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How I Made 5-Figures Freelancing in 2011, Revealed

I’m on track to make even more this year. This is all thanks to a very effective systematic approach I have in place – an approach a lot of other freelance writers ignore. This is all thanks to BLOGGING! The reality is that you probably know a dozen other freelance writers who have a blog, […]

The One Problem Most Writers Face, and How to Overcome It

Based on comments on this blog, email from various readers, and interactions with my newsletter subscribers. I have noticed one major problem most writers face, that is preventing them from making money, and this article will be addressing that problem. How Much are You Really Worth?

That CV Won’t Help You Get a Writing Job

I was recently chatting with Dainis from 1stWebDesigner.com, a friend and one of my clients, on Skype recently when we started talking about a freelance writing job offer he posted online recently. Dainis talked about getting over 250 emails from prospective freelance writers interested in getting the job and that out of all those 250 […]

9 Ways to Find Freelance Writing Clients Who Will Actually Pay You

This guest article is written by veteran freelance writer Sarah Russell. Over the past month, Onibalusi has shared a ton of great information about working as a freelance writer – including everything from writer productivity tips to freelance writing challenges to some of the lessons he’s learned working as a freelance writer. (And seriously – […]

The 9 Challenges of a Freelance Writer

I’ve been a freelance writer for 8 months now and I’ve been loving every moment of it. That’s not to say being a freelance writer doesn’t have its own challenges. When a lot of people read my income reports and see me making 4 figures from writing every month they start sending me emails asking […]


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