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How to Do Location-Independent Freelance Writing – The All You Need to Know Guide

Well, since it’s the middle of the summer (depends on where you’re at currently, though), I thought I’d share a thing or two about how I manage to freelance regardless of the location I’m at, and how you can do the same.

The Journey of Thousand Steps to Freelance Writing

By Eric Admit it: you’ve always been a scribbler. Always writing something down, maybe in a journal, or a notepad, or even on your own blog. Maybe you re-purpose others’ posts or articles, putting your own spin on them. And maybe, you feel the time is right for you to take your “scribbling” to another […]

How to Write More Than You Do Now

How much work do you achieve each day, each week? Are you as productive as you want to be, as you can be? You know you can write more, but each time you turn on your computer you become distracted – an hour later and you’re deep into your new Facebook friend’s family photos. Would […]

Why Writing for Free is Bad for Writers

There’s this one feeling we have as writers; that we’re not adequate. That we’re not yet complete. That we’re missing something. That we’re NOT writers! Due to this feeling, it’s often very difficult – especially for the newbie writer – to decline a proposal to work for free on the promise of getting hired. What […]

5 Harsh Realities of Building a Successful Writing Business Online

The post below is an email in my autoresponder series; response to this email has been great and I thought I should publish it on the blog. Enjoy! —– You want to build a career online, writing. It’s probably why you’re subscribed to this newsletter. Naturally, like everything else in life, building a successful online […]


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