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27 Culture Magazines That Pay Writers up to $1000 Per Article

culture magazines that pay writers

If you’re a freelance writer looking for paid writing opportunities, here’s the most definitive collection on the Internet. This list is packed with all the best culture magazines that actively encourage freelancers to pitch them.

If you’re good at research, have some experience or qualification (or you’re a student in the relevant areas of culture), you could make a living starting now, writing for the following magazines.

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16 Boating Magazines that Pay Writers up to $1,000 Per Article

boating magazines that pay writers

Are you a boating enthusiast, or do you love to write about boating? We have good news! You can get paid to write about boating.

The Writers in Charge team got to work and compiled this list of boating magazines that pay writers. Enjoy!

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magazines that pay writers

Get Paid to Write: 31 Christian Magazines that Pay Writers

christian magazines that pay writers

One of the best ways to make money writing is by writing for magazines; I’ve published several lists of websites and magazines that pay writers over the years, but it wasn’t until recently that I started categorizing them. If you’d like to get paid to write for Christian magazines and publications, you’re in the right place.

magazines that pay writers

Make Money Writing: 17 Health Magazines that Pay Writers

health magazines that pay writersAre you a health writer, or a freelance writer who wants to make money writing by getting paid to write health articles? This article features 17 magazines that pay writers to write about health-related topics; many of these magazines pay well, and you can write about anything health-related including health discoveries and news, natural health, mental health, animal health, etc.

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These People Are Getting Paid to Write. Here’s Why You Might Not…

110 websites that pay

Have you ever asked yourself what it is that really separates average freelance writers from really successful ones?

A while back, I shared quick lessons from my cold pitching experiment, and I shared what was working for me and what I felt wasn’t working.

Two days after, I got the following email from a reader (Nabankita):

Thanks a lot for this wonderful article. I tried the ways you told to write a cold pitch and it really worked! I got 2 response emails already within 48 hours out of the 8-10 emails I had sent. Thank you for your article. Have a good day.

Essentially, this reader read my email, acted immediately and started to see results within 48 hours.