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WordPress SEO – The Ultimate Guide

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While thinking of what to write today, I decided to write about SEO. Since Search engines are a good way of generating traffic to a blog or website and wordpress is the most popular blogging platform. I know the majority of my readers are also using wordpress I decided to write a post on wordpress SEO.

Search Engine Optimization short formed SEO is the process of optimizing your blog or posts for search engines so as to get increase in rankings and more traffic from the search engines.

If you are looking for the ultimate wordpress SEO guide you will ever need, here is it at your disposal. The only thing I need from you is your ultimate attention and absolute practice.

Anyhow everything goes, I will like to hear your vies in the comment section.

  1. Permalink Structure: Your permalink structure is the structure of your link e.g. “writersincharge.com/wordpress-seo” OR “writersincharge.com/seo/wordpress-seo” or “writersincharge.com/2010/04/wordpress-seo”. Your permalink structure is very important. The best permalink structure is the first and second one above because they are very short and straightforward. Search engines also love short URLs. If you are just starting a wordpress blog and you want to use any of the first two permalink structure above, you can do that by going to SETTINGS >> PERMALINKS inside your wordpress admin dashboard. Select “custom structure” and use the code “/%postname%/” or “/%category%/%postname%/” (Without quotes).
  2. Meta Tags: The title tag consists of the Meta title, Meta keywords and Meta description. A wordpress plugin has been made to simplify this purpose, the name of the plugin is “All in One SEO Pack”, and you can download the plugin here. The Meta title is what will be displayed to others when they try to search for keywords related to your blog in the search engines, the Meta title is what will be displayed to them. Your meta title can be entirely different from your post title: After installing the “all in one seo” plugin, you will see a box anytime you scroll down when trying to write a new post, you can see how the box looks like in the image below:  All in one SEO pack .  Enter your Meta title in the box provided. The Meta description is the next most important factor; it is what will be displayed to others when they try searching for your site in the search engines, it is very important to have a compelling description because it can significantly increase your click through rate. The next one is the Meta keywords, this is not that important because it does not impact your search engine rankings (at least not on Google), you can enter your desired keywords here.
  3. Canonicalism: This is the process of determining whether you want your URL to be www or non www. I prefer mine to be www so you will be redirected to www.writersincharge.com even if you typed writersincharge.com. You can decide how you want your URL to be by going to the general settings in wordpress: SETTINGS >> GENERAL. AN example is in the image below:  canonicalism You will discover mine is https://www.writersincharge.com Try changing yours to the type you want. URL Canonicalism is very important because if you are not using it Google and other search engines will believe your website is two different website with the same content thereby causing you the duplicate content penalty.
  4. Alt title: This is the alternative title you give to your image, it is very important to use alt titles in your images because search engines cannot read images but the alternative title tells the search engines what your image is about.
  5. Interlinking: This is the process of linking to external pages/posts on your blog, this is a very effective method that I do use to dominate search engine ranking positions. If I find a keyword to difficult to rank for after gaining external links to a particular post of mine, sometimes interlinking the post using my desired anchor text do help.
  6. Noindex: You might be thinking, of what usefulness is this. I was searching for my site on Google on a particular day just to discover that the top pages were category pages, this will take the position that your other posts are to take which will in turn affect your rankings adversely. It is important to noindex category, archive and tag pages. How do I do this you ask? The all in one seo pack has the functionality of turning doing this, you can do this by going to SETTINGS >> ALL IN ONE SEO and by Instructing it to noindex category, archive and tag pages.
  7. Link building: All the above methods are bonus, the major one is link building. Links control the web and they are the basis of search engine rankings. It is important to always link to your blog and posts both internally and externally. There are various link building methods such as “Article Marketing”, “Blog Commenting”, “Guest posting”, “Social Bookmarking” and “Forum Posting”. The most effective of all is Guest Posting, because you will have links to your blog posts on authority blogs. Quantity of link is not what matters but the quality of the websites and blogs linking to you. I prefer using guest posting for link building because it is a way of securing eternal quality and authority backlinks on authority blogs. Try to come up with a great blog post idea, and write for other people’s blog, you will discover that in no time it will be very easy for you to rank for the majority of your keywords.
  8. Page Speed: This is another great factor you should consider; Google now uses page speed as a ranking factor. The speed of your website is also very important so that your users will want to spend more time on your blog. If you want to improve your website speed, you can use the wordpress plugin “WP Super Cache” or “WP Total Cache”, they will help you compress your blog and make it faster.

