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Should Bloggers be on Google Plus?

With all the noise circulating the web about Google plus lately I think it is important for you to calculate your steps wisely and see if you’re making the right decisions as a blogger. Since building a successful blog is all about knowing where your audience is and spending the most of your time there, […]

The 10 Youngest Bloggers Online

There is a lot of fun on the internet and I am amazed to see bloggers as young as 6 years old. If you think I am a young blogger at 16 you will be amazed to see other bloggers who are far younger than I am, in fact, all the bloggers on this list […]

Bloggers Can’t Be Beggars But Can Be Chooses

This is a guest post by Daniel Lew Be Creative and Take Action I will give you an example if there is a beggar on the street with one arm, sure we all feel sorry for him, but I bet you if that same beggar with one arm was washing car windows at the traffic […]

The Top 5 Ways Bloggers Can Use the Power of Twitter

Blog writing has quickly become a very popular medium. Each day, hundreds of blogs are being developed. So in this sea of blogs, how can you stand out from the crowd? The answer is: through social media. Social media is changing the way bloggers can market their sites. As with anything on the internet, gaining […]


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