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7 Warning Signs You’re Dealing with Your Worst Client Ever

I’ve been freelancing for almost 2 years now and within this time I’ve had my own fair share of ‘worst clients’. While most of my clients are very passionate about what they do and are positive about what I can do to help their business, some very poor ones come along the way. It’s usually […]

3 Unique Ways to Get Freelance Writing Clients

According to the 2011 Freelance Industry Report, the biggest challenge freelancers are currently facing is with getting clients, and a massive 22% of those surveyed complained about this being a problem. In the same light, the next major challenge freelance writers face is with ending the feast-or-famine circle, and over 13% of those surveyed cited […]

How to Get Clients for Your Business

The internet can be a great way to make money online and that can be evidenced my by December 2010 income report. From my experience with interacting with people who want to be making money online offering services a major problem most people face is getting clients. A lot of bloggers/internet entrepreneurs spend a large […]


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