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Getting Into The League Of Successful Bloggers

join the ranks of successful bloggersI have been blogging for sometimes now and I must tell you the journey has really been interesting. Even though I said the blogging journey is really interesting I have come across some new bloggers who feel disappointed because they think only successful bloggers can be successful.

This happens most in the case of product launches, you will see some new bloggers launch one product or the other and then contact the A-list bloggers to help them promote it, the answer they get is “no!” and they feel discouraged and enraged, they begin to think these top bloggers have an inner circle and they only help those in their inner circle, in other words, they are not ready to help others.

Even though I am not yet an A-list blogger, I know I will still be one and when I become one I will also react as all these A-list bloggers react. Why? Keep reading to get the answer.

It is More Than Affiliate Sales

You might be thinking you have a good product, with a robust affiliate programme paying high commissions so why shouldn’t these top bloggers help you out?

Life isn’t like that and any help you receive has a reason, the reason can either be direct or indirect.

Lets take this as an example, I built a powerful blog in 3 years, I had a mailing list of subscribers in the tens of thousands and I have a lot of influence in the blogging world, then suddenly a new blogger who has less than 100 subscribers came out with a product, and asked me to promote it, do you think I will? Absolutely not.

What matters most to this bloggers is “What is in it for Them!“. What do you have for them? What will be their gain if they promote for you. You should not fail to remember that they have thousands of readers who also have their own products and that there are various affiliate networks they can easily go to and select a product they want to promote so the benefit they want is not an affiliate commission, they want something more than that.

What Then Do They Want?

They want mutual relationships! They want cross-promotion! Some of these top bloggers know the key to a successful product launches and they know what it is to have support from influencers and people of power.

If they promote your product to their audience in the tens of thousands and you promote yours to your own tens or hundreds, do you think they will gain? They won’t! And that is the logic behind everything.

Lets take Yaro Starak and Darren Rowse for example, Yaro has a list of over 90,000 subscribers, Darren has a list of over 150,000. You will notice both of them will benefit if they co-promote their products and Yaro’s 90,000 subscribers is of great value to Darren’s product launch while Darren’s 150,000 subscribers is also of great importance to Yaro’s product launch.

The major reason they cross promote is because of the future benefit, nothing more! Darren knows he will launch a product someday and he will need the help of Yaro and vice-versa.

Funny Enough!

This is so funny but it is the truth. That major truth is that you as a blogger with a few hundreds or tens of subscribers are a follower of either Yaro or Darren (or even both) and they don’t even have to network with you before you promote, once you see the top people doing it you will follow.

If Darren decides to cross-promote Yaro’s product, Darren has enough influence to bring about a viral effect and the same applies to Yaro also but if you do so there will hardly be any viral effect.

So What Do You Do?

Good! Now that you know the concept behind everything, the next thing is to know what to do.

Join Their Ranks

The best way to get the attention from these top bloggers anytime you need their help is to join their ranks. Absolutely, that is the best and sure-fire way to get your desired attention.

You might be saying it is not possible to join their ranks, but believe me, it is!

Another great thing is that these top bloggers are human and they also take some things into consideration. They know not all fingers are equal – and this makes everything easy.

If you find it difficult to build 150,000 subscribers in order to get attention from Darren Rowse, build 50,000!

You don’t necessarily need to be the same in size with the top bloggers but you can work on building a great amount of influence that they can’t but notice you.

How Do You Join The Rank of Successful Bloggers?

There are several ways to join the ranks of the successful bloggers and I will be listing some of them below.

1. Have Your U.S.P – Unique Selling Proposition

What is a U.S.P? According to the Google Dictionary, a U.S.P is “the one thing that makes a product different than any other. It’s the one reason marketers think consumers will buy the product even though it may seem no different from many others just like it.”.

It can also be called a winning difference. Things like these can look minor or unimportant but having a unique selling proposition will help you in so many ways, one of which is that it will help you grow your blog twice as faster.

Take a look at your blog right now, what is it that makes it different from every other blogs? If you can’t see anything here then try to work on it but if you can, it is your unique selling proposition.

2. Always Give Your Best

Everyday it is being said, “give value, give value” but I must tell you giving value is an understatement. No matter what type of post you write, it will still be of value to somebody but when we say give your best, it means you won’t just come up with any blog posts or crap content but you will give the best you can.

It is very easy to come up with blog post in minutes but it is very difficult to come up with great blog posts in minutes.

