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Punctuation Made Easy for Writers

For good or bad, punctuation will make your writing stand out from the crowd. (There, I managed to use two hackneyed phrases in a single sentence!)

How to Use Inverted Commas, Brackets and Capital Letters

Inverted commas (quotation marks), brackets and capital letters can be quite confusing to use for some people. This lesson is a quick reminder and is not meant to be all-inclusive or definitive. In the three sections below, you’ll learn how to use these common punctuation marks and make your blog posts pop. See the writing […]

How to Write More Than You Do Now

How much work do you achieve each day, each week? Are you as productive as you want to be, as you can be? You know you can write more, but each time you turn on your computer you become distracted – an hour later and you’re deep into your new Facebook friend’s family photos. Would […]


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