This is the end of this post, Implement all listed above, use them to your advantage and let me see you climb the ranks.

I will love to hear from you in the comments section.


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48 Comments on "WordPress SEO – The Ultimate Guide"

  1. Ryan says:

    I hadn’t heard of the term “Canonicalism”. Now I know and will make appropriate changes to my blog.

    I’m focusing more on the backend of WP. I’m not a tech guy by any means so much of this stuff is new to me.

    Thanks for sharing your insight.
    .-= Ryan´s last blog ..The Top 7 Cash Gifting Questions Of All Time Answered Today! =-.

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      I am very happy to share tips like this.
      Thanks a lot for your nice comment.

  2. Tola says:

    Nice tips for SEO, Onibalusi.
    Its always a wonder why people always focus more on WordPress than Blogger for their posts and plugins! Or maybe its just the blogs I hang around… hmmmm
    Anyway, just wanted to add to your link building strategy. Video posting is also quite effective, if you can make the effort to do it. Directory submission isn’t so hot any more but it still helps sometimes, especially if its a good site too…
    .-= Tola´s last blog ..Guest Blogging Sites – Great for Bloggers =-.

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Yeah! exactly! Thanks a lot for your nice comment. I am glad to hear that video posting works for SEO, I will try to use it very soon.
      Thanks a lot for the nice comment.
      BTW: Are you Nigerian.

      • Tola says:

        Yap, I am…
        Good to know there are some great Nigerian bloggers out there too! 🙂
        .-= Tola´s last blog ..Guest Blogging Sites – Great for Bloggers =-.

        • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

          Glad to know you are a Nigerian (at least I am not alone).
          I am not yet a great Blogger (maybe i will be someday).

  3. thanks for this great guide bud.

    Going to download w3 super cache !! 🙂
    .-= Dev | Technshare´s last blog ..Weekly Roundup #3: Link Love to Blogging Friends =-.

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Hi Dev,
      Thanks a lot for the nice comment.
      BTW: I just replied your email.

  4. Ravi Shanker says:

    Good Stuff about the WordPress SEO – The Ultimate Guide.. lots of information aswell as please add some points about the plugins.. thanks for the post..

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Hi Pls, which plugin and what points would you like me to add.

  5. Ravi Shanker says:

    Use Full plugins for WordPress (SEO Plugins)..

  6. KS Chen says:

    Hi Onibalusi! I saw that you have mentioned about W3 Total Cache in this article. I have some problems using this plugin. Sometimes it works, sometimes no. Do you have any idea on configuring this plugin? Thanks!

  7. richard says:

    Hi, that is a really well written and informative article.
    .-= richard´s last blog ..Social Media Marketing vs. SEO: Which Will be More Important? =-.

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      I have removed the “spammy” link.

  8. Some nice tips in the basic SEO point of view. By the way Google stop taking Meta Keyword as a SEO issue. You can find the video on Youtube, the video is featured with Matt.
    .-= Arafat Hossain Piyada´s last blog ..Download Zemana AntiLogger with free 3 years license key =-.

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Yeah! That is exactly what I said, that meta keyword is no longer important.
      Thanks a lot for the nice comment.

  9. Belal Zain says:

    yes meta not important only
    it’s most important thins
    hhh ,,, thank you
    .-= Belal Zain´s last blog ..Articles4Business =-.

