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My First Audio Interview, and 10 Experts Share The Secret to Getting Viral Traffic

This post is somewhat late but I’d like you to know this isn’t intentional and I will advise you to make use of it as soon as possible.

I was recently interviewed by David Frey and Maruxa Murphy on the subject of viral traffic alongside with several other experts. A lot of big bloggers, entrepreneurs, and successful businessmen and women were interviewed to talk about only one subject, VIRAL TRAFFIC. Is it a 17 year old kid that built a high thriving online business in 8 months or a highly successful blogger that is being paid thousands of dollars per hour to speak. All this can be discovered in the Viral Marketing Masters Interview Series.

Some experts that were interviewed are:

1. Chris Garrett: Who is an internet marketing and blogging consultant, a social media expert, a new media industry commentator and a highly trusted and respected source when it comes to social media and blogging.

2. Dan Hollings: Who is a very successful internet marketer who is respected all over the world. He is also known as “The Mr, Universe of Marketing” because his strategy has been used by several successful people to get on TV, and even one of his clients was able to get on the Oprah Show.

3. Stu McLaren: How many of you have heard of the Wishlist Member plugin? Stu is the co-founder of the plugin and he’s an expert in helping small business get started and achieve results.

4. Perry Lawrence: Perry has been an expert in video production for over 20 years and is the founder of, a membership site for that helps people produce video and video products that deliver high value.

5. Kelli Claypool: Kelli is a nationally sought after business coach and speaker, who works with small business owners to maximize their efficiency by utilizing systems and processes to increase their income, work less hours, and live their ultimate lifestyle.

These are only a few of the experts interviewed, and they are not just “experts” but highly successful people whose results speak for them. They know what they are saying when it comes to building an online business so you definitely need to hear them out. I alongside with them will be talking about Viral Marketing in the Viral Marketing Expert Interview Series.

Here’s What You Get…

here's what you get

You have less than 24 hours to access the interview recordings, the transcripts and the check sheets for only $97, after today the price will be increasing significantly.

I know I am to blame for not letting you know about this earlier but I wasn’t aware of the price increasing so soon and the value is so immense I wouldn’t want you to miss it.

Over 10 experts are interviewed for almost an hour to talk about what they do best, people pay thousands to speak to this people and making use of this offer might be a great decision for your business.

Check this out. Learn More About the Viral Marketing Masters Telesummit before it is too Late!


The first 5 people to buy this through my link will be given a chance to consult with me for 1 hour each, this costs at least $200 but it’s yours free if you take action quick. All you need to do is contact me with the receipt of your purchase using the contact form of this blog and we’ll be talking about anything I do you want to know about in no time.

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21 Comments on "My First Audio Interview, and 10 Experts Share The Secret to Getting Viral Traffic"

  1. Bolaji says:


    Congratulations on your first audio interview. Particularly being included with such luminaries in the industry!

    Well done!


  2. Gon says:

    Congratulations mate! Entering to the most famous internet entrepreneurs community for just 1 year of blogging career is amazing.

    Keep working hard, cuz the best is coming!

    • semmy @ Make Money Online says:

      Yes I agree with you. He just start 1 years ago.

  3. HP CP3525 toner says:

    Good luck yo your new product 🙂 I wish it would be successful. Congratulations in advance.

  4. Java Nature says:

    Congratulations oni…

  5. alamin@the best spinner says:

    Hy, oni, congrats for your first interview. Oni its just start. I know you will talk long way

  6. semmy @ Make Money Online says:

    Hi Oni congratulation for your first interview. I think there will be a lot of interview coming to you.

  7. mrohila says:

    Congratulations mate! Entering to the most famous internet entrepreneurs community for just 1 year of blogging career is amazing.c

  8. Kenny Voon says:

    Congratz Oni for being featired in the interview. You surely is doing realy great in a year time. You inspired me and many others. Kepp up the good job.

  9. louis vuitton wallets says:

    congrats for your first audio interview can u get nerves on that time if no so tats great .

  10. Congrats! Oni on your first audio interview. You are really inspirational for many bloggers. Your post is awesome & thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  11. Free Landing Pages says:


    viral traffic is awesome! congratz on your first audio interview. Keep up the great work.

  12. Prasenjit @ Make Money Blogging says:

    Success is on your way Oni. Keep it up.

  13. BoySugbo says:

    Congrats Oni, I just started my blog and hoping to follow your steps. Good Luck …

  14. congrats Oni in your first interview

  15. Kind of expensive, but sounds like a great product.

  16. Softworld says:

    Lots of congrats for the interview Onibalusi. Certainly that what you have managed to achieve is just amazing. Most people need a couple of years to succeed on the internet but you have managed in just 8 months.
    Although the interviews are a little bit expensive, they seem to be pretty great. Once again congrats.

  17. steam cabin says:

    It is signs of your popularity that people around the world feels that they can knowledge from you. It is respect for you from rest of the community.

    • sim says:

      looking great but bit costly..

  18. DiNaRa says:

    Can I join the army of those who would like to congratulate you on this remarkable event? It’s a huge step ahead for a 17-year-old teenager (or an adult already?).
    I’m proud to be one of your readers!

  19. Best hosting service says:

    First of all congratulations for this first interview and best of luck for future and keep sharing this type of informative articles.


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