Earn Your First $1000 Challenge freelance writing

Earn Your First $1,000 as a Freelance Writer: Prospecting for Clients

As you have probably noticed from my strategy for the Earn Your First $1,000 as a Freelance Writer challenge, a core part of the process involves cold pitching; in fact, I have to send 30 – 50 cold pitches every day. That’s a lot of cold pitches, and it will only be effective if I send my cold pitches to the right people.

The real question, however, is, “How do I find the right potential clients to send cold pitches to?”

In this article, I will be sharing my process for prospecting for clients. I will be sharing the criteria I use to find clients as well as the tools and techniques I use when prospecting for clients.

Earn Your First $1000 Challenge freelance writing

Earn Your First $1,000 as a Freelance Writer – Challenge Announcement

Freelance writing can be tough, and there seems to be a lot of “experts” and “gurus” these days who claim to know what’s best for you but are not willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Things change really fast, and I realize that it might be more difficult to succeed as a freelance writer today than it was a few years back when I started. In an attempt to demonstrate the effectiveness of what I teach, and as a way to help you get results, I contemplated starting a challenge where I go from ZERO to $1,000 monthly within two months.

So, feeling a bit crazy on the 2nd of June, I posted the following message to the Writers in Charge Facebook page:

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How This 20-Year-Old Student Makes $2,500 Per Month by Freelance Writing



Note from Bamidele: Hassan Ud-deen is one hell of a driven and talented blogger. He first got on my radar when he purchased coaching from me in 2014; he was 18 then. I mean, when most adults were dilly-dallying and pinching-pennying, here’s an 18-year-old who was willing to invest in himself! That, coupled with his writing talent — and Hassan is one talented writer! — and I knew he was going places. Honestly, I’m not surprised with Hassan’s achievement, and I’m very confident that he’ll double and triple his income once he finally graduates from college and can focus on freelance writing full-time.

Enjoy our interview with him!

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Carol Tice on How To Make Six Figures From Your Blog


Note from Bamidele: Carol Tice is the freelance writer I respect the most. The reason for this is very simple: Besides the fact that she gives clear, proven advice, she gives advice in a no-BS kind of way. Most importantly, her advice has helped me make six figures in the few years that I’ve been a freelance writer. Due to Carol’s advice, I went from charging around $80 to $150 per article to commanding as much as $500 and significantly more per article.

In this article, Writers in Charge interviews Carol Tice of Make a Living Writing. Her new guide Small Blog, Big Income teaches what it takes to build a solid income from a small blog, and in this interview we get her to share what it takes to make six figures from a blog. Enjoy!

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Mystery Solved: The Number One Killer of Your Productivity Revealed

By Garik Himebaugh

productivity killer

It’s Monday morning and you’re rushing to get ready and make it to work on time. At the office you are greeted by stacks of paperwork, 200 emails, and you have 5 meetings today.

You sit down and make a list of everything you can think of to do, including what you can do after work. The list is pretty long. As the day progresses you work through most of what’s on your list, starting with what’s easiest. When you get home, you cross off a few more items.

Feeling exhausted and overwhelmed, you call it an early night. While you crossed off a lot of items on your list today, you don’t feel productive at all.

Does this scenario sound familiar? Hint: this is not what it means to be productive; this is simply called being busy.