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How Desperate Are You to Fail?

I came across a video on Youtube today, and it got me thinking. What if success is all about failing? Come to think about it, each success is about failing at the right time (and the right amount of times). I’ll make a good case study in regards to this. A lot of people read […]

10 Things You Need to Do to Be a Successful Entrepreneur

As humans, we all go through our day-to-day lives aiming and craving for success but the truth is very few people know the real definition of success and even more few are ready to give it what it takes. A lot of things are easier said than done and success is very renowned when it […]

101 Great Quotes to Supercharge Your Day

Motivation is very important to your success in life and in business and a great way to be motivated is by reading the wise words of some of the greatest men that ever lived. I have decided to compile a list of 101 awesome quotes that will help motivate you to do and achieve more […]

Quitting A Few Steps to Success

I was reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich today when I came across two very important stories (see them below) that is about the reality in the lives of many entrepreneurs and individuals, these stories inspired me to come up with this post. A particular Mr. Darby was determined to dig until he comes […]


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