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The Ultimate Website Traffic Generation Blueprint

website trafficGetting traffic is one of the major problems bloggers and webmasters face because without traffic every other thing is impossible; it doesn’t matters if you have the best knowledge on how to monetize a blog or if you can convert 99.9% of your website visitors to subscribers you won’t be able to do anything if you don’t have traffic.

There are so many guides online on the subject of getting traffic to a blog with several tips on getting traffic; most of these guides are more theory than practical and the person who reads these guides end up feeling like he/she has gained nothing reading these guides. This article will be helping you learn how to effectively get quality traffic to your website.

What is Your Purpose?

When trying to get traffic to your blog the first thing to consider is your reason for wanting to get traffic to your website. So many people think getting website traffic is all about knowing one formula or applying some principles but the reality is that, in most occasions, there is no set rule for getting traffic to your blog. There is no doubt that there are strategies you can apply when trying to get traffic but the more understanding you have of your purpose for wanting to get traffic and which kind of audience you want to attract the better it will be for you.

Let’s take a look at this blog and some technology blogs for example, most of these tech blogs don’t have as much backlinks, pagerank and authority as this blog yet they get hundreds of thousands of visitors to their blogs every month while this blog presently gets around 10,000 visitors monthly. It is true that these tech blogs have more traffic than this blog but the reality is, depending on what we both want to do, the traffic this blog gets can be more effective than theirs.

In most cases, our reason for getting traffic is to make money. Take a blog with only 100 visitors monthly out of which 50 are converting and are buying highly expensive products in the thousands of dollars and compare it with a tech blog with 50,000 visitors every month that only relies on some ad clicks to make the bulk of its income – you will notice clearly that the traffic of the former is more effective and advantageous than that of the latter while the traffic of the latter is only about the numbers – getting website traffic is not about the numbers, but the value.

A sad reality many people are yet to realize is that getting traffic to a blog is not about the numbers but the value that traffic can yield. It is your need for your blog that will determine which traffic generation approach you will need and how you will go about it.

Prepare for Your Traffic

Many people believe that getting traffic to a site is all about getting 10,000 visitors from a source today and then expecting the traffic to continue. The reality is that not all traffic you get to your blog will stick but you can increase the percentage of the traffic that will stick by preparing your blog for traffic.

As a blogger, traffic is important but quality content is more important. There is no point in getting traffic to your blog if you have nothing to offer to your visitors – you must prepare for them by making sure you constantly deliver quality content to them.

This blog gets an average of 300 visitors daily and an average of 10,000 visitors monthly but you will find it difficult to believe that I have some posts on this blog that couldn’t have up to 100 views in one month – the reason for this is that those posts are not up to standard therefore there is no way I can make use of those posts to get enough traffic or make the traffic to stick.

People love to be blessed, they love to be impacted; and if you could give them what they want you will be able to make them do what you want – no wonder Zig Ziglar says you can get anything you want in life by helping others get what they want. People are reading your blog because they want a solution to their problems, because they want their knowledge about a particular subject to improve and the only way you can get quality traffic to your blog is by having it in mind that there is no other alternative to getting the traffic you want than to genuinely bless and impact people’s lives – do this and you will never lack traffic.

Different Ways to Generate Traffic to Your Blog

Now that we’ve understood the importance of knowing which type of traffic you want to get and how to prepare your blog for the traffic you’re willing to get it is even more important to visit some great ways to get traffic to your blog. I will like you to know that there are several different ways to get traffic to a blog and this guide is in no form the perfect guide when it comes to that but the traffic generation techniques I will be listing below will be the ones that work; I will even give the ones I consistently use and that keeps on giving me stunning results a priority.

1. Complete Transparency

You might be surprised to see me listing this particular tactic as a way to generate traffic to a blog and I’m sure you don’t see it online often. I learned this tactic from Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income and ever since implementing it I have noticed a great improvement in the results I get from my blog.

