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Testimonial #1: Vilma Whittle

vilma whittle testimonialHello Onibalusi

I hope you are well. Thanks for the information that you provided to support my freeelance writing journey. I do appreciate it.

I wrote to you a few times and in my last email, I told you that I wasn’t confident to apply for any freeelance writing jobs. Anyway I took your advice on board. Three days ago I applied to Suite101 to become one of their writers. I had to write a bio and a short article for them to asses my suitability. I waited two days in anticipation because I applied to them when I first started my blog in April, and they turned me down.

Last night they replied to me regarding my application and I was accepted to become one of their writers. I am thrilled!

I want to thank you because you gave me the encouragement to go for it and it paid off. I can now start to build up my portfolio. I will also be looking to write guest posts in the very near future.

I just wanted to share the good news with you.

God bless.



You can learn more about June by visiting her blog at MiraculousLadies.com

Testimonial #2: Codrut Turcanu

Hi Oni, your blog got me motivated to become even more productive than ever. And your writing tips are truly an eye-opener for any freelance writer who is willing to take their game to the next level.

You are one of the few pro bloggers who not only writes from the heart and openly shares his expertise on the site, but also answers emails promptly.

Thank you for your support and continual wisdom sharing.

Keep up the great work my friend!

You can learn more about Codrut by visiting his blog at CodrutTurcanu.com

Testimonial #3: Anne Lyken-Garner

Dear Oni,

I’m a freelance writer struggling to make money on the Internet, but ever since I’ve found your blog it’s given me the push I need to move forward. Not only do I enjoy your writing tips and have taken your freelance writing course, but I’ve also bookmarked several of your helpful posts on other aspects of blogging and writing.

I log into your old list of do-follow sites and have managed to build links using that tool you provided. Thanks also for your honesty in sharing money-making tips and your monthly earnings. This really spurs me on, knowing it’s possible.

Keep up the great work you’re doing for writers.

Anne has a blog that provides quality tips for writers, and you can check it out to see what she has to offer at ABloggersBook.com

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