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Yeah! Thanks a lot for the nice comment.

  10. Samuel says:

    Thanks bro for d tips…! Oh i see d reason why u love guest posting lol

  11. Samuel says:

    Ur welcome bro! Mehn cnt beleive diz!! a 9ja gal blogger in diz game….omo naija no dey carry last holla @tola…!

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Hi Brother,
      Glad to have you here, I never thought i can meet Nigerians in this games, I just discovered I have my seniors here.
      Thanks a lot,

  12. Meditation Ebooks says:

    Really perfectly names – the ultimate guide. Thanks man now I wont need to outsource for my WordPress blogs

    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment.

  13. edwin says:

    Thank you for this great guide !!
    I am a wordpress user, with the plugin “all in one seo”
    that does the trick for me.
    and ill get into your other suggestions soon.


    • Onibalusi Bamidele says:

      Yeah! That is great!
      Thanks a lot for the nice comment.

  14. I’m also a blogger and use WordPress. I didn’t know about Canonicalism and Noindex before. Great job man. Thanks for sharing such useful information with us.

    • Hi,

      I am glad you gained something new from this post.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  15. Dear Onibalusi

    Let me tell you that it was great to know that you are from Nigeria.
    Which part of Nigeria by the way.Being a captain,shipmaster i have been to Lagos many times.

    Your post is a no fluff full of useful nuggets about SEO, vitally important part of any blog or site especially for the organic traffic to build up.

    • Hi Mehboob,

      Glad to see you here, I am from Ibadan, Nigeria.

      Thanks a lot for your nice words,

  16. Backpacker says:

    Hi Oni, very nice post. What plugins do You use? Thanks.
    .-= Backpacker´s last blog ..Forget The Code, Let’s Pack All Our Bags =-.

    • Hi Pendek,

      I use many of them, for what? Is it SEO? I use all in one seo pack.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  17. MK says:

    Thank u for sharing,although it was written in E.
    My E is poor!
    .-= MK´s last blog ..HTC Hero ??2.1???? =-.

  18. Victor says:

    Thanks for your breakdown of SEO. The Noindex portion is something I never took into consideration.

    • Hi Victor,

      I am really happy you liked it.

      Thanks a lot,

  19. Ben Viard says:

    The first thing that comes into your mind is “How can you improve the number of online visitors on your website. You may think of the online promotion or invest in other methods of advertising. But the fact is, around 80% of traffic comes in top of search engines. According to several studies, most people prefer to click organic search results rather than sponsored results, by a wide margin. You need to get a high rating if you intend to do business and a high ranking is achieved only by SEO.

    • Hi Ben,

      You are absolutely right.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  20. hamilton beach brew station says:

    Great post as usual, Onibalusi. I often wonder about noindex in SEO what is it usability. Now you make me understand. Thanks.

    • Hi,

      Noindex is for preventing search engines from indexing your website.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  21. DavidKongkor says:

    Thanks for sharing Oni, but I have a problem while attempting to do so.

    Does this work for WP.com? I cannot seems to find the permalink in my dashboard settings. And if does not apply for WP.com, what does?

    • Hi David,

      No, this only works for self hosted wordpress blogs and I don’t think there is any wordpress.com alternative.

      Thanks a lot for the nice comment,

  22. markus says:

    Anybody knows a thing how to make my site to the top????

  23. Robert Antwi says:

    Onibalusi your tip for 6 why woulld you no index your catergories especially as if you pick the right catergories as to what google would estimate related post to be in and create a very powerful themed link network directing to your catergory links and actually display your catergory links on your blog to allow users to go to specfic posts this im sure would help google guess at site links to pick…

  24. Adam says:

    Wonderful article. I just wanted to say that link building is by far the most important part about having a website. If nobody knows about your site you will never get any traffic.

  25. Though WordPress is well optimized by itself we still need some good seo plugins to stand out. At present I use all in one seo and keyword winner. that combination works good for me.


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