Blog posts on this blog average 200 views a month and the really great ones average 700 views a month as a result of more social media traffic but you will find it difficult to believe that my first income report – in which I showed the exact amount I am making online monthly, the exact traffic I get monthly and how I am able to achieve these – has exceeded 1000 views in less than 25 days – the funny thing about this is that this income report hasn’t even been stumbled and the traffic coming to this post is either direct, from a link on another blog or from a link on a forum…some people are even finding this blog through the keyword ‘writersincharge earnings’ and all what I learned from this is that transparency is really important.

There are a lot of blogs in the blogosphere talking about how to make money online, how to do this and that but the truth is that very few of these blogs are a true example of what they teach; a large percentage of these blogs are copycat, they read other blogs and preach what is being preached everywhere and when people begin to see the same thing over and over again they find it difficult to trust them.

People are looking for real transparency, they want someone who is walking the walk and talking the talk, they want someone whom they can really trust, they don’t want to read your theories alone but they want to see exactly how you’re doing it, they want someone who can help them eliminate their belief that everything around them is a hype and that is exactly where you come in.

You should also note that transparency doesn’t mean lying. There is no point in lying about your earnings, traffic or achievements when you know that is not what you really have. A true leader leads by example and your blog readers and followers want to see you as a leader – the only way you can show them that you’re truly what they want you to be is by being completely honest and transparent with them; once they see that this is the case with you they will go to any extent to spread the word about you and your blog.

2. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the process of promoting your blog by tapping into another blogger’s audience by writing for his/her blog. A lot of people are writing about guest blogging and its effectiveness everyday but very few people are using it; and those few using it are not using it effectively.

Many people think guest blogging is magic and that they can just submit any kind of guest post and expect the traffic to come. Your relationship with a particular blogger or the editor of a particular big blog can only take you so far because even if you’re able to get your ‘crap’ guest post published on a particular big blog it doesn’t mean you will get the best from your guest post – guest blogging is not about the blog you’re submitting to or the blogger who owns the blog but it is about the readers of that blog. The readers of the blog you’re submitting a guest post to will be the ones to share the post, they will be the ones to read the post and they are also the ones you expect to visit your blog; submitting crap to other blogs will not help you achieve much.

Focus your strength and efforts on giving the best to the audience of the blog you want to write for and you’ll be amazed at the stunning results you will get.

If you need a more detailed and comprehensive guide on guest blogging you might want to download my guest blogging guide – it is a complete guide on utilizing the power of guest blogging to your advantage.

3. Expert Collaboration

Collaborating with other bloggers in your niche is a really great way to get traffic to your blog but I have seen a lot of bloggers underestimate the power of this particular tactic and in turn misuse it. A blogging collaboration series should not be done because you want people’s opinion on your blog; your readers don’t just want to read the opinion of other people/bloggers in your niche, they want to read the opinion of true experts who know what they’re saying. The real secret to getting the best from blogging collaboration is to look for people who are highly successful in your niche and then look for a way to get them to contribute to your blog.

A lot of people are not utilizing the power of blogging collaboration for several reasons; some are not using it because they’re afraid of the bloggers rejecting them, some are ignorant of the benefits and some are not just interested.

As long as you’re living and you’re progressing people will always say no to you. Rejection is a part of life and instead of running away from it you should learn to face it and overcome it; you should also learn to make sure you never give up. Many new bloggers trying to reach top bloggers to ask them to collaborate on their blogs are also rejected because they only look for their selfish interests; I won’t just contribute to your blog because it is your blog or because you asked me to, I will only contribute to your blog because I have something to gain.

Make it a duty to always highlight and emphasize the benefit(s) the other party will gain; if it is traffic make sure you let them know, if it is brand recognition and awareness of the other party make sure you let them know – even if the other party won’t be gaining much they will be willing to contribute because you care about them.

