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2 Years, 100,000 Views and Five Figures in Income

Late 2012, I started a blogging challenge to demonstrate the power of blogging to attract clients. My goal then was simple: Start a blog, optimize it to attract clients and start generating four figures in freelance income through the blog within 3 months. This was a public challenge, and many of my readers were concerned that […]

Challenge Update #2: My Strategy

About a month ago, I started a challenge on this blog. The purpose of the challenge is to start a brand new blog from scratch without leveraging anything I already have access to (besides the experience I’ve gained over the years), with the sole aim of turning it into a 4-figure client generation machine in […]

Top 21 Traffic Generation Techniques to Help You Get More Traffic to Your Blog

The number one challenge most bloggers face is getting traffic to their blog. A lot of people can write great content, so many people have great plans to monetize their blog should they experience a traffic breakthrough and so many people already have a system in place to help them make money from their blog, […]


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