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Book Review: WRECKED, by Jeff Goins

We’re all living a lie.

An illusion.

We live in a time when our world and the majority of our decisions have been shaped by our community, and we often need to be WRECKED to see things the way they really are.

Imagine that feeling of confusion, of unsatisfaction and of not knowing where you really should be?

We all experience those feelings every day, and it’s partly thanks to the community we live in.

Thanks to the status quo, we all have an “idea” of what success is, what steps we should take and what kind of life is “normal”.

Our lives mostly have been designed for us from the beginning, and we find it difficult to break out of the status quo.

Sometimes, we need to be WRECKED to know what we should really do with our lives; we have to unlearn what we’ve learned over the years, we have to make ourselves uncomfortable and go outside of our comfort zones, and we have to see things through the eyes of others.

How “WRECKED” Can Help You be a Better Writer

While this book is written for a general audience – for those who want more motivation and inspiration to challenge themselves to do better – ultimately, as a writer your experience is what makes you.

Going outside of our comfort zone shouldn’t be what happens once in a while; it should be a part of our daily lives, because creating is what we’re made to do.

Your writing is ultimately about enriching lives, getting people to make the hard choices that deliver results, and creating better experiences for your clients.

To do this effectively, it is critical to see things with the eyes of others and you often need to be WRECKED to do this.

This book by Jeff Goin’s is a must read for every writer, and I can assure you things won’t be the same again when you’re through with this book.

You should check out the book here.

The book is launching today, and if you get your copy within the next 4 days (August 1 – August 4) you will get a few bonuses to help you become a better, fulfilled writer.

Here are the 6 bonuses you’ll get to enjoy by getting a copy of the book today:

  • Electronic versions of the book (a $31.47 collection)
  • Advance download of the unabridged audiobook (a $29.99 value)
  • The 10-week “action guide” for group or individual study (an exclusive guide valued at $12.99)
  • Complimentary copy of Jeff’s latest eBook, You Are a Writer in all formats (a $14.97 value)
  • Free download of Jeff’s hour-long audio program, The Writer’s Studio, plus a companion worksheet (a $19.98 value)
  • 50% off Jeff’s upcoming online writing course, Tribe Writers (a value of $49.50)

Make sure you get your copy of the book today!

Who is Jeff Goins?

Jeff is a writer focused on helping other writers get the kick they need to get started via his blog, Goins, Writer.

In just 2 years of starting his blog, Jeff has been able to repeatedly get published on the biggest blogs online. He’s grown his blog to 25,000 subscribers, and he’s written a kindle best seller.

In just 2 years!

Jeff is the typical example of a successful online writer who knows what he’s doing, and you’ll benefit a lot by joining his tribe and buying this book.

WRECKED can be gotten in major online bookstores, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other bookstores.

Get a copy today!

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8 Comments on "Book Review: WRECKED, by Jeff Goins"

  1. Ahmed Safwan says:

    I think that I should buy this eBook.

    I will read it and then tell you what do I think about it

    Ahmed Safwan

  2. Jeff Goins says:

    Thanks, Oni!

    • Bamidele Onibalusi says:

      Anytime, Jeff 🙂

  3. Ben Troy says:

    thanks, it’s worth buying

  4. Anton Koekemoer says:

    Hi Bamidele,

    Great review. And yes – Jeff always has excellent advice in his books that’s worth making notes on. Going to Amazon now to have a look – Was looking for reading material, and quite coincidently came across your mention of Jeff’s latest book. Ironic – I think not….

    • Bamidele Onibalusi says:

      Hi Anton,

      I’m glad you loved the review, and I’ve gone through Jeff’s book as well so I can assure you it’s great reading!

      I can’t wait to hear what you think once you’ve read it!

  5. Rani says:


    Good work! it’s looking interesting.

  6. James Hannan says:

    Thanks Oni… It seems WRECKED will be a great books. I need to check it out.


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