4. Expert Interviews

It doesn’t matter which niche you’re in, there are experts in every niche. Conducting interviews with experts in your niche is a great way to achieve a lot of things; first, you will be able to significantly improve the traffic you get to your blog and, second, you will be able to improve your readers opinion of you – the fact that you’re able to interview a celebrity or an industry expert on your blog is enough factor to make your readers to start seeing you in a new light.

Get in touch with the best in your niche, approach them with their best interests in mind and encourage them to spread the word about your interview with them once it is live; this alone will do wonders as far as getting traffic is concerned.

The concept sounds simple in words but I can assure you it is really simple indeed. People love themselves more than any other thing and they will be more than happy to spread the word about your blog post as long as it is about them.


These are not the only ways to get traffic to a blog, but believe me, getting traffic is not about the number of strategies you have but the wisdom with which you apply the strategies you have. I have written a lot of posts on getting traffic to a blog, I have a complete and perfect ebook on getting traffic to your website and there are several guides on getting traffic to your website online, however, the above are some really great principles you must follow if you truly want to skyrocket your blog traffic.

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  1. Ankit kumar says:

    Hey thanks for the info.I have just subscribed you and added your feeds.

  2. samuel says:

    Awesome post Oni, people are only ready to listen to people who have been there before. So nothing beat transparency. Publishing a great post before hunting for traffic is the best. Because when people get to your blog, there will be something for them to eat and digest, I mean there will be something for them to read. When they found out that your post is the best, they will surely help you share it. Great post once again. Thanks so much.

  3. Andreas says:

    Being active in social networks can send new sites a considerable amount of traffic even long before the first visitor arrives on your site from search engines, so I recommend to focus on connections with like minded people first.

  4. Devesh says:

    Another Killer Post Onibalusi.

    Guest Blogging – One of the best way to build relationship with author of a blog and get some traffic. I’ve done guest posting for some big blogs and i’m really happy with the results.

    From Next month i’m going to focus more on guest posting and blog commenting.

    Anyways, Thanks for sharing this great Post and keep rocking Dele.

  5. tushar says:

    hey Oni, first tell me how do you write this much big articles? it takes a lot to put this much effort in a single post..
    expert collaboration is a nice point you mentioned buddy…bloggers need to take it seriously

  6. Awesome tips you mentioned here. I have to dig deep into the points you mentioned in this post.

  7. Entrepreneur Blog says:

    Love this article! Thanks for the great advice. I guess getting too many visitors all of a sudden isn’t a good thing, since you’ll be totally unprepared, and those extra visitors probably won’t be your blog’s loyal follower.

  8. Web Design Tx says:

    These are some extremely useful tips for people just starting out with blogging. You’ll learn that it’s not so much finding new concepts other than these: It’s just learning how to leverage these tactics very well.

  9. Maria Pavel says:

    Hello Onibalusi,

    Bringing traffic you say? Hmm.. Being active on Facebook and Twitter and on other social networks is a great way of bringing traffic to your website, on Facebook you got to be friends with (a lot of) people and on Twitter you need to have (a lot of) followers in order to get saw, when you update something on your Facebook profile – it will appear on the ‘common wall’ to other friends too, in Twitter you have the ‘retwit’ great thing. Also, like you said – guest blogpost – you write a great article for your friend – the owner of the blog, maybe the crowd will like it, your friend will be grateful to you for having you writting for him, and he will link to you in your post, this is another great way to bring traffic. Thanks for sharing this great article, I like this article a lot, great tips especially for beginners, with the content found here in this article, after reading it – you’re on the right track to ‘successful online entrepreneur’.

    Best regards,


  10. Mahendra says:

    All amazing tips mentioned thnx

  11. Stuart says:

    Mm, its hard to pick out a single point for mention, as they’re all so good. I will say that the only one I really thought about was ‘guest posting’; I know you went on a guest post marathon Onibalusi, and it’s certainly paid off 🙂

  12. silpada says:

    Guest post is the best way to get more than half of traffic of other blog.

  13. ipad apps uk says:

    Nice tips for website traffic thanks.

