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How to Blog Effectively while on Vacation

man on vacation - sitting in front of beachThis is a guest post by Bojan.

So are you getting to that vacation? Finally you have the chance of hitting the seaside and leaving your usual daily routine.  It’s gonna be an exciting two weeks of relaxation, everything is gonna be smooth and perfect, but… You took a strong commitment not to leave your blog unattended for those two weeks and you are trying to figure out how to bring your blog with you for those two weeks.

When I started working for my former company (First Beat Media), I went to Greece for a summer vacation.  There I gathered massive experience on working in unfriendly environment.  I had my laptop with me and old N95 Nokia “smart” phone. It was a great adventure which thought me how to work while traveling, so I wanted to share my experiences with you. Keep in mind if you are going to the Greece, it’s not internet friendly country.

There are 3 things that I want to cover here:

  • What to bring?
  • How to get connected?
  • Makeover your blog for the summer

What to bring?

You are on vacation, so even though you made a strong commitment to blog even during your holiday, I strongly recommend leaving your laptop at home. Laptop is source of great distraction and is going to interfere with your vacation and will stand between you and your family members during your trip.

If you are worried that you will absolutely need computer for the back-end of your WordPress, think again. It’s absolutely not necessary, because you can always go to Internet Caffe and have 6-8 pounds less of luggage. If you go to Internet Caffe, the fact that you are paying for the usage of your computer is going to make you more effective, with the time that you have at hand.

If you are good at self controlling, you might bring your lap, BUT I strongly recommend leaving it at home and simply pick up your smartphone and tablet for ultimate summer.  You don’t want to get caught up in endless surfing, you are out and you intend to stay out, swimming, exploring, getting to know new people.

If you are bringing iPad I strongly recommend that you check out my iPad writing tips. If you on the other hand want to bring only your phone, you might think about bringing wireless keyboard with you, for the smoothness of writing, if your phone supports it.

So your smartphone is not only good for small outlining, it’s also great for capturing interesting images that you can use in your articles later on.

Then again if you are serious about blogging, you are certainly creating some YouTube videos for your readers.  Videos are great way of connecting with your audience, and being on holiday makes it easy for you to create great video content, with even better background.

Summer time is great for making videos, because you are laid back and you are liberated from the daily burden that we usually encounter in our daily routines.  Your energy is better, so consider making videos, where you will shine, instead of just writing.

Apart from technology

You are going on vacation, so it’s your time to be laid back.  What you will figure out during the vacation is that when you don’t have that sense of urgency, you will be able to create more at less time. That’s mindset is something that you should aspire to have in your regular daily life.  Being laid back and still producing more than when you have that sense of urgency. That is coming from passion.

Don’t sweat it if you aren’t blogging enough as you do, during your day-to-day routine. Create out of love for creation during your resting time, not because you strain yourself to produce more.

Bring good emotions, bring carefree attitude. When you get back home, you can continue writing.

 How to get Connected to the Internet

It can get tricky to remain connected while you are abroad, but it’s achievable.  You need to do your own research prior to reaching your destination.  Here’s a list of things that  you should do, before choosing the destination or at least your residency:

  • Check whether your hotel / hostel / apartment has access to WiFi.
  • Consider buying 3G USB that works with your laptop / phone
  • Research the cost of sim card and internet prices while you are abroad – more often than not, you will decrease the cost of your phone bill if you get a new sim card.  This varies from country to country, but in majority of European countries you can buy “pay in advance” cards at kiosks and stores.
  • Search for local internet cafes.

Being connected is important, but you shouldn’t spoil yourself with the best internet connection out there.  All you need is ability to upload a picture or two, and hit the publish button, while occasional check of email and social media.

Make the Summer Blog Makeover

If you don’t intend to write a lot, maybe you should claim that on your blog.  Your readers are counting on you, so letting them know that you are on vacation, will make you connect with your readers on personal level.  They will understand.

Summer makeover can be as simple as writing a post that you are on vacation, and leave it as a last post you wrote until you get back from your trip, or you can add some summer symbol on your homepage, until you get back.

We people are curious, we would love to know which awesome destination you are visiting. Try to steal some tips and tricks from other travel blogs and see how they are managing their frequent travels.


If you are going to vacation right now, have safe travels! Looking forward to see your travel pictures!

This guest post is written by Bojan from You can also get some great writing tips by reading his iPad Writing Tips.

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35 Comments on "How to Blog Effectively while on Vacation"

  1. Michael @Blast4Traffic says:

    Well thought out. This is the first guest post to be published on this unique blog. It’s totally different from the usual, and I have not been thinking along this way.

    I usually make the mistake of traveling with my laptops, with the hope of doing some menial blogging here and there. But I realize the downside of it today.

    Holidays is meant to be enjoyed – productive blogging is still possible once we abide by your rules. Ya, your rules! lol!

    • bojan says:

      These aren’t the rules, they are simply guidelines. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Michael. I appreciate it.

  2. Blogging is something that we need to keep on doing with passion, you can’t get the best of your blogging experience if you don’t add passion to it and that is why this guest post show us why it is possible for we bloggers to stay updated with our online property anywhere you and everywhere you go.

    Thanks to @Bojan for this great post and also for @Oni for the publication.

    -Olawale Daniel “signing off”

    • bojan says:

      Hey Daniel, you are completely right, we can actually make it if we know how to handle our connectivity.

      Beauty of blogging is that it’s location free.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts.

      • You’re right @Bojan.
        Internet connection is the factor that can affect your blogging activities and if you take action to figure out that before you start, everything will work well for you.

