determine whether your post is going to be read or not. Its the first thing anyone sees before reading the rest of your post. Thanks for sharing this knowledge, I will put it to good use! 🙂

    • Sure Mandeep,

      I knew the headline formulas will make it even more interesting.

      I have been noticing more reach for my posts via RSS recently due to improvement in my headlines.

      Thanks so much for commenting and I am so glad you loved the post 🙂

  12. Wow, after a long time I have found a such a great post. I personally thinks that headline should be short, simple and more interesting. Good job Man.

    • Exactly,

      Your headline should be short, simple and interesting.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  13. Gera says:

    Headlines – when you see them at twitter this is key, at your rss is fundamental and your tips too 🙂
    I’m trying to improve mines and I spend certain time playing with them and I need to remember for other instances that formulas.

    Have a great week!


    • Exactly Gera,

      The better your headlines the more traffic you will get from twitter and other social media sites.

      I also spend more time on my headlines nowadays 🙂

      Thanks so much for commenting,

  14. esoftload says:

    some of the keywords in headline really become viral….. also these keywords have high priority in search…. really awsome article….

    • Yeah!

      Having your keywords in your headline also helps it go viral (if properly done), and the best is the SEO aspect.

      I’m glad you loved the post!

  15. Andreas says:

    Whenever possible, I make sure that I repeat the main keyword in the title and in the first paragraph of the article in order to better connect the reader with the post.

    • Exactly Andreas,

      Aside that helping you gain your readers attention it also helps you get more traffic.

  16. How To Im says:

    Thanks Onibalusi Bamidele! I appreciate the blog post, and Great Headline Formulas… I like to use How To often =)

  17. Kristin says:

    This is great – concise and clear. I’ve read similar info but this is a useful guide. Very helpful for my socially-sustainable startup (just launched a blog @ fashion imports out of Central America!)

    Thanks for the help!

    • Great Kristin,

      I am glad this post could help.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  18. Tinh says:

    Great article and I think using the “HOT” keywords in the title must work 🙂

  19. Scott Wills says:

    Use of some catchy words and unique words are the main reasons to make your headlines bring results. I have tried so many times and I got the positive result every time.

  20. great stuff on Headline Copy-writing.. hope to see more stuff like this on content writing and website copy-writing…

  21. Head lines are very important either you write online or offline but Keywords in headlines gives you real juice

  22. Alan Mater says:

    Hey Oni,

    Well done, man. What an excellent post on the importance of a great headline. This is a great reminder for me as I don’t always employ these tips when writing a blog post or sending out an email to my list. This will definitely be saved so I can refer back to it from time to time. 😉

  23. qimie@hotmassagevideo says:

    agree with you, headline must be write sycronize with articles. intresting headline title will not let your visitor move to other page or close button.

  24. trevor says:

    I’ve found the best way to write online headlines is to give your readers some sort of news that they will benefit from but also make them feel as if you’ve left something out so they need or want to find out more.

  25. Lui B. (The CopySparker) says:

    Hi Oni,

    I’m a copywriter by profession so this list really hits home.

    I’ve always tried to apply every headline writing tips I get from the gurus. The problem is, the secret in writing magnetic headline is just plain and simple:

    Write it with the reader’s benefit in mind.
    Make it concise as possible and use the “4 U’s” of copywriting to critique the final output. Headlines should be unique, ultra-specific, useful and urgent.

    You don’t need to be clever or poetic to capture your reader’s heart. Remember, the goal is to persuade readers to buy or in bloggers’ case, to push readers to action and not win literary awards.

    Bless you!


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