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The Top 5 Ingredients of a Successful Teenage Webpreneur

This is a guest post by Alex Papa.

teenage webpreneursThe core definition of an entrepreneur is someone who assumes the risk of starting a business venture. An entrepreneur is a risk taker, but one who seizes an opportunity only after analyzing, dissecting, and calculating the potential reward over the potential loss.

A teenage entrepreneur is no different from any other entrepreneur; regardless of age or social standing. In fact, a teenage entrepreneur holds a distinct advantage over the conventional entrepreneur. And that advantage is the exuberance of youth! But an individual’s prominent strength can become the colossal wall between failure and success. The energy instilled in every online teenage entrepreneur, like young Dele Onibalusi, invites a risk presented in most online business opportunities; the risk of working “in” your business instead of “out” of your business.

These elements may lead to critical mistakes being made, but the knowledge of 5 key ingredients will arm every teenage webpreneur with the tools to succeed:

1. The Compass of a Clear Vision

The most important ingredient of successful teenage entrepreneurs is that they know what they want out of their business and they stick it religiously. Every teenage entrepreneur should formulate a clearly defined vision for their online business. This is the starting point of every successful internet venture. A vision is like a compass that will direct the business toward its objectives. It is the map that plots the path toward success, and it is the foundation that ensures the solidity of your business. Getting on with the business blindly is a sure-fire course toward failure. But a clear vision provides the eyes that brighten the path toward success. A teenage online entrepreneur is like a young athlete preparing for the next Olympics. His mind is solely focused on breaking his personal best and any tasks that do not contribute to this goal are eliminated.

2. Perseverance Through Belief in Yourself

The online business industry is competitive and sometimes even cut-throat. For example, in the blogging business, it wouldn’t be a rarity for a teenage entrepreneur to become intimidated by the “big players” or by the incessant obstacles faced in providing constantly good content and maintaining readership. It is at this point that the true character of a young entrepreneur radiates. The teenager will either surrender, or the belief that the individual possesses will elevate him/her beyond the circumstances to a point of victory.

It is the belief in himself that equips him to overcome the challenges presented by an online business. Knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses are pivotal in growing your belief in yourself. A teenager needs to extract the confidence that is found in the knowledge of who he/she is. Deep introspection is a prerequisite to finding out ones true character.

Persevering through the inevitable trials of an online business is a key trait embedded in every successful entrepreneur.

3. The Use of Models

It wouldn’t be uncommon for a young internet entrepreneur to hear these words, “get a real job and earn a salary”. The pessimism of people can be infectious, and the negative words spoken by others can poison the enthusiasm of a teenager.

The people young entrepreneurs select to be their mentors, confidants, and counsellors are pertinent to the future success of their business. Analyze the lives of the people you choose to receive advice from. If they have not stumbled in the pits of failure and rose to the peak of entrepreneurial success then they are not qualified to confer any business advice.

4. The Art of Delegating

Exuberance has the uncanny ability of programming the mind of a teenager into believing that he/she can do everything on his/her own; Writing your content, replying to all comments, studying your stats, guest blogging, to mention a few. It is pivotal for you to understand your strengths, and focus on building your business around your strengths. Other functions within your business that you are not adequately equipped to handle should be outsourced.

The ability to trust others and delegating tasks that you are unfamiliar with lightens the burden that is shouldered. By over committing, you are opening the door to conceding defeat when the workload becomes unmanageable.

5. Proper Time Management

The general life of a teenager is demanding. With school, sports, social activities, and other demands placed on a teenager; the schedules of a teenage entrepreneur are hectic. This invokes the need for proper time management. The ability to discipline yourself and prioritize your tasks is essential to the success of your online business. A daily plan that focuses on important tasks needs to be formulated and adhered too, as to ensure the online income is not affected. Successful entrepreneurs understand the difference between “time-urgent” and “revenue-related” tasks and know what to do first. Spend your time the wrong way and poverty will knock at your door.

As a teenage entrepreneur you are in charge of your own destiny. You create your life. The decisions you make will create the exact amount of your financial success. The obstacles you face are the building blocks of experience that will equip you for a life of success. The hardest lessons learnt will be those that you encounter in your online business, but these lessons will mould you into the next prolific business leader.

Alex Papa is a UK entrepreneur and investor with many online assets in his portfolio. He often speaks in seminars around the world showing people how to find new small business ideas and create wealth and abundance. In his blog you can also find the latest Norton Internet Security coupon codes

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16 Comments on "The Top 5 Ingredients of a Successful Teenage Webpreneur"

  1. Samuel says:

    Awesome post PAPA! Well said man, i agree with your points. Most especially the “Art of Delegating” that’s the fact. An entrepreneur should try to outsource the area where he or she knows they can’t handle and work on the area they know they are capable of. If an entrepreneur is trying to do everything on his or her own also on the area he or she is not capable of, it will affect the entrepreneur’s journey. Thanks for sharing. Have fun.