The power of your content should never be underestimated and it can make the difference between your blog’s success and failure. I have seen a five months old blog get over 30,000 visitors monthly and over 10,000 subscribers (in 5 months) but one thing I discovered these blogs have in common is that they give their best.

There are many rules that comes with giving your best and some of these rules will make sure you NEVER finish a quality post in 1 hour, no matter how short it is or how fast you are.

Many bloggers have really great blog post ideas and they are so creative in putting it down but one thing that makes it difficult for them to get to the league of the successful bloggers is their not giving enough time to posts.

Your best content won’t just go viral because it is your best but it will depend on a lot of other great factors, some of which are beyond your control – but effectively utilizing the ones within your control is enough to make it go viral.

One great element that will determine how successful and viral your blog post will be is the post title, many people just write posts without giving their titles a second thought.

Another thing that will determine how viral your blog post will be is your english. Many bloggers write without proofreading and they have forgotten what impact this could make on their blog.

It is true quality matters, but how you present it matters most. Imagine writing a great post and you have a media reporter as your reader, it will be very difficult for that reporter to take your news to the media due to the typographical errors in it.

Give your best and your best only!

3. Be Result Driven

Don’t be effort driven. Many bloggers (mostly the unsuccessful ones) are effort driven, they are the ones who will be telling you they did this and that yet they can’t see the results.

The truth is, it is not what you do that matters but what you get from it. If you are guest posting on other blogs then make sure you get your best from it, if you are optimizing your links for the search engines then don’t begin to shout about the number of links you have gotten or the efforts you have put in but the results you are getting.

Successful bloggers are result driven and that is one of the great things that makes them successful, anytime they do something they always analyze to see what results it brings and if they are not seeing anything then they stop and focus elsewhere but if they see results they double their efforts. Why do you think Darren Rowse posts everyday? Isn’t it because it brings more traffic?

It is true there are a lot of promotional campaigns but you shouldn’t just say you are doing this and that because others are, try to analyze to see what is working – focus on results and not efforts.

4. Move With Them

Another great way to get into the league of successful bloggers is by moving with them (or working with them!).

Try to get on the radar of successful bloggers in your industry, visit their blogs regularly, leave thoughtful comments, be there when they need your help and also ask them when you need help (not the kind of help where you tell them to promote your products ;)).

If you know you are really  serious about getting on their radar then take your journey to the next level by guest posting on their blogs.

Writing for a popular blog makes you even closer to the owner and if you could do this consistently you could build your audience and also get into their ranks.

Over To You!

Do you think this concept is wrong? Are successful bloggers wicked or they are doing what is right? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section.

Action Point

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35 Comments on "Getting Into The League Of Successful Bloggers"

  1. says:

    Hi Onibalusi
    It’s good to see you in top 30 young entrepreneur on
    Congrats.. 🙂 you are doing awesome job as your lovely post and comments can be seen everywhere.

    This post absolutely correct and top blogger are always right.There is no need to help anyone who don’t deserve it.If anyone wants to have good relation with top blogger than he has to show and prove himself he deserve it.

    Right now I am busy with making my ebook to built my emailing list.Hopefully it will complete by next month as I don’t want any loose point in it.That’s why this days my work on other blogs has reduced.Why I am sharing it here because I want to write about you in it and also want to promote your awesome ebook in it.I will contact you when it will complete and it will be great if you will add some more useful points to it.

    Thanks For Sharing This Awesome Post

    • Exactly Abishek,

      Cool! Concerning the free ebook, you are free to contact me when you feel – I will be more than happy to contibute.

  2. Oni,

    I completely agree that networking and getting on the radar of the successful bloggers is definitely a great way to expand your reach, and grow your audience..

    You made some great points in this post.. and that’s why you were selected as a featured entrepreneur for my report – always providing top quality stuff

    talk soon bro

    • Great Hector,

      Exactly! Networking and moving with top bloggers is really an effective way to get to the top!

  3. Julius says:

    Great points you mention here Onibalusi. And I agree with you. I also think many successful bloggers don’t promote products from not so well-known bloggers because of the natural ego. I mean how would it look for you if you have built up a blog for 10 years and someone, who has maybe blogged for one year, comes up to you and asks you whether you will be willing to promote his product. I don’t want to say that everyone is like that but it’s something to consider. Great post man 😉

    • That is true Julius,

      But all I have dealt with are so nice and humble.

      Now that my blog is growing I am also coming to know how it is to be a popular blogger, you will recieve a lot of emails e.t.c.

