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Interview With Super Affiliate Blogger Tran Tinh

tran tinhIf you read my latest post on why many will never make money blogging you will notice I said I will be interviewing a super affiliate blogger called Tran Tinh.

Tinh was able to get almost 5000 visitors to his one month old blog and he also makes over $2000 consistently from affiliate marketing, only from one blog – Read this interview carefully, there is a lot to learn from it!

This interview is here and it will be teaching you the following:

1. How to get tons of traffic to your new blog.

2. How to make thousands of dollars in affiliate sales.

3. How to get the best from your blog and many more…


1. Great Tinh, many of my readers would know you but for those who
don’t, can you pls introduce yourself?

I am Tran Van Tinh but you guys should call me “Tinh”. I am a disabled blogger who is married with a son. I have started blogging and making money online for about 7 years now.

2. Why did you start blogging?

Let me go directly into the question:

– I thought that blogging was the best way that could help improve my English especially my writing skills.

– I would love to make more friends from internet and the best way was to use blog as a tool to do so. At the time of my first blogging works started, there was no Facebook or social networks…

– I wanted to generate some money to cover my study and shared workload with my family. You know that I had to study in University with my own generated money from internet for about 3 years of 4. But, this was not what I intended to go for when I started blogging but it came naturally J

3. When trying to make money online, do you think blogging is the way to go?

Blogging is not the only way that you can make money online. There are a lot of bloggers who rarely blog but they can still make a lot of money. They have their own expertise in terms of designing, SEO, marketing and they provide either offline or online services.

However, I do not have any special expertise then I chose blogging to both learning more knowledge and making money online at the same time. With that said, I feel confident in SEO and marketing now and blogging is my own way. You can choose whatever ways you would like to go with based on your experiences and expertise. You should do a self-assessment to have right decision.

4. You recently started a new blog (azblogtips) and you were able to
get almost 5000 visitors its first month, how did you do this?

It is hard to say in a short paragraph but in general, I can share several tutorials that I have applied when starting as below:

– Have your blog well-designed or hire a designer to do it for you and you have more time for optimize contents and traffic.

– Submit to Google and other major search engines, this is very important as I have seen that over 80% traffic are from SEs like Google. You can use IBP software to boost this process.

– Install some plugins that ease your blogging work: You can search around this blog or Google to get the right ones such as All in One SEO Pack, XML Sitemap Generator, SEO friendly image, SEO booster pro (paid version or free are okie).

– Submit your blog to directory sites. There are a lot of directory sites out there that I can not say it here. However, you must submit your blog to Technorati. Why I say MUST? If your new blog is approved and has some authority there, your ranking and traffic is boosted soon. My new blog now has authority score of 437 which is higher than many other established sites.

– Blog commenting: Many of bloggers are lazy and think that they can create compelling contents and the traffic will automatically come. No, it is not like that. You need to interact with your friends, building up relationships….and the best way is to commenting on other blogs of your niches.

– Guest blogging: You hear a lot about this but few of them have done this way. If you think you do not need to do this, you have made a big mistake! Search around here to get more ideas o how to guest blog…I have done several and it helped my new blog very much in terms of traffic and ranking too. See it here.

– There are many more but I can not share all to keep my interview as short as it should be. The more details will be shared in next posts either here or on my blog J

5. Building your first blog from ground to where it was, was it easy?

Before answering the question, I just want to remind those who has new blog like me “Be patient and consistent in your blogging journey as success will never come fast”. It was indeed challenging.

In the blogosphere, no traffic, no ranking means nothing! Your voice will not fairly heard and you can not sell advertisements either. I mean nothing! So, you need to be patient and consistent in your long-term strategy. I have been very patient when I started my new blog too.

Another thing is “belief”, you should keep it and never lose it. Without belief, you will go nowhere!

6. Would you say your knowledge when building eblogtip contributed to
your success?

Frankly, yes but not all. I have used some techniques which have been applied to bring my ex-blog to high level and sold it out. These lessons learnt have been deployed for Blogreloaded with some improvement and it worked at least now.

7. You make over $2000 monthly from affiliate marketing, how are you
able to do this?

There are many things you have to do to reach that milestone o even pass it in the future. Affiliate marketing is not like what you have done with PPC or CPC, it needs a special skills to convince your readers to buy through your affiliate links.

There are some ways that needs to be considered:

– Review on the product that you want to promote

– Utilize your social networking sites such as twitter or facebook

– Rotate banner, use coupon, list builder or even offer free support when your readers use your affiliate links to buy services or product. I will share my 11 secrets that help me earn over $1,500/3 months from CJ on Aug. 26 GMT+7 on my blog as promised.

– Use plugin to support like Ninja affiliate, MaxBlogPress Banner Ads, GoCode

– …..

No one can tell you that you can make this amount by these techniques as there are some other supporting factors that affect your revenue such as traffic (targeted), your time investment, your niche….If you follow all of them and try to do it in the most innovative way with some patience, you can pass my milestone soon.

