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Which Writing Questions Do You Want Answered in My Upcoming eBook?

The Writer's HandbookI’m in the process of releasing a new ebook as a pillar to support the brand of this blog and as a resource for all writers, both beginning and expert, from all over the world. The new ebook will be titled The Writer’s Handbook: How to Write for Traffic and Money and it will be available for free only to newsletter subscribers. This ebook has taken me weeks now and is still yet to be completed. I want it to be a masterpiece – something that solves problems a lot of writers face, and I’m willing to spend my time and money to make that possible.

The ebook will be released sometime next week and I’ll try to give you more details before then. If this sounds interesting to you, here are a few things the ebook will cover…

  • 9 Not-so-passive techniques to help you make money writing
  • 7 passive techniques to help you make money from your writing
  • 14+ of my favorite writing tools that I use regularly
  • My favorite writing blogs
  • How to overcome top writing challenges
  • 3 real books I recommend all writers should read
  • One platform every writer should have to launch their career forever
  • The definitive guide to marketing for writers
  • How to stop being treated like you’re worthless and start getting paid like a king

All backed up with quality resources and data when needed.

Who is this ebook for?

This is the interesting part.

Unfortunately, this e-book isn’t for everybody. It is pretty exclusive. While everyone will be able to have access to it I only wrote it with one group in mind; the group of writers who are tired of being treated like they’re worthless, who want to increase their options and take control of their careers.

I’m sorry to say this, but this ebook isn’t for people with low self-esteem (and unfortunately, there are so many writers who fit this bill). This ebook is for real writers, people who believe in the value of writing, who’re respected by their clients, their peers and their audience.

You can easily download this ebook by subscribing, but I can assuredly say that if you’re not in this group of exclusive people this ebook will be worthless to you.

Let Me Answer Your Questions in the e-Book

I want to make the ebook as valuable as possible and as a result I’d like to include some reader input. I’ve learned a lot about writing over the years, especially when it comes to earning, marketing and building a brand. In other words, if you have any questions you want answered about writing – be it about marketing, earning or building self-esteem – you are in the right hands.

The process is simple. Kindly post your question below as a comment (if you’re shy send them to me as an email). I’ll try to answer as many questions as possible before the ebook is released next week.

Please note that this won’t be an opportunity to get back-links to your site. I merely want to deliver real value to you by answering your question and allowing thousands of other people read it. I’ll be including your name if you want, and your question can be anonymous if that pleases you. Fire up and I’ll be happy to answer your questions in my new ebook.

Please, be specific.

24 Comments on "Which Writing Questions Do You Want Answered in My Upcoming eBook?"

  1. Lia Holiday Articles says:

    I am waiting for your book as it seems to be quite interesting and really useful as well!

  2. Romy Singh says:

    Hello Oni Bro…

    If you can include this question in your blog i will be very happy….

    Q: what you think about the lede paragraph of any content. what are the factors that makes better lede paragraph?

  3. Rahul says:

    How to convert customers whom I have worked with into long term ones? How to get hold of the big guys…… and is there a future for a new content publishing agency?

  4. wilson says:

    It is really nice of you to share the valuable information.I appreciate that!

  5. Goa casinos says:

    I am also in “”Que”” means waiting of your this new ideas book which would have nice things to do in online marketing.

  6. LuisD says:

    Hi Oni!

    Your ebook looks like it’s going to be great. I do have a couple of questions:

    1. How to retain clients after a first job, so as to have a constant client base

    2. What other practices, besides having a blog, are good for marketing yourself and your writing.

    3. What’s a good format for a writer’s Curriculum Vitae (if you even think we need such a thing)?

    Thanks for all your hard work! I know your book will be amazing

  7. Mirza says:

    Q. Is it required for me to have excellent English in order to get high-paying writing offer? Most clients treated non-US writers as if they don’t deserve high-paying writing job. How to prove to them that I deserve to have higher rate? How to find clients that are willing to pay based on the quality of my writing, not my nationality?

    • Tim says:

      I have the same question like Mirza. Are you a native English speaker, Oni? How do you prove to your client that you can be or are as good as native English writers?

      I think it’s the big obstacle to most writers who don’t use English as their first language.

    • WritersWritingWords says:

      Create a blog/website and write consistently — this will help you showcase your writing.
      Get real reviews from happy former (or present) clients.
      Don’t care about people who judge you by your nationality — care about those who judge you by the quality of your writing and of your ideas.
      As Oni says — it’s about self-esteem. 😉

  8. Annavi John says:

    I believe something great will come out from this ebook.Really waiting for it.

  9. Looking forward to the book Oni, how about telling us how you decided how much to charge at the beginning versus now, and how you go about raising rates with longtime customers?

  10. Amit Shaw says:

    Hello Oni Bro…
    I always love to read your all articles. But now its time to read ebook and I am waiting for your book as it seems to be quite interesting and really useful as well! Thanks.

  11. Emmanuel says:

    (1)Hi bamidele,i like you to lay emphasis on HOW Nigerian writers or bloggers can get paid via their local banks from their client abroad in your up coming eBook.
    (2)I suggest also in your eBook you should list names of sites where writers can get free content without copyright infringement laws for their clients.
    (3)Also in your eBook i want you to say say thing about plagiarism

  12. Reetika says:

    My question is:-
    1. how to be a good writer?
    I know this is a common question. But I want straight forward answer that how can we improve the way of writing.

    thanks Onibalusi.

  13. Ann says:

    I’d like to know about how and when you edit your writing.

  14. This is a wonderful initiative Oni and I am sure like always, you will achieve success with it.

    Keep up the good work

  15. Lanre says:

    Hi Oni,
    I have no doubt that this ebook will be quality.
    Here’s my question: “What should be the content of your first email to a potential client, especially when they contact you after seeing an ad placement by you?” I’ve lost a few potential clients just because in my first email to them, after giving them links to sample articles, I asked them how much they were willing to pay for my writing. It seems this put some of them off and I wonder why.

    My second question goes thus: “What’s the best way to deal with clients that don’t pay on time?” I really hate it when, after writing so much articles for a client, payment gets delayed for one to two weeks. Most times, once I’m finally paid, I cancel my contract with such clients.

  16. Atish says:

    Its a good idea that you gonna answer people’s question in your new upcoming boo. I will be waiting for the book.

  17. Aman says:

    Hi! i am just a new writer. I want to know that which are the few things that let you know that if the client is a fraud or genuine. What if they don’t pay after we have written guest posts for them.

  18. Vijay says:

    Hi Oni,

    I know your eBook will be a resounding success. Your writing is par excellence!
    I would have liked to include my lines on the degrading value of written words of a writer, but I find that you are going to cover that subject in your eBook.

    I too have come across a few ‘Bears’ of the trade, who seem to forget to pay. But then, it seems this malady is omnipresent.

    Basic Mantra: Keep paddling your canoe till you arrive on shore!



  19. leather jacket says:

    Nice to hear that you are writing an ebook. I hope that will be great. I think you should focus on how to gee client easily on your book.


  20. Rick owons leather jackets says:

    hy Bamidele,i am very happy to know your ebook is upcomming. i like your new ebook titled. i hope this book help us many ways.


  21. Yeremi Akpan says:

    I will like you to give a focus on productivity as it affects writers. Great initiative. Great initiative. I can’t wait to have this book.

    Question: Premium or Free?

    • Bamidele says:



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