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The Ultimate List of Magazines That Pay Writers

We’ve alleviated the stress and tiring work by scouring the Internet for magazines that pay writers. As a freelance writer, your ultimate goal is to make money. After all, you’re running a business.

Nevertheless, the most difficult challenge is finding magazines and publications that will reward your efforts and pay you accordingly. This is our ultimate list of magazines that pay writers — featuring all the lists of paying magazines ever published on Writers in Charge.

1. Life Magazines That Pay Writers

The beauty of life magazines is the diversity of topics. Their targets are readers with a range of interests from different backgrounds. Some magazines pay as much as $700 per article.

Write exceptional queries, provide writing samples if required and stick to their guidelines to get published.

Click here for life magazines that pay writers

2.  Equestrian Magazines That Pay Writers

Are you a horse lover, ride a horse or own one? If so, you will have the knowledge and expertise needed to write outstanding articles.

With research added to your know-how, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your pitch accepted in one of these magazines.

Click here for equestrian magazines that pay writers

3.  Fishing Magazines That Pay Writers

This niche is not the easiest to get your articles published. However, if you do your homework properly by examining the magazines and reading the guidelines thoroughly, you should get a breakthrough.

Make sure you know how to write excellent query letters and send first-rate pitches to the editors.

Click here for fishing magazines that pay writers

4.  Outdoor/Environment Magazines That Pay Writers

Meet the highest demands on these topics and write for magazines seeking freelancers who can produce quality content.

Pay attention to their editorial calendars, writing styles, formatting, article length and other guidelines to increase the likelihood of getting your article accepted.

Click here for outdoor/environment magazines that pay writers

5.  Food and Drinks Magazines That Pay Writers

Food and drinks are two basics that we need  in order to survive and live a healthy lifestyle. Contributing to magazines in these niches is exciting. However, you need to keep up with changing trends in this industry.

Be aware of new food labels, regulations, legislations, cooking instructions and recipes.

Click here for food and drinks magazines that pay writers

6.  Fantasy And Sci-Fi Magazines That Pay Writers

Let your imagination wander when coming up with captivating content to pitch editors of fantasy and sci-fi magazines. You’ll have the leisure of writing feature-length articles and stories. Some accept articles of up to 25,000 words.

Read and study their guidelines thoroughly, then send exceptional pitches and outstanding query letters to the editors.

Click here for fantasy and sci-fi magazines that pay writers

7.  Animals and Wildlife Magazines That Pay Writers

You can pitch these magazines if you’re qualified or have relevant experience on the topics. Some won’t accept unsolicited content. Therefore, you have to send a query letter to the editor in the first instance.

Before pitching, examine a few copies of the magazine. Be familiar with the readers’ ages, article length and so on, to give yourself a head start.

Click here for animals and wildlife magazines that pay writers

8.  Regional Magazines That Pay Writers

New writers have an opportunity to break into writing for regional magazines. Living locally will give you an advantage, as you will be aware of interesting events happening within your area.

Read back copies of the magazine you intend to pitch so you understand what they like to publish on their site.

Click here for regional magazines that pay writers

9.  Women’s Magazines That Pay Writers

This niche is saturated. Therefore, some magazines will expect you to write for free. If your aim is to work pro-bono to build up your portfolio, you can go down that route. However, if you want to make a living from writing, check out the magazines on this list.

Click here for women’s magazines that pay writers

10.  History Magazines That Pay Writers

History has shaped the world. Nevertheless, there is a lack of general public interest in historical events. And so not many writers are rushing to submit articles in this niche. Consequently, you will have a greater opportunity of getting published if you’re an emerging history writer.

Click here for history magazines that pay writers

11.  Design Magazines That Pay Writers

Design is at the forefront of businesses, architecture, interior, images, gardening, knitting and more. This is a hot niche for freelance writers. There are many categories to choose from.

Familiarize yourself with their editorial calendars, deadline submissions and guidelines before sending a query letter to the editor.

Click here for design magazines that pay writers

12.  Literature Magazines That Pay Writers

Some literature magazines demand a distinctive voice and exceptional quality from freelancers. These include writing literary essays, poetry, fiction and journals. Breaking into this niche can be somewhat challenging for up-and-coming writers.

