WritersinCharge.com Team Members

If you’re reading this blog and are enjoying what you’re seeing, these are the people who are making it possible.

The list is in no particular order:

Karol K1. Karol Krol – Karol will be in charge of marketing at WritersinCharge. He’ll start by publishing guest posts on other authoritative blogs as a WritersinCharge team member but will assume more marketing tasks as time goes on.

Here’s Karol’s bio: Karol K. is a freelance writer and blogger, passionate about entrepreneurship and using the internet as a business tool.

He publishes his articles all over the web, on sites like: Quick Sprout, ProBlogger, Six Revisions, Hongkiat.com, Web Design Ledger, Daily Blog Tips, Lifehack.org, Freelance Switch, and others.

He’s all about sharing various online business advice and learning along the way to create his own business. He’s not an expert, but he’s trying various stuff and failing his way to success.

To find out what he’s up to, feel free to visit him at NewInternetOrder.com

2. June Whittle – Researching and compiling resources posts. June will be one of the brains behind June Whittlethe epic and comprehensive posts published on this blog and you’ll be seeing a lot more of those very soon.

Here’s June’s bio: June Whittle is a blogger and writer. She has two personal blogs that she manages and writes for. She also enjoys writing poems and short stories. She is working on her first fiction novel and eBook. She has edited two books and transcribed sermons from audio CDs for a local church.

June devotes her time between attending church, raising her teenage daughter, writing and teaching 14 – 16 year old learners in a Further Education College. She’s passionate about sharing and uses her blogs as a platform to inspire others.
June can be reached via the contact page at MiraculousLadies.com

Lanre Solarin3. Lanre Solarin – Lanre is also one of the brains behind researching and compiling resources posts on this blog. Lanre will also be a brain behind the epic and comprehensive posts you’ll be seeing on this blog.

Here’s Lanre’s bio: Lanre Solarin is the co-author of a personal development book, “The Ideal Youth” and is involved in youth development initiatives. He is a freelance writer and blogger. He writes for and manages his self help blog. He also writes for different offline publications and is presently working on his new book.
Lanre is actively involved in renewable energy and information technology. When he’s not writing, Lanre helps speakers, churches and entrepreneurs with multimedia design and implementation. He considers himself a scientist by profession, a writer by calling and a change agent by purpose. You can connect with Lanre via LinkedIn  or contact him here

4. Anne Lyken-Garner – Anne will be in charge of editing here at WritersinCharge.

Anne will be editing most of the articles published on this blog; both mine, guest posts and that of other contributors. The next grammatically and structurally perfect article you read on this blog has probably been edited by Anne.

Here’s Anne’s bio: Anne Lyken-Garner is a published author. Her latest book, the inspirational ‘Sunday’s Child’ was published by American urban publishers, Pulse. Anne is also a freelance writer, blogger and editor. She writes for, and manages 4 blogs and edited The Writers Bureau online student magazine for 2 years. Anne specialises in writing, relationships and confidence building. Her other passions include DIY and home improvement. Anne’s now working on her 5th book.

Apart from writing, Anne works in TV in the UK, and is dedicated to raising her 3 young kids. You can make contact with Anne here

Irfan5. Irfan Siddiqui – Irfan is in charge of  graphics & design here at Writers in Charge. He’s done a great job in contributing the logo, ebook cover, FB fan page, and most of the designs we have on writersincharge.com.

Here’s Irfan’s Bio: Irfan Siddiqui is a Graphic – Logo Designer, a blogger, and founder of RealTimeTricks.com, where he helps others learn computing tips and tricks.

Besides working as a freelance graphic designer, Irfan spends most of his time watching videos on YouTube – he hates watching TV. When he’s not on YouTube he’s working on designs for clients’ projects..

You can reach him by contacting him on his blog’s contact page or check out his services.

6. Bamidele Onibalusi – Bamidele is the founder and CEO of WritersinCharge.com. When he’s not watching movies or playing chess, he’s working on WritersinCharge or doing client work.

You can find out more about Bamidele on this blog’s about page.


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