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6 Lessons a Vampire Can Teach You about Being an Extraordinary Freelance Writer

There’s a feeling that every freelance writer gets when they start to see the results from all their efforts in marketing, delivering value and networking…

It’s the same feeling that a vampire gets when it tastes blood for the first time…

And it’s the exact feeling Bella Swan, the newly initiated vampire in the Cullen family, had when she saw her first prey- a helpless rock climbing human. If you’ve watched Twilight: Breaking Dawn (Part 2), you’ll know who I’m talking about.

So, what’s this feeling I’m talking about?

It’s confidence!

You suddenly have this unwavering confidence that if you could get your first client through specific marketing methods, you can definitely get another one…and another one.

It’s this same confidence that gives you the assurance that if you could tear open the throat of a 500 pound cat on your first trial, nothing can stop you from drying up hundreds of humans with the blood sucking fangs in your mouth.

But this rare confidence comes at a very costly price…. the same price Bella had to pay before she got it.

And unfortunately, you’re going to pay the same price. But don’t worry, it doesn’t involve you becoming a vampire…so don’t fret.

What exactly is this “costly price”?

Simple! All you have to do is…

Add That Little Extra to the Ordinary Efforts You’re Making

That’s a simple statement to make, but not an easy one to do, is it? But if you want to start getting extraordinary results as a freelance writer, you need to stop acting like an ordinary freelance writer.

Bella only started to do extraordinary feats the moment she stopped being an ordinary human. You’re about to learn 6 extraordinary lessons embedded in the final part of the saga, Twilight – Breaking Dawn. And it’s all thanks to a vampire.

So, if you’re ready to become that blood sucking freelance writer that you are meant to be, then let’s get started…

1. Sleep with Your Friend’s Enemy

Sounds weird, right? Well, Bella did it, and she was better off for it, wasn’t she? In fact, she didn’t just sleep with Edward Cullen, who was Jacob’s worst nightmare; she had a baby for him. How treacherous!

You are probably a friend to someone who hates taking risks, always on the safe road. He hates doing the seemingly impossible. He likes to follow the trend and hates breaking the status quo. He likes to feel among those with the same mindset. He doesn’t like going the extra mile to get what he wants and when someone tries to urge him to push forward, past his comfort zone, he gets even more comfortable.

To this kind of guy, he’ll hate anyone that has a directly opposite personality. But the thing is, those with his personality often end up on the losing end of life- miserable and unfulfilled. Is this the kind of personality you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Instead of “managing” those low paying clients, show him that you can land those higher paying ones and make them cling to you for a long time. Show him that you can make those high paying clients love you. Go after the kinds of clients that have never hired you before.

However, in my humble opinion, don’t go for blood sucking clients. I mean it!

2. Be Determined To Do the Impossible

I’d love to see the day a cockroach would give birth to a rat. You may think this is impossible, but hey, Bella gave birth to a vampire-human hybrid; something that vampires and shape shifters considered as “impossible”. Even the Volturi could not even understand it.

You’ve just studied a proven way to market your freelance services and in the course of your excitement, you share it with a friend. Then the only answer you get is, “That’s a dumb strategy; I doubt if it will work. Why not continue using your old strategy which still got you clients, even though they were low paying, huh?”

Without having a strong personality and willpower to succeed, you’ll fall victim of all the negative advice flying around you.

Why would you want to use an old strategy to get low paying clients when there’s a new, proven one that can get you clients ready to pay you what you’re worth? It just doesn’t make sense.

It takes guts to do what other freelance writers have considered as impossible. Let your desire for abundance be your drive to become the person you have never been.

3. Provide Unique and Highly Improved Services

If there was anything like Vampire version 2.0, Bella’s daughter, Renesmee would be a typical example. Born to a human mother and vampire father, Renesmee was a newly improved product, brought straight out of the factory, to enter into a market yet to be untapped. In fact, no one could explain exactly what or who she was, but for some reason, they became loyal followers.

This is the same thing that happens when you provide your services in a unique way to clients who need your services but are yet to see what you have to offer. Whenever I master a new writing skill and implement it in my articles, a sudden overwhelm of excitement comes over me. I suddenly become eager to hear feedback and feel unshaken, whether the feedback is negative or positive.

Even though Renesmee’s powers were unique and unheard of, there were still those vampires who had negative perceptions about her. But that didn’t stop those with positive beliefs from coming around her. Likewise, offering your services in a different way would not stop clients with positive beliefs about you from hiring you.

