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How to Make Thousands of Dollars Monthly by Writing Guest Posts

make money guest bloggingEver since transitioning this blog to teaching writers how to make more money, I have decided to be sharing a lot of great tactics working for me, even if I don’t feel comfortable doing that.

One major thing I have observed when it comes to making money writing (or making money online for that matter), is that, things change according to time, economic situations, and other factors like that, but a smart writer will always work hard on being where the big bucks are.

While I won’t be revealing exact figures in this email, I’ll be sharing a great way to make money as a writer.

Make Money by Guest Blogging

One great way you can easily make money as a writer is by writing guest posts for others online. There are a lot of people who need talented writers who can help them write and publish guest posts on respected blogs in their niche, and as a writer, you can make a lot of money by looking for the right people, and by doing the right work.

There are various reasons people might need you to guest post for them. Some people need traffic to their website, some want to get more exposure and position themselves as an authority in their field, some are doing it for branding purposes, and some are doing it for the backlinks. Either ways, there are people who need writers to write quality guest posts for them on other blogs, and they are always happy to pay for it.

You might be wondering how this work, but to give you an idea, I have been making at least $1,000 every month consistently for the past 8 months just by helping others write guest posts – sometimes, I earn several times that amount, and sometimes, it is just a little over that – it is all about how many guest posts I’m able to write in a particular month.

The Ever-Evolving Web

As a writer, you need to understand one thing, and that one thing is that the web is always evolving. As a result, the needs of people will also always evolve. One thing, though, is that content has always been at the center of the growing web – no matter which form it takes.

Before, writing a single, perfectly-crafted, article on a quality blog might be enough to bring in an influx of traffic and sales, and in a period like that, a lot of people will happily pay any talented writer to help them write. The situation is changing now, and by changing I don’t mean people no longer pay others to write for their websites – they do, but a lot of people are also paying people to help them market their websites.

You might not have great marketing experience, but there are people who already do – and those people have a plan, which guest blogging is at the center of –  all you need to do is connect with them, and you will be able to make enough money by guest blogging.

How to Find Guest Blogging Clients that Pay

get cool clients that pay

There are several factors that comes into place when it comes to finding clients who are willing to pay you to write guest posts for them, but as someone who has great experience in doing this, I will be giving you an idea of the kind of people you can get in touch with that will be happy to pay you for your guest blogging services.

1. SEO Companies: The first kind of people that are most likely to be interested in your guest blogging services are SEO companies. In most cases, these companies have a lot of clients they want to build high quality, long-lasting backlinks for, and one of the smartest and most reliable way to do this is by guest blogging. Some of these SEO companies have a lot of clients, and in some cases will need thousands of guest posts for those clients combined in a single month – obviously, they can’t write those guest posts by themselves so they will happily hire professional guest bloggers to help them with it.

2. Big Brands: The next option on this list are big brands. The big brands I’m talking about might be a new and emerging online start-up with a great budget and potential, or a fortune 500 company with a great marketing budget. In most cases, you have to get in touch with the marketing managers of these companies, or their SEO professionals, to let them know about the service you can offer them and why you will be the best for them.

3. Professional Bloggers: You might be surprised to hear this, but professional bloggers also might need a lot of guest posts to be written for them. A lot of professional bloggers build websites that depend on search engine traffic for affiliate sales, and as a result will hire other talented writers to help them publish guest posts on other blogs so as to build quality links to their affiliate reviews, which will eventually lead to more rankings and income for them. If I were to go out to personally look for guest blogging clients, professional bloggers will be down on my list – but that doesn’t mean you can’t get some great offers with any of them in a given month.

4. Marketing Companies: The final kind of client you can get in touch with are the marketing companies. In most cases, these companies have a lot of plans in place to help their clients, and themselves, get a lot of results and they will also be happy to give guest blogging a try.

The Deciding Factor

I know you might see a great potential here already, and you might even be interested, but guest blogging isn’t that simple. Clients won’t just pay you for guest blogging because you are a great writer. To a great extent, whether they hire you will depend on how you are able to get their guest posts published on other blogs.

So, instead of looking for that next client immediately, why not start thinking of making your experience with the first client you get great by reading the great articles on my guest blogging page? If you want a more thorough, or quicker guide to achieving success with guest blogging, you might want to read my article: The Ultimate Guide to Guest Blogging.

My Tips for Making Thousands of Dollars Writing, Every Month

I read a lot of guest posts out there everyday, and I’m surprised at the mistakes a lot of guest bloggers make. I have been guest blogging for 2 years now, and within that space I have written around 2,000 guest posts for both myself and clients. Below are some of the tips I’ll give to any new guest blogger – it doesn’t matter whether you are writing the guest post to promote your blog, or whether you are doing it for a client, these tips can put a lot more money in your pocket.