8. Do you think a lot of traffic is instrumental to making money
online from affiliate marketing?

Traffic matters not only for PPC or CPC but also matters for affiliate marketing. However, as I have mentioned above, traffic matters but it is not all you need. You need 100 targeted & quality traffic rather than 1,000 untargeted traffic. Targeted traffic really matters for affiliate marketing.

But, it is not all you need! You should follow all guides above with a consistent strategy, I am sure your conversion rate will be higher. If your adsense earning is lower than $100/month. One sale from affiliate marketing can be higher than that J

9. How do you know if a product is great for you to promote it?

There are many factors to decide which is a great or bad product. You should consider your niche, your audience habit (maybe using poll on your sidebar like and analyse your Google analytics traffic data to choose the most appropriate products to promote.

There are many ways to know how and why my readers will likely buy this but not that. Your data says it all. If your readers are medium size with low-budget, you should focus on the promotional campaigns or provide coupons to encourage them to proceed to checkout page.

No all hot products can easily be sold! Another note to you that keeping a close eye to your readers’ comments as you can find out what your readers need to provide relevant products with high possibility of conversion. I have done this successfully!

10. You are a very dedicated blogger, are you born this way or you
cultivated the habit?

No, I was born in a poor countryside of Vietnam where there is not internet and computer. I have just seen the computer and internet in 1999 when I was 2nd year student. My life has been changed since then J

11. Do you believe everybody can make money online?

Yes, I do believe that you guys can make money online.

12. What was your biggest challenge with making money online?

Belief is the biggest challenge when making money online. Many bloggers quit before getting success. They are not patient enough and afraid of failure. That is why I would advise that all bloggers much have strong belief that they can make it!

13. Many of my readers are beginners who have not started, what will
be your advice to them when trying to make money online?

My advice are almost mentioned in above answers and you should read carefully to get all points in order to make money online with your blog J

Another advice is that you should make a list of several websites for regular reading such as this blog,,,,….to get more advice from experts and experienced bloggers too.

14. How do you get most of your blog traffic?

I have earned most of traffic from these sources: SEO, blog commenting, guest blogging, interacting with friends on different forums like WebmasterWorld, DP Forums and social networking sites and bookmarking sites.

Submission to directory sites can also bring some proportion of my traffic so far.

15. My readers will love to learn from you, can you tell them about
your sites and products?

I have several sites and is the only one that I write by myself. The other sites and forums are users-generated sites that monetize with adsense. I do apologize for not sharing those sites now to avoid fraudulent clicks from my competitors. That does not mean I don’t trust you but it is because Google can ban my adsense account anytime with strange activities. I hope you understand my situation.

There are a lot of products I have promoted and made a lot of sales and leads like Magic Members, Jumpline, HostGator, JustHost, Thesis, HeadWay Themes, BlueHost…you can see more at my deals or hosting page.

My last advice is: Don’t stick to one product/service, you should explore more to provide your readers more options for choice.

Thanks for reading my interview and happy to hear from you all!

Visit Tinh’s Blog!

You can visit Tinh’s blog where he shares with you how he makes $2000 in affiliate sales monthly at

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43 Comments on "Interview With Super Affiliate Blogger Tran Tinh"

  1. michael says:

    Awesome inerview Oni. It is always interesting to get inside the mind and thoughts of high profile bloggers. To read how successful Tinh has been in such a short time is truly inspiring. What’s more inspiring is his work ethic and dedication to his craft. I have left here with some great ideas and ways to improve my affiliate marketing forays.

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Tinh says:

      Thanks @Michael, it is not something big, just my little experience with affiliate marketing. I need to try my best too 🙂


    i really get hooked to your website today….Thank you for sharing this wonderful information with us..

    I will always be back here.

  3. Tinh says:

    Thanks Oni for taking time for my interview. I feel very happy as my little experiences can help some newbies who would like to generate some extra bucks from affiliate marketing 🙂

    • alamin says:

      Tinh You are doing really great job bro, you deserv this. I also want to take your interview in my blog shortly

      • Tinh says:

        Thanks @Alamin. I am happy to do that but you should give me a week to complete your interview as I am a bit busy now 🙂

  4. Alamin says:

    Wow. Oni great interview you just asked my minded question. And thanks tinh to be here with us

    • Tinh says:

      You are welcome @Alamin. Hope you love my experiences too 🙂

  5. SteveQQ says:

    another great post oni, I know you’ll be following all those tips and making lots of money!

    • Tinh says:

      I am sure that you will @SteveQQ 🙂

  6. Lye Kuek Hin says:

    Hi Oni,

    Thanks for arranging the interview. And Tinh, thanks for sharing with us your strategy of your blog. Not only that, i think we need to learn the strong belief that you have in making money from blogging. Thats really good advice from you.

    • Tinh says:

      Thanks @Lye. I do agree that we should have strong belief that we can make it, without belief, we can never make it 🙂

  7. Loved reading the words of Tinh. Got to know many thing about tinh Via this interview 😀

    • Tinh says:

      Thanks @Lucifer for your nice comments. I hope it can help you sometimes 🙂 I will release my 11 secrets tomorrow when it is completed 🙂

  8. Wow! This is a nice interview. Tinh is a great blogger to be followed especially for affiliate marketing. I love his style of writing too.