  14. Tinh says:

    I guess that guest blogging is your #1 point here and I do admire that @Oni 🙂

  15. Alex says:

    Hey Oni,

    I agree with you when you say that collaborating with those that already succeed can help you very much in your own quest. And especially in traffic generation where all experts have their little secrets, that if they share them with you, this secrets can be harnessed and then deployed in a wicked traffic generation strategy.

    And of course complete transparency increases the trust you are getting from people which might help you be recommended to other while guest blogging is a proven method (especially by you) that it can help sky rocket your traffic.

  16. Dave Grimes II says:

    Nicely organized article Oni. I think the most often-overlooked piece of advice you’ve given here is the interviews. That’s something I’m hoping to dive into very soon. Honestly, I can’t believe I haven’t done it already, as these interviews have always been some of my favorite blog/website content all around the web.

  17. steven papas says:

    Guest blogging is my preferred way not only of creating traffic but mainly of establishing a relations to other recognized bloggers and their readers. High quality stuff always is highly appreciated by readers. Oni, thanks for the value your are offering once again.

  18. Iroko@Bloggers Blog says:

    For me the tip from this awesome post is taking action, I am very grateful for saying that and I think to everybody no matter the tips or blueprint that you have read, if you implement, nothing would matter to your traffic…take action now, no matter how small!

  19. TsarShu says:

    I completely agree with the point concerning the cooperation with the experts in your sphere. And in general writing about some thing without knowing it or without the desire to learn about it is a bad thing.

  20. Dave says:

    Great article with tons of valuable information to drive traffice to a site.

  21. alamin says:

    good design oni

  22. Gibson Goff says:

    A very fact-filled posting, Oni. I seem to be experiencing exactly what your talking about in transparency and content. If someone knows about my blog from a SM site, they visit, read, and my comments are going up. But traffic is not going as fast -and I have work to do on making it more SEO friendly. Friends are great, but to grow I need more, new friends.

    With multiple sites and writing projects it’s a constant balancing act of write-brand-promote-sell-study, then all over again. Branding is indeed a strange bedfellow!

    Thanks for the great info Oni. Like the new look, the ‘My name is’ section and the header look great! Really pumped up! Congratulations on the changes.

  23. richard says:

    Hi Oni,
    These are good examples of the type of content that will drive traffic. People love to see earnings reports, even if the earnings are not spectacular. Also, getting authority content from doing expert interviews or having guest bloggers is a great way to get sticky content. Thanks for another great article!

  24. William Tha Great says:

    Hey Oni,

    Thanks for the fantastic article!

    I see you are really stepping things up another notch around here. Great theme & great post to top it all off. Keep them coming my dude, because I always enjoy reading what you have to say, because I know you know what your talking about.

    I plan on beating your guest posting marathon you had last year! You better watch out because I’m coming Oni! Haha

    Thanks again!

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    • Onibalusi says:

      Aha, it’s so cool to hear that.

      You better sit tight and watch out cause I’m going to step up my guest blogging this year again 🙂

      • William Tha Great says:


        I love a hard challenge. Let the games begin then my friend!

        Best of luck too you!

        God bless,
        William Veasley

  25. Jane Sheeba says:

    Great points as always Oni. I completely agree with what you are saying about Guest posting. It is not about the blog but about the content we are delivering.

    Posting in our own blog or another blog with less or more number of readership will all rely on one thing when it comes to conversion. The content. If out post helps others to fix something or kindles their thought in a different direction then we win. Otherwise, a guest post on a blog with millions of readers simply will give a spike on our traffic on the day the post is published. But later on there won’t be much interest among people.


  26. Mahendra says:

    Very informative post

  27. You really did affect me positively with this article. It changed my orientation and expanded knowledge base. This is one reason I have always clicked on your mails in my inbox to read your posts… Great!

  28. John Mak says:

    Hello there,

    This is a very helpful post! What I believe also about giving your best it is not only “wisdom” that you need but it is the character and the personality of a person which makes the difference!

