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How Ali Luke Used Her Writing Skills to Create Multiple Streams of Income

Ali Luke

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We all know how volatile freelance writing can be.

One moment everything is running smoothly, and in the next breath a major client decides to drop you, causing you to lose a significant percentage of your income in an instant. How can you insure yourself against this kind of thing? Simple – by having multiple streams of income!

“From the very start of my career, I was aware that it would be a mistake to purely freelance and to never have any other income coming in, so I always had more than one streams of income,” says Ali Luke. “I definitely recommend other freelancers find some time to spend on their own projects.”

Now, almost a decade after she started her freelance writing career, Ali has money coming in from client work; from her e-Books; from her membership site; from her novels; and even from a couple of websites she hasn’t updated in years.

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How Taylor Pearson Sold 5000 Copies of His Book in One Month

In 2012 Taylor quit his job, landed an apprenticeship in an e-commerce company, and moved to S.E Asia, where he immersed himself in the world of entrepreneurship.

With each passing year he became more and more skeptical of the common career wisdom that we have all heard from our parents. Was having a job still the safe choice and starting a business still the risky one?

He didn’t think so. In fact, after having met hundreds of people who were running their own businesses, he came to a conclusion that jobs were becoming more and more risky, due to globalization and technology. On the other hand, entrepreneurship was safer than ever. So, after several years of mulling over these issues and writing about them on his blog, he decided that it was time to write a book.

Taylor had never written a book before and didn’t have any previous experience with self-publishing. Still, when he launched “The End of Jobs” it hit #1 in the Business and Money category a week later, and went on to sell more than 5,000 copies that month. How did he manage to pull that off as an unknown, first-time author?