    • Tinh says:

      Thanks @Kok for your nice comment 🙂

  9. Hung says:

    Great Tinh & Bamidele.
    You make great interview

  10. Aarn Farmer says:

    Wow, great interview. Thanks for the link to your blog, I hadn’t heard of it before and it looks pretty interesting.

    Aarn Farmer

    • Tinh says:

      Thanks @AArn for our comment 🙂

  11. Hi Oni,
    This is great interview but I love what Tinh said..”Be Patient” I hope many of us will learn from this.

    • Tinh says:

      I have been patient for a while and I think we should be patient with a strong belief, we can make it sooner or later 🙂 Thanks @Valentine. I love your first name too@

  12. We appreciate your effort for doing this interview Oni.. We learned a lot of things about blogging, how to increase traffic and make use of free tools and resources to be successful. Thanks!

    • Tinh says:

      Thanks @Paul for your comment. Oni is a great blogger and lovely friend of mine too 🙂

  13. Your Affiliate Marketing skills are fantastic, this coming from someone who doesn’t have much luck with affiliate marketing. I tried some stuff from eJunkie, CommissionJunction, Amazon Affiliate, ShareASale, ClickBank….etc But really have no such luck, perhaps targeting, probably having multiple sites with separate ones targeting affiliate programs than trying to market a variety on a single site is best like you said (targeting vs untargetted).

    • Tinh says:

      I do agree with @Justin on this point. One single site can not cover all niches even it is a news or magazine site. It is good to make it separate but you must split your energy for those sites too 🙂

      I only promoted products and services that most bloggers need like hosting, domain, plugin, SEO services….I will try to outreach other niches sooner 🙂

      But, targeted traffis is a MUST!

  14. says:

    Hi Tinh
    The point you shared here is awesome and really going to help me a lot.
    Your blog really has a good design and awesome post.
    Thanks For Sharing It Here

    • Tinh says:

      You are welcome @Abishek. I am happy as you liked it too 🙂

      • Cool Tinh,

        Thanks so much for replying all the comments and also for sharing your great wealth of knowledge with my readers.

        • Tinh says:

          You are always welcome @Oni 🙂 I am happy to do so

  15. I was really inspired by you Tinh. So you are a vietnamese and I guess we are in a close country since I live in the Philippines.

    Anyway, you really did it great. All I can say is I really need to learn from you…

    Thanks for sharing this information of yours and also thanks to you Oni for having a great interview with a great blogger.

    – Felix Albutra

    • Tinh says:

      Thanks Felix, just a little experience and I think I still need to learn more from you guys too 🙂

    • Exactly Felix,

      My major aim is to help people through youngprepro and Tinh is a man every blogger would want to interview. My major reason for interviewing him is for me myself to learn from him – and I wish others also do the same.

  16. Julius says:

    Nice interview. It’s interesting to hear how Tinh has been able to make money online. To be honest I completely misunderstood the value of being active and promoting your blog. I didn’t really start promoting it until a few months ago. Ever since then it started to pick up more traffic and comments.

    • Tinh says:

      So, you changed your mind. I guess it has been a long process and it happens now here 🙂 Thanks for your comment!

  17. Thanks for inspiring us Oni. You and Tinh are always providing us knowledge and tips on blogging and seo especially on increasing and maintaining traffic.

    • Tinh says:

      Hi @Noel, thanks for your comments and appreciation. We are learning from each other 🙂

  18. I have been following Tinh from his first blog and when he sold his first blog I was kind of shocked but since I know this guy is smart enough to know what he is doing, he must have some plans for the same..And after that he started his new blog and I was shocked to see his Income report after 2 months… No wonder he is one of the fastest online money maker I must say.. The best part is his articles are up to the point and you will never see a desperation to make money online in his post….
    Way to Go Tinh..Best of luck!! 🙂

    • Exactly Harsh,

      Tinh is really a great blogger I have always respected. I remembered when I just started, he was the first blogger that was very friendly in accepting my guest post ~ so friendly and nice.

      Thanks so much for commenting,

  19. hi Tinh,I’d much prefer you share step-by-step tips on how you took your blog from zero to 5k visitors in one month.

    What I’ve read so far is general information and none of Oni’s readers can really duplicate your success unless you share with us your 1-month 5k visitors blueprint 🙂

    • Onibalusi says:

      That’s really cool to hear Codrut. You might want to read Tinh’s blog at You will surely learn a ton (I promise) by just looking at what he does 🙂

      • hmm, that’s good to know. thank you. the link pointing to his other blog goes to a non developed site, actually.

        Oni, I hope by now you’ve received the custom-tailored PDF we talked about via email…

        • Onibalusi says:

          Great Codrut,


          Yes. I saw the ebook but I have been sick for the past few days (I have hardly been reading emails this day). I have just downloaded the guide and I’m already readying the other interviews – They’re AWESOME!

  20. Minos says:

    This interview encourages me a lot on my way of blogging. It’s really cool!


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