        Thanks for the awesome reply 🙂

        Olawale Daniel “signing off”

  3. sokun says:

    Refreshing article, i need this because i’m going on vacation soon as well.

    • bojan says:

      Hope this helps you out than, let us know how it went! Have a safe travels!

  4. I think it’s depend on you how you want to spend your vacations if you are really make enjoyable your vacations then you need to be careful if you are a blogger, i totally agreed with your this point don’t carry your laptop really it can make many problem for you and your family members as well.

    • bojan says:

      Thank you Sam for finding these ideas tangible. It shouldn’t make problems, but rather make you enjoy your holiday more.

      Are you going on vacation soon?

  5. GADEL says:

    Haven’t plan on going for vacation yet. But when I do I’ll attempt applying some of your suggestions here. Thanks.

    • bojan says:

      If you are saving articles for later reference Gadel, what kind of software are you using?

      • GADEL says:

        Well, there are two options, the first one is to star the article on my Google Reader and the other option is to simply copy the article on a Word Processing software and save it for future reference. What do you suggest?

        • bojan says:

          I usually recommend using Evernote as web clipping service. It has powerful search features and I use it for many things.

          Also I frequently use Instapaper across all my devices. That’s great tool for offline reading and gives you a clean design.

          I recommend you check it out.

          • GADEL says:

            I shall check those 2 services up. Thanks for your time. God bless you.


  6. I enjoyed reading all of your posts your blog contain a lot of valuable information. You have done a nice job. If you are on vacation it’s also nice to write about the place where you traveled and of course your most interesting experience and that includes the people that you meet during vacation. I just think that would be fun write too.

  7. Edgar says:

    I’ve been always wondering of how some bloggers keep updating their blogs while they’re in vacation, now i know. The only thing i don’t feel comfortable with is using my credentials at an internet cafe.

    • bojan says:

      Solution to that would be temporary passwords.

  8. kuldeep says:

    hehe Bojan is my friend , he is really a Good writer

    And this one is very useful in other words must read for every blogger

  9. It’s so hard for me to not work on my stuff when I go on vacation because I enjoy what I do so much! Good to see I’m not the only one with this problem.

  10. Agreed! I’m just getting back from my first computer-free vacation in a couple of years, and it was great 🙂

    I’d recommend doing as much as possible ahead of time or hiring a VA to help manage things that can’t be scheduled ahead. For example, blog posts can be uploaded in advance and a VA can approve comments so that there’s no downtime while you’re away.

    But I think it’s vital to take some time off from the computer regularly in order to recharge and refocus on business priorities. Thanks for sharing this advice!

  11. Robin Mathis says:

    Thanks, Bojan.

    Now I have an excuse to buy a tablet; I need it for blogging while I’m on vacation! 🙂 Seriously, I appreciated the info about doing it all with your phone and/or tablet. That would not have occurred to me but it will save me taking my laptop on my next trip.


    Robin Mathis

  12. But still, your in vacation, I personally don’t blog while in vacation and not because I’m lazy or blogging isn’t really my hobby but the reason I’m going on vacation in the first place is to escape all those things I normally do at home. I just want to chill and relax without thinking of new articles, posts and ways to please my audience.

    If you are like me but you don’t want to leave your blog inactive, you can always have a bunch of friends or other bloggers to writer some guest posts while you are gone.

  13. Firmenadressen kaufen says:

    thanks for the post! I’ll give it a try… but I’m always tooooo lazy do to something on vacation :/

  14. Bet Van says:

    Hehe , it seems that you had a great fun having vacation and working the same time , if I was in Greece I would rather do less work and have some more fun!

  15. Pranay Nigotiya says:

    Hi Bojan, thanks for sharing your practical experience of blogging while on vacation. But honestly i feel keeping laptop even on my vacation has been very handy for me atleast whether it is using internet or skype or music etc. I have had a good experience of carrying my laptop all over. But yes the points you have made sound valid and it might be a personal usage and experience which might vary from person to person.

  16. fazal mayar says:

    good post, i would blog on vacations 😀

  17. I’m going to take a vacation quite shortly and before a week ago I was planning to take my laptop. After the launch of my ebook I’m so burned out and I decided not to take my laptop along. After all I have my 3G phone for emails and comment moderation (and blog hopping too). I’ve scheduled some guest posts for the time. I should be fine without my laptop. That way my vacation would be real.

  18. Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer says:

    Thanks bojan nice post. To be honest i don’t go out at my vacation. But I really enjoyed your post.

  19. kabiru says:

    really like the idea of using a portable keyboard with a smartphones. that makes u type faster even when your laptop is far away from you

  20. googler says:

    Simple and practical tips. I think you can still enjoy your vacation even if you bring along your laptop or blogging gears. It is all about time management. I schedule my activities daily and that includes writing a posts in my blog.

  21. Prasenjit @ Easy Ways to Make Money says:

    Blogging in vacation? I feel that a vacation should be a vacation, far from all responsibilities and headaches. Anyways the write-up was nice.

  22. Albert says:

    Thanks for the post….i’ve got to share this article to my co-bloggers…there some workaholics i know…whom would find this post useful

  23. I am such the perfectionist that I also blog while taking time off or vacationing and even working on things that may be work related. My wife has had me cut back on that stuff which is good. More time with family the better, but I love my job too and I like things to be just how I want them.

  24. Kelli says:

    I would just add to make sure and contact your provider to find out rates in the specific countries you’ll be staying – don’t want to come home and open up a thousand dollar bill!

  25. Most of the time i am on Vacation and always wondering about how do i manage my blogs, but after reading this interesting article my all doubts goes to end.


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