4. Amaze Your Clients by Showing Them Their Future

Alice Cullen’s power to see the future saved both the Volturi and the Cullens a lot of bloodshed. She arrived at the battle ground with Jasper and showed Aro, the leader of the Volturi, his bloody future that would come to pass if he decided to kill Renesmee.

This is my favourite part of the movie! I actually thought the whole fight took place and didn’t realize that it was all Aro’s vision until his handsome head was cut off! I watched the battle scene up to three times just so that it could sink in. it was awesome!

A few years ago, I would have given anything just to be able to see the future like Alice. Fortunately for me, I can, even though I’m still human. How?

All I need to do is show my clients what they stand to gain once they make the decision of allowing me handle their content creation, using my newly improved skills of course ;-).

“Scare” your clients with your ability to project into the future. Show them what the future holds for them if they do business with you. Scare them by showing them what could happen if they take the wrong decision now.

Did you notice how Aro’s tone changed the moment he finished seeing the vision? Well, that’s the power of the future and with it, you can get clients on your side.

5. Always Protect Your Business

Bella didn’t take anything for granted, especially the life of Renesmee. When Alice told her that she wasn’t going to be a part of her daughter’s future, she didn’t joke with it. She left her daughter in the protective custody of her best friend, even before the battle started. Renesmee was her life, and she wasn’t going to toy with that fact.

You shouldn’t toy with your business either. Don’t let your lack of discipline destroy your business. Don’t let your business suffer because of your inability to make last minute decisions. Don’t leave your business hanging because of your lack of confidence in commanding your rates.

For your freelance business to grow, there are specific character traits you have to develop. You would agree with me that the Bella in Breaking Dawn- Part 2 wasn’t the same Bella in the Eclipse, was she? The new Bella was more strong-willed and knew that if she was going to give her daughter a future, she had to let go of her fear.

Run with the vision you’ve had of your business. Develop your decision making ability by learning to make critical last minute decisions. Get rid of clients that are slowing down the growth of your freelance writing business. Become that vicious freelance writer who would do almost anything to protect his business, even if it means ripping off the head of the Volturi.

6. Let Personal Development Become a Habit

Bella had the ability to shield any vampire of her choice from external danger. But no one would have thought that like her daughter, she could also project thoughts into the mind of another vampire. At the end of the movie, Edward was surprised when Bella used her shield to project past thoughts into his mind. When he asked her how she did that, she simply said, “I’ve been practicing”.

What new skill have you been practicing lately? Which book have you read lately? Which bad character trait have you gotten rid of? What attitude have you been working on lately? What new improvements have you seen in your personal life?

The only person that can work on yourself is YOU. When it comes to your life, you call the shots. The level you are today should not be the level you were two weeks ago. If that is the case, then you need a reality check!

You may think that your personal development doesn’t really count when trying to grow your business. Well let me shock you a little…

Your business can NEVER grow if you don’t grow! Your business will not make that extra profit if you consciously refuse to become extraordinary.

If you see an ability, character trait, or skill that you covet so much in another freelancer, don’t hesitate to imbibe it. Sooner or later, someone else will look at you and covet the same skills.

Life isn’t all about getting clients and fighting against the Volturi. Concentrate on yourself too. All the six lessons don’t show you how to build an extraordinary business; instead, they show you how to become an extraordinary YOU. So get to work and take action!

Lanre Solarin is a WritersinCharge team member and a freelance writer who helps service professionals generate leads online using content marketing. Download your free copy of his Proven 20-step blueprint to start generating your first few leads online.

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Kingsley Agusays:

OMG!!!!! This post is eccentric! I haven’t seen anyone use such analoy in writing before. Nice work Lanre.

Lanre Solarinsays:

Hi Kingsley,
Well, thanks ;-).

Whoa… I am a freelancer and I never thought that there could be do many fields where I need to improve.. thanks a ton for this great post Lanre.. I am gonna implement these all in my writing skills, thanks again 🙂

Lanre Solarinsays:

Hi Abhishek,
There’s always room for improvement, no matter how good you may be.
I’m glad the post was helpful. It’s all thanks to Bella anyway :-).

Really interesting post here. I’m by no means a Twilight fan – but I really liked in particular point number 4 about showing your clients their future. Creating the vision of what life COULD be like is so powerful – especially if you then re-establish the gap between what currently is and what might be. Your customer’s own sense of loss aversion practically does your selling for you! Of course – it takes practice to manage gracefully.

Thank you for the post.

Great post Bamidele, I think that letting personal development become a habit is something everyone should work on!

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