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Quick Lessons From an Experiment in Cold Pitching

cold pitching experiment - quick lessons

I sent this as an email to my newsletter a while back, and I’ve gotten several positive responses from people getting results by implementing my suggestions, so I’m publishing it here on the blog with minor edits.

I don’t hide the fact that I’m a huge advocate of having clients come to you; I favor this model because it was how I accidentally became a freelance writer; if clients are coming to me, why go after them?

It’s also puts me in control, since they are coming to me, and that’s a big deal over here at Writers in Charge!

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6 Reasons Potential Clients Ignore Your Cold Pitches, and How to Get them to Respond

why clients ignore your cold pitches

Writers in Charge reader, Jaleesa, asked me to share some tips on how to get more people to respond to her pitches the other day on Facebook. My answer to her ended up being as long as a blog post, so I decided I’ll publish it as one.

Here’s Jaleesa’s question:

Getting potential clients, who post listings looking for writers, to respond to emails. I realize that not everyone will/has time to respond to EVERY email, but sheesh! I’m starting to think it’s me…or at least my emails. Very few respond to mine. How do I change this?

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