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Technology Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Technology is the way forward for online businesses. Why not share your expertise by guest blogging on technology blogs to highlight awareness of this emerging trend.

You will reap the benefits of being a guest blogger by establishing yourself as an authority in the industry. On top of that, you will build social proof, create a strong online presence, develop new relationships with bloggers and readers and rank better in the search engines.

All you need to do is meet the criteria set out by the technology blogs below and submit your best work as a guest blogger. If you’d like to see more blogs that accept guest posts, be sure to check out our ultimate list of blogs that accept guest posts.

1.  Calling All Geeks

Domain Authority: 31          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Apart from guest blogging you can make money from this revenue sharing blog from Google Adsense. However, follow the rules first. Articles must be formatted correctly without affiliate links and cannot be republished. Read the guidelines here.

2.  The Wonder of Tech

Domain Authority: 39          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Articles should be about personal technology for everyday people. Email your topic ideas before writing to make sure it’s suitable. Provide samples or a link to your blog. Read more in the guidelines.

3.  Tech Patio

Domain Authority: 30          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read previous guest posts here. Content must be written exclusively for Tech Patio. You’re allowed two do-follow links in your piece. Contact the team first before submitting your article. Read the guidelines here for more details.

4.  Dom’s Tech and Computer Blog

Domain Authority: 35          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Your tech topic article must have at least 450 words. It should be original and not published elsewhere. You are allowed one link to your blog. Email with your suggested topic ideas. Read the guidelines here.

5.  TechBii

Domain Authority: 26          

How to Submit a Guest Post: TechBii believes in quality over quantity. Make sure your article is refined to meet their quality guidelines. Your article must not be copied or published elsewhere. It should also be grammatically correct. Contact the team to start.

6.  Teck A La Carte

Domain Authority: 15          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Articles must cover the chosen topic in full and have 600 words or more. Tutorials should include screen shots. Content is checked through Copyscape. Sign up for an account and agree to the terms and conditions on the guidelines page to get started.

7.  Xtendedview

Domain Authority: 29          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read the guidelines before contacting the team. Your article must be useful, exclusive, not published elsewhere and can contain illustrative images if necessary. You can email your pitch or fill out the contact form.

8.  Creately

Domain Authority: 55           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Before submitting a guest post, interact with the team. Follow them on social media and share their articles. Also, read previously published posts to avoid duplicating content. Follow the submission guidelines before emailing your topic ideas or article for review.

9.  Tech Arrival

Domain Authority: 23          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read here for topic ideas. Articles must be written in English, be plagiarism-free, and without grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. Email with your submission ideas and wait for your username and password. Read the guidelines here.

10.  Technology End

Domain Authority: 18

How to Submit a Guest Post: Register for a contributor account. Instructions are here. Write your articles in English. Link to articles in Technology End. Read the guidelines here before you begin to construct your piece.

11.  TrueTech

Domain Authority: 20          

How to Submit a Guest Post: If you want to write about technology or gadgets, check out the categories for topic ideas. Provide an introduction, your blog, social media account and portfolio. Articles which have been spun won’t be accepted. Please read the guidelines before submitting your article.

12.  TechBlazes

Domain Authority: 32

How to Submit a Guest Post: Check out the categories here. Articles must not be copied, should contain no ads or referral links and must have an image. If these rules are not followed your article won’t be published. Contact the team for an account. Published articles cannot be reproduced elsewhere. Do read the guidelines here for more details.

13.  Boomer Tech Talk

Domain Authority: 30

How to Submit a Guest Post: This site will not publish duplicate content, so make sure your post is original. However, you can republish it after three months. Fill in the submission form on the guidelines page to get started.

14.  iTechCode

Domain Authority: 33          

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Topics for guest blogging are here. Contact via email to register if you’d like to be published on this site. Articles should have more than 700 words, not plagiarized, and should have no outbound links. Read the full guidelines here.

15. Inspirationfeed

Domain Authority: 55           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Some of the acceptable topics to pitch to this blog are WordPress themes and applications. Articles must be high-quality and exclusive with at least 1,000 words. Read the detailed guidelines before emailing your submissions. Make sure you edit your work before sending it.

16.  iamwire

Domain Authority: 45          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Content must be original and up-to-date. After submitting your article, you grant this site license to use, edit and modify it. Submit your details in this form on the guidelines page.

17.  Digital Inspiration

Domain Authority: 79          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Look through the archives to view articles that have been published on this site. They must be written exclusively for this blog. Email an outline of your topic idea, but not before reading the guidelines here.

18.  Techie Buzz

Domain Authority: 59          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Content must be well-written and unique. Background checks are done on all guest posts. You’re allowed a link in the byline and one in the article. Email your submission, but please read the guidelines first.

19.  Technically Easy

Domain Authority: 39          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Submit articles not published elsewhere with at least 1,000 words. Please note that your post cannot be republished once it’s on Technically Easy. Send your article via the submission form. However, be sure to read the guidelines first.

20.  TechFor.Us

Domain Authority: 41          

How to Submit a Guest Post: The topics, format and types of articles accepted are in the guidelines, so read them carefully. Articles must be high-quality. Either email or complete the form on the guidelines page to discuss topic ideas.


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