    Thank you for sharing your experience.


    • Onibalusi says:

      So true,

      I completely agree with you on this one 🙂

  29. Oni!

    Awesome article man It’s always great to breach into the mind of the expert behing YoungPrePro!

    You made some really points Oni! And I definitely plan to leverage some of these strategies to connect with more people. I too, am pretty amazed at what transparency can do. As you said, people want to know that you are someone who is not only talking the talk, but that you’re also walking the walk per-say. They want to know that you are a leader and they want to be guided led!

  30. I would say two tips from the above caught my attention. The expert Interview and Collaboration with other bloggers. I never saw the expert interview in the new light you discussed it, truly people would go to any length to promote a post that talks about them. Meaning, you are positioned to keep attracting traffic from their self interest. Great Insight Oni, thanks.

  31. Wow! Amazing and full of insights. I like the statement that “getting website traffic is not about the numbers, but the value.” This is probably one thing that most of marketers and bloggers neglect, including me. Value is more important than numbers, quality is far better than quantity. Thanks a lot for the insight, eh.

  32. Ryan Renfrew @LifestyleDesign says:

    What uuuuup Onibalusi?

    Man what a great post. I really want to do more guest posts but I find it hard to get blogs with a decent amount of traffic that will publish guest posts.

    I am right with you on transparency dude. And your right that you shouldnt lie – by the very nature of transparency you will be found out?


  33. I would agree that quality of traffic is more important than quantity. You want to provide what people want to read, not just surfers.

  34. Chris Alta says:


    it’s definitely like the crown royal banner I saw the other day “it’s about quality, not quality..please drink responsibly” haha

    this definitely applies to your online blog and driving traffic. I actually have a sweet interview with Kute Blackson coming up soon sometime this week. He’s a real great guy, I personally think he may be the next Anthony Robbins.

    Check this video out when you have some time, you’ll love it!

    “I’m always in the kitchen”

    -Chris Alta

  35. I’m glad to have visited your blog and good to know you! I find it interesting and informative.

  36. Hey Oni,

    First up, thanks for the guest blogging guide. That’s bound to come in useful – I’ve been posting in a couple of guest blogs myself, and it sure works.

    You’re bang on when you talk about how people are looking for actual entrepreneurs that they can follow. Entrepreneurship is a fancy word that people are throwing around now, but the true entrepreneurs – they stand out! 🙂


    Entrepreneurship is

  37. Online Degree says:

    Hi Oni,

    Thanks for this great information. I learn a lot from your blog posts. I think guest blogging is great solution for blog traffic, I will try sometime.
    I have subs your feed 🙂

  38. Gumz says:


    Thanks for this wonderful post… I learned so much from it… I, also a newbie in comes to blogging and this post offer so much and opened my mind on the reality of blogging… It’s True


  39. Larry says:

    Traffic is most essential to online success period. Great post man

  40. SEO services says:

    yeah you rock man sharing lots of info on your blogging helping others that’s cool man

  41. Jon says:

    Transparency is expected nowadays. It’s amazing how we find it strange when a website’s About page doesn’t have an image of the person/people behind the scenes.

    Their stories engage us. Their shared personal experiences keep us coming back for more. Even reading about the mistakes they make along the way deepens our engagement with them. Transparency is powerful.

    Expert collaboration is fantastic and we should all strive for it. But I hope that the newbies out there don’t become discouraged after a few, “no,” responses. I’d add that we should welcome collaboration from other knowledgeable, not necessarily expert, bloggers. It can serve as great practice before approaching an A-Lister.

  42. Praveen says:

    You r really rocking..thank uuuuuuuu for sharing


    Dear I am getting addicted now to ur blog..

    Thanks for this useful informations. God bless you.

    • Onibalusi says:

      Aha, that’s a good thing though 🙂

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    Another wonderful post from you again. I’m now one of your follower.

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    I am addicted to your blog a lot, because your posts are excellent.


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