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The Simple Secret That Drives Traffic To Your Blog

This guest post is by Joe Pawlikowski

You try not to worry about it. You’re creating quality material and you’re working on becoming better. You’ve read Onibalusi’s writing tips and you’re on the right track. But there’s one thing that continues to nag you. And so you take a break from your writing and check your Google Analytics. It stares you in the face, mocking you until you finally close the window. Eventually you accept the sad reality.

Your traffic numbers are abysmal.

It’s OK, you tell yourself. Building a high-traffic blog takes months, even years. You’re still working on things, putting them together. Eventually everything will come together. Right?

Maybe not.

If you’ve been plugging away at your blog for months and still haven’t seen results, there’s a chance that you’re merely treading water. You’re writing things that people might read from time to time, but it will never lead to high-traffic success. In other words, you’re ignoring the secret to building a high-traffic blog.

What’s the secret, you ask? It’s something simple and fundamental. When I spell it out in big block letters, you might bop yourself on the head. The secret to creating a high-traffic blog is…