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The Ultimate SEO Guide to Dominating The Search Engine Rankings

ultimate seo guideI have been optimizing sites for search engines for quite sometimes now and one common notion I discovered among many bloggers and webmasters is that SEO is difficult, many of them even believe that getting pagerank is so hard – it is not as you think.

I have been able to catapult some sites to the top of the search engine rankings for some major (and small) keywords in a short period of time and I will be letting you know exactly how I do it in this post. I won’t be revealing my keywords but I used the method in this post to get the #3 spot for the keyword “young entrepreneur blog” in three months –  even though my competitors are authority sites with high pagerank.

This post will be giving you insights into what to do to achieve high search engine rankings. If you are looking for the basics, then you might want to read my guide on wordpress seo first.

Know Your Keywords!

This is the major seo mistake I see many bloggers commit, they are all attempting to dominate the search engine rankings without knowing the keywords they want to rank for.

There is no point in ranking for a keyword you don’t know.

Even though many people will say you are wasting your time trying to rank for competitive keywords, this is not true, it is the time that makes the difference. You might easily rank for less competitive keywords in days while competitive keywords might take you years – it all depends on your efforts.

You must know your keyword and a lot about it when trying to rank in the search engines. You should be able to know some basic details about your keywords such as the estimated monthly searches, the competition, the type of sites ranking on the first page and some other basic details because this helps you know what you are to put in when trying to rank for a keyword.

Choose The Right Domain Name!

Just try to google the keyword “ultimate traffic formula“, you will notice the page on top is a squeeze page, I own the squeeze page and the reason why it is ranking in that position is because it is keyword rich – even though the keyword is not competitive.

Sometimes, your domain might be what will make the difference.

It is true they might have taken the domain related to your niche but you might want to do like the black hat seo’s (I know a little about that :) ).

One thing black-hat seo’s do when the domain name of their choice has been chosen is to double the name or make sure there is a change in the domain without affecting the keyword of their choice. For example, if you want to rank for the keyword “game” and has been chosen, the next thing you will do is to try to pick a name called or jgame or e.t.c. Just make sure you have your major keyword in the domain name.

This method is not safe because if your domain name is having too much of your keywords or it is containing too much hyphens then you are trigerring the search engine filters and it might lead to you being penalized.

Having a keyword rich domain will make it easier for you to rank because the domain “” will easily rank for the keyword “game” than a domain name “”.

Authority Matters!

anarchy & authority

One of the best ways to get the best out of search engine traffic is to build an authority for your domain, if your domain is more respected by the search engines then it means more traffic for you. This blog is just three months and I get over 1500 visitors from search engines monthly, why? I have built an authority for this domain name.

If you want to build an authority for your website then it is very important for you to be updating your blog regularly and also try as much as possible to get high-quality backlinks to your blog.

Even if you can’t update your blog regularly, one important thing you cannot do without when trying to build authority for your blog is building backlinks.

It is also important to not link to questionable sites because this can cause more problem for you.

How Do You Know if You Have Search Engine Authority?

While it is not advisable to stop optimising your site for the search engines there is a way you can know if you already have an authority in the search engines.

First, try to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Does your rankings fluctuate anyhow in the search engines?

2. When you have a downtime do you lose your rankings?

3. Is it spammy sites that are outranking you in the search engines?

If you could answer yes to any or all of the above questions then you have work to do, you don’t have a search engine authority yet.

To The Basics – Don’t Forget The On-Page!

Many people will say a lot of things like meta tags does not matter, it does not work for Google e.t.c. They are only deceiving themselves.

In SEO, not just one factor is used to rank a website but a lot of factors and on-page seo is as important as the off-page.

If your blog cannot be crawled, what ranking do you expect? If your blog is not accessible, why do you want to rank?

Some of the most important on-page elements are having a clean code, optimizing your meta tags and having an easily navigable site.

You should try to avoid the use of flash on a site you want to rank in the search engines, search engines hate it because it gives their crawler problems.

1. Meta Title: Your meta title is the title that will be showed in the search engines, this is very important to your search engine rankings.

If you take a look at my blog, you will notice I have the keyword “young entrepreneur blog ” in my title and that is one of the things that makes it very easy for me to rank in the search engines.

When trying to optimize your meta titles, if possible, try to have your keyword repeated in the title, this helps a lot.

2. Meta Keywords: Don’t take this of little effect, even though it has a significantly low effect on your rankings, it still helps your website rank.

3. Meta Description: Many people try to dismiss this factor also but it is very important to your search engines.

Your meta description is the text that people will see when they search for keywords and your blog is displayed.

Just take a look at my blog ranking for the keyword “young entrepreneur blog” below, you will notice Google highlighting the word “young entrepreneur” in black. That is from my meta description.

Many people will say that your meta description is not important but I have noticed it to be very important.

Build Backlinks!

In SEO, building backlinks is very important and it is the driving force to major search engine rankings.

If you notice one thing about me, it is that I always build quality authority backlinks – indirectly. I have written hundreds of guest posts for blogs and that is where my backlinks come from.

There are different types of backlinks and many of them have little value.

You can build backlinks through blog commenting, it can help a little but it is not that valuable and can’t impact your search engine rankings for highly competitive keywords.

If you are guest posting, you will notice the author of the blog you are writing for gives out dofollow links, and aside this, links from guest posts are mainly high quality because of the type of concentration they have.

Another valuable type of link is one from within the content from an authority site. Google has developed its algorithm to give little value to comment links while giving great value to links within a post.

One of the best ways to get authority backlinks is by guest posting because that type of link is within the content.

Internal Linking is Also Important!

Many people don’t recognize the power of internal linking. If i find it difficult for a post of mine to rank (for a less competitive keyword) in the search engines, all i need to do is to gve it a push by linking to it from within my blog, after doing this, I will begin to see improvement in days.

Play The Time Game!

This is the golden rule of SEO, you have to play the time game. If you see a new site rank for competitive keywords in no time, you should be suspecting it is using some black-hat tactics and that will get the site banned from the search engines in no time.

There is no keyword you can’t rank for, it is only a matter of time. If you follow all the steps above and you are ready to wait patiently you will begin to achieve great search engine results in a short span.

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  1. Cole Stan says:

    Just another keyword discussion here. Keyword plays an important role in every site. It helps you increase your readership in a most easiest way. Though the process of getting a useful keyword can be very tedious, it’s worthy.

  2. Aritra Roy says:

    Well written post about SEO. These are the most basic things any blogger must know if they want their posts to rank in top 10 in Google.

    Thanks for it.


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