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Niche Domination – The Million Dollar Keyword Strategy

This guest post is by Joe. If you have not read my article on niche domination you are missing a lot. We have 100% of our people implementing this strategy who advanced from page rank 0 to page rank 2 and 3 within 45 days. These are all new blogs (less than 6 months) and […]

Get More Traffic with the “Guest Post a Day” Challenge

This is a guest post by Brandon Yanofsky. I’ve never met a blogger who has said to me, “You know, I have more than enough traffic. I don’t want any more.” Quite the opposite: every blogger wants more traffic. Yet very few are actually taking actions to attract more traffic. Some may try SEO or […]

3 Ways to Measure Link Quality

This is a guest post by Corey. Link quality is arguably more important than the amount of inbound links to your site. A few quality links can be immensely more beneficial to your websites rankings and search results than 100s of links from unrelated directories or forums. But how do I know the quality of the […]

Two Ingredients of Awesome: Content and Metaphor

This is a guest post by Danny Iny. Traffic isn’t the answer. Don’t get me wrong – if you want your blog to grow, then you need traffic. But that’s just the start, and it isn’t even that hard. You can write guest posts, do SEO, or buy traffic, but that’s all temporary traffic. What […]

How to Choose the Right Blogging Gadgets

This is a guest post by Bojan. Idea for this article dropped to my mind as I was talking with Onibalusi about which computer to buy. I figured out that there are many bloggers still running on old machines and not being nearly productive as they could. I also realized that not all bloggers have […]


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