    • Alex Papa says:

      Thank you Sam. I always wanted to write about this topic because I see what many teenage entrepreneurs have to put up with. I am glad I had the opportunity to share this with the world in this blog. All the best.

  2. James Tyler says:

    This is quite an imp entrortant post in terms of young entrepreneurs on the web. I think this is the age of the young entrepreneur because the web willchange the way business works forever to the young who undersatnd computers better. Love the article, a useful and important read.


  3. Josiah says:

    There are so many young guys and gals racing out of high school and starting up businesses before they even get to college. I’ve been around a lot and seen a lot fail. If they would take your advice beforehand, i don’t see there being any way to fail.

    Excellent post.

  4. D Baker says:

    I can only regret not being born 10 years later…

    But I guess I can still do some great things even though I am 10 years older than all those 16-18 year Teenage Webpreneur…

  5. Hey, nice and crisp. I like the way this has been crafted. Keep up the great work.

  6. Slava says:

    Onibalusi, thanks for bringing this excellent guest author to our attention. This is actually a really great summary of everything that I experienced in life. Lack of perseverance – death of business, lack of delegation – death of time, lack of clear vision and you’ve got two co-founders of a business wanting it to go completely different ways.

    I’m not sure what meaning did Alex include into “models”. Is it “models” as “people” or “models” as “abstractions”? Because personally I, when read “get a job” thought about abstraction. “How do you live a life, pa?” “Get a job!” That’s an abstraction you get and you start to expand it (opening the “black boxes” of what “job” is and how to “get it”), when in reality that’s a wrong black box (abstraction). The right one should have a label “Get a job or open a business”!

    Excellent post, really got my thinking juices flowing. Thank you, Alex and Onibalusi.

    • Alex Papa says:

      Hi Slave,
      Super comment!
      Answering your question in relation to what “modelling” means:
      The vast majority of self made entrepreneurs (myself included) at some stage in your life we managed, secretly or openly, deliberately and intentionally to find other successful entrepreneurs and copy (copy=model) them behaviorally, mentally, and intellectually.

      Why did we do that?

      It is all about behavior, it is call behavioral congruency. This means that to become what you want to become you must find people who have achieved what you want to achieve and immerse into their way of thinking. This comes from number 1 rule of life: You become what you think of. In other words behind every result in life there is a pertinent thinking. Poverty is a result of a certain line on thinking and entrepreneurial success is a result of another stream of thinking. We are not born with any line of thinking. We acquire it from our immediate environment. I newborn baby does not know how to be poor or rich until he/she is shown how by the people he/she lives with.

      What does this mean to a person who wishes to become an entrepreneur?

      This means that you must find the people that have already achieved what you wish to achieve, have done what you want to do, at the speed and level you want you want and get involved and model their methods and thinking. Note this: There is actually a very important sequence in how you copy them: First you copy their way of thinking, then you copy their behavior and then you copy their actions.

      Because if what you do is not congruent to what they do it is unrealistic to expect that you are going to become what they are and get what they have. However the good news is that if you are congruent everything else will naturally fall into place. That’s what we call modeling!

      • Onibalusi says:

        Awesome, super-long comment Alex,

        Thanks so much for it!


      • Slava says:

        Excellent advice, Alex! Thank you!

  7. Yeah, I definitely agree with this post. This is actually the first time i stumbled on this site and quite amusing that I found this article. You know what successful cannot be achieved overnight because if that is easy as that assuredly all of us are successful individuals now. Perseverance is the key to success and you should know as well how to wait and take it slowly but surely.

  8. Owtham says:

    One nice post fit for me to cart…. I was just happy to see the words “As a teenage entrepreneur you are in charge of your own destiny.”as I am king to select an online job for myself…. Thanks for the stuff SAM..! 🙂

  9. Alan Mater says:

    Hey Alex,

    I like your point about delegating. I’ve dabbled in outsourcing this year, and I can tell you that it’s helped me out tremendously, and I would recommend it to anyone.

  10. I think someone should always pursue an idea they are passionate about if they think it will work. That goes for anyone. I still believe an education should be put first, to learn the valuable core skills at school. I don’t think college or university is necessary depending on the profession.

  11. Well, I agree with you that there’s no much difference between a conventional entrepreneur and a young one. Both of them are persistent but the conventional entrepreneur balance things out before making a decision although he takes risk as well. On the other hand, a young entrepreneur have that very strong personality that oftentimes lead him to decide on certain matters without actually balancing out things. I must say that young entrepreneur is willing to take risks without any fear.

  12. Kyra @ Turning Winds says:

    It’s admiring to know that a lot of teenagers are now interested to do business this early. Some even earn millions of dollars just by doing the things they’re passionate about, like blogging or web design.
    The points you have put in are really helpful for those who are yet starting on how to handle their online businesses. I just hope kids who are preoccupied with their so-called webpreneur should still consider finishing school and do not rely much on how much they earn. Having a degree is still one of the best achievements that one can be proud of.
    Just like what you said, proper time management is essential to achieve this. Thanks for the tips!


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