  • Always write your best content
  • Research first, write later
  • Write in batches
  • Proofread your guest posts before submitting them
  • Be motivated
  • Be prepared to encounter the worst – I have submitted guest posts to thousands of bloggers, and some people aren’t just that friendly. Don’t take their actions personally.
  • Research, research, and read regularly on the subject you’re guest blogging on – it will make the difference between you being able to write 50 guest posts in a month, or 5

Is it Worth It?

To be honest, I really didn’t feel comfortable writing this, because it is one of my most consistent source of writing jobs – I have a lot more secrets in my toolbox, but I need to know if it is worth sharing them at all.

If you really love this post, and you think it has an impact on you, share it! If a lot of people share this post, it shows that people really love it, and that they want a lot more tips like the ones in it, and as a result I’ll be happy to publish more posts like this in the future.

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  1. Great post Dele! Its worth it and good you wrote and shared it for others to gain. God bless you as you help others.

    • Irfan | RealTimeTricks says:

      @Fisay0: Oh boy this is my first time i’m hearing someone calling Oni from Dele. Cool huh!

      @Oni: Dear you have written a great post. I know how difficult it is to share the secret of your source of income but you did in such a nice way that people are really enjoying reading this post. I have tweeted it, to let, my 500 followers knows about this.

      • @Irfan: This is why we love Oni’s writing. It is his special trait, that he never hesitate to see someone growing and he loves to share his own secret for well being of other writers.

        In this post, he has actually helped a lot by sharing the way of Finding clients.

        I am going to share this post on my Facebook wall.

  2. Karla Campos says:

    Great post once again Oni! I especially like the part where you mention not taking people’s attitudes personally : )

  3. amit sharma says:

    Thanks for sharing the post, I really appreciate as you are sharing your secrets here.

  4. CFA says:

    Oni, this is informative. I recently wrote a post about needing Nigerian based freelance writers; I have received more application than I need, so I will simply direct them to dock over here and learn……

    Thank you for sharing Oni.

  5. I would certainly say that this is an incredible article. I’ve wondered for a long time exactly how you make your money through “writing services” so this clears up that little mystery.

    Thanks for the great information!

  6. Shared!

    I agree with this. Although, I’ve done a few guest posts and haven’t had the results I anticipated in relation to traffic and ratings. I suppose time will tell.

  7. sokun says:

    Great post, i’ve never really been a fan of guest posting but if you can get paid for it i guess that would be good

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  10. Great tips, Oni! I’ve had a lot of success with #1 and #3 that you described (SEO companies and pro bloggers), but the other two sound like good sources as well. I’ll have to look into them more, and will look forward to any other tips you have to share on this subject 🙂

  11. Kalen Smith says:

    Awesome advice! I have worked as a guest blogger as well. The most I’ve ever made from it in a month was probably $1,200. It really takes a lot to get a system down. Sometimes it comes easily other times it’s tougher. Kind of like going into sales. That’s why I prefer to focus on pay per post instead of guest blogging, the revenue is more consistent. That being said, you can certainly make a lot guest blogging when it works. I had one client who paid me $75 a post. I made about $525 guest blogging in about 5 hours. Wish it always came that easily! Would you like me to share some of the sites I’ve blogged with professionally with you so you can pass them along to your readers? Some of these sites were really good for me when I was low on other clients.

  12. Helenee says:

    I like the change of colour on your blog. I’ve grown somewhat tired of this blue-grey-for-businesses stereotype. Is it working better for you?

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    Many tips and recommendations are available on net for making money online. But this concept of guest blogging among the sources of making money online is not being included in the many online suggestions. Thinking of Guest blogging is one part and how to implement it with proper strategy for concrete results is other part. Your articles on related subject gives ready information for those who are capable of doing so and to plan systematically. It might have taken much time for you to gather and implement these strategies. But you have revealed all secrets, Which shows your helping nature. Thanks for sharing valuable information.

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    You did well by revealing this. Don’t be skeptical about exposing your best income source, the world will always deliver more paying opportunities when you share.

    Keep up the good work Oni, you’re heading for success.

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    Thanks a lot for brainstorming and inspiring me too!

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    Primarily it’s been due to time but that is really no excuse. All that means is that I have to manage myself in time better.

    I am glad to say that I submitted one guest post this month to another blog in my niche and I cannot wait to see what kind of response it gets!

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    Great post Onibalusi… I love your stuff and think you’re a great entrepreneur and everything… BUT…

    Is guest blogging really the best area of Internet Marketing to focus on. I’m a 16 year old Internet Marketer who started at 12 years old. I love what I do, have quit school and am working full time online.

    I really regret not starting my IM blog earlier as I could have been in the limelight right now. Anyway, I spend an hour a day guest blogging for a client and that pulls in around $1,500 monthly.

    Not bad for writing about Internet Marketing and stuff I enjoy for an hour a day. Overall I’d say yah guest blog to pay some bills but don’t make it your primary business model.

    – Jamie

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