Getting Things Done

Time Management for Freelance Writers…You Thought It’s Going to Be Easy?

Here at WritersinCharge you can find a vast array of advice on different aspects of being a freelance writer; turning your passion into a career; and earning a living (how to find clients, how to bill them, and so on). This post, however, is not about making a living, it’s about staying alive, more or less.

I know that the above sentence sounds a little vague, so bear with me as I explain what I mean.

Freelancing isn’t about spending most of your time staring at a blank screen and struggling with writer’s block, nor is it about going through a never-ending stream of emails, or running around at a loss about what to do next.

Even though I’m sure you can agree with the above, you also have to admit that some days are just not very productive. You struggle to put some decent words together, or maintain a good workflow throughout the day. I know because it happens to me as well.

So what follows is my approach at getting some things done, in other words – time management (habits, tools, systems, software, methodology) for freelance writers.