We’ve made it easier for you by finding magazines willing to pay for your writing skills.

Click here for literature magazines that pay writers

13.  Agriculture Magazines That Pay Writers

Do you have experience or working knowledge in agriculture or a relevant industry? Perhaps you work on a farm, tend to animals or raise poultry. These valuable skills can be turned into articles for magazines keen to publish new writers.

To get commissioned for writing an article, check the magazine’s guidelines.

Click here for agriculture magazines that pay writers

14.  Writing/Essay Magazines That Pay Writers

This is a lucrative niche to break into. Although, many of these publications prefer established, professional writers with an impressive portfolio.

However, we searched and found 17 magazines that are willing to give newbies as well as experienced writers an opportunity to get their articles published.

Click here for writing/essay magazines that pay writers

15.  Fitness Magazines That Pay Writers

Get paid decent money writing for fitness magazines. Even though there are many magazines in this niche, not all of them pay their writers. You deserve to earn for your time and effort.

Study back copies, read the guidelines properly, pitch as required and you should get your query accepted.

Click here for fitness magazines that pay writers

16.  Parenting Magazines That Pay Writers

If you have excellent research skills, can include quotes and relevant up-to-date information in your articles, consider writing for parenting magazines. The potential to earn well is achievable in this niche.

However, you must put in the required homework and be aware of changing trends of this time-sensitive topic.

Click here for parenting magazines that pay writers

17.  Sports Magazines That Pay Writers

Writing for sports magazines offers a wide scope, as they cover various activities. In addition, these magazines will consider sports writers as well as professionals in this field.

As usual, it’s advisable to check their editorial calendars, especially if you’re writing about time-sensitive events such as tennis or the Olympics.

Click here for sports magazines that pay writers

18.  Educational Magazines That Pay Writers

This is a specialized niche and not the easiest to break into, especially if you’re a new freelance writer without experience in this field. But to help you get your foot in the door, we found 18 magazines that are keen to hear from new and established writers.

Click here for educational magazines that pay writers

19.  Travel Magazines That Pay Writers

How would you like to earn up to $1,000 or more for writing one article? It’s definitely possible if you write for travel magazines. Exciting, isn’t it?

Travel the world, write about it and get paid. What could be better than that for a freelancer? Simply follow the magazine’s guidelines thoroughly.

Click here for travel magazines that pay writers

20.  Culture Magazines That Pay Writers

Writing for this niche can be rather lucrative and interesting. On top of that, the editors of the magazines we listed are enthusiastic to hear from freelance writers.

If you have excellent research skills, knowledge or qualifications in this field, study the magazines and send query letters with quality pitches.

Click here for culture magazines that pay writers

21.  Business Magazines That Pay Writers

The business niche is thriving. Writing for these magazines can provide a regular income. We’ve selected some quality, high-paying magazines for you.

Nevertheless, don’t rush to send your query before doing your homework. Find the names of editors, study back copies, read the guidelines and then pitch.

Click here for business magazines that pay writers

22.  Boating Magazines That Pay Writers

Get paid to write about boating adventures, luxury cruisers, sailboats, canoeing, restoring old boats and more interesting specifics. Some magazines pay as much as $1,000 for your boating knowledge and experience.

Highlight your expertise in this field and write for magazines looking for quality writers.

Click here for boating magazines that pay writers

23.  Christian Magazines That Pay Writers

Do you have first-hand experience in this area, or knowledge as a Christian?

Contrary to popular belief, you can make decent money writing for Christian magazines.
The categories are wide and include writing for Christian teenagers, church leaders, ministers and helping believers with faith-based topics.

Click here for Christian magazines that pay writers

24.  Health Magazines That Pay Writers

Promote a healthy lifestyle, share knowledge, advice, tips, review new products, discuss wellness, personal growth and more by contributing to health magazines. Whether you’re a new writer or an established professional, there is a magazine in this list for you.

They accept features, short articles, interviews, reviews or book excerpts.

Click here for health magazines that pay writers


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