      One thing is certain, if you have something great for them they will definitely give you a chance!

  4. Mandeep says:

    Some very good points, many people never think they will become an A-list blogger but, in order to become something you have to have the confidence to pursue it. Like you said, it can be done. Thanks for the tips on moving higher in the ranks.
    Interesting post.

    • Exactly Mandeep,

      The first and most important step is to believe you can, once that is in control then everything else is okay!

  5. Thanks for information, I just knew. For indeed I am a new blogger from Indonesia. Thanks! Hopefully I can take a valuable lesson from this blog.

  6. samuel says:

    Nce post ONI! i agree with the concept! but i can’t really say if they are cool or not but i guess they are, yea they are cool lol thanks for sharing bro!

  7. Tinh says:

    Great article @Oni. I love “mutual relationships” that I have had with my readers rather than sales 🙂

    • Sure Tinh,

      Having mutual relationships is really very important and that is what many bloggers want!

  8. Lye Kuek Hin says:

    Hi Oni,

    First of all congratulations being one of the top 30 young entrepreneur in retire@21. I agree with you that there is no reason why the top bloggers should be promoting your products for you. You should focus on keep growing until you fall into their radar and focus on building a relationship first.

    All the points that you mentioned are spot on and i believe one day you will be at the top. Keep it up.

    • Exactly Lye,

      That is why it is very important for a blogger to build his status to the top level, if the blogger could do so the every other things that makes blogging fun and enjoyment will follow 🙂

  9. michael says:

    Hi Oni

    Well done on being selected in top 30 at!

    This is another well informed, highly motivational post. The points you raise are very true and it’s more about building community and relationships than ‘selling.’ Once you have built a community these people will sell your product for you – a win win scenario. As a side note I’m slowly getting on the radar of A-list bloggers; Darren is following me on twitter so I must be of some interest to him. 🙂 Only good can come of this, or so one would think.

    Thanks for sharing


    • Great Michael,

      Exactly, if you could build up a great community and focus on what matters most you will be amazed at how everything turns out!

  10. babajide says:

    loving post Dele…..I now see the reason Michael Dunlop included u in the top 30 young bloggers of 2010……keep it up man

  11. Adesoji Adegbulu@MakeMoneyOnlineNigeria says:

    Wow.. this worth keeping in my archives in order to read again and again until I achieve that league of successful bloggers

    Thanks Bamidele

    • Great Adesoji,

      Action is the most important aspect, it is of no use if you don’t take action ~ Just take action and the results will begin to flow in!

  12. Mike Anderson says:

    I am very impressed with your ideas, and your command of the “blogging community”. You are right in that we need to help each other. There are some very successful big league bloggers, and would strive to emualate them, but also to assist them (pay it forward) and it will definitely come back to us.

    Well done and thank you!!


    • Exactly Mike,

      Building a great community is very important! Once your community could come to respect you then everything becomes seemingly easy!

  13. Good article from you Onibalusi! Yes, i am so sure that you will be the A-list blogger too. We can see your effort in blogging. Keep it up! 🙂

    • Yeah Kok,

      What is more important is you!

      Thanks so much for your nice words!

  14. Kyle says:

    I love this post,
    I hope my blog can get as big as this one some day

    • Great Kyle,

      Loving the post is not enou8gh, taking action is what matters!

  15. Hi Oni,

    First off, I wanna say congratulations. You did a great job as part of the top 30 young entreprenuers at

    About your post, good thing that you had mentioned some things that newbies like me need to have the famous bloggers help us. I know that give and take relationship is really a must these days knowing that so many people just want to take and take and do not give in return.

    I got your point but I think famous bloggers should help newbies at first and if we are on the top, we can help each other out. Like Yaro and Darren, they are already on top so helping each other is easy. But how about those who are at the bottom? How can we join those who are on top like you? How can we participate of helping each other out? Well this is for the first three paragraphs question actually. But when I get to read everything, you are definitely helping us out on there. 🙂 Thanks my friend. I know you want to help us newbies with your posts. 🙂

    • Great Ernest,

      I know it will be confusing telling you why probloggers won’t help you without telling you how to become one. I am glad you loved this post!

  16. Chicken Soup says:

    Your article is great, these are very basic of a professional blogger.

  17. Hi Oni, this is another good topic from you… I agree with you, being a result driven is effective than being effort driven person. You will be able to achieve your goal in timely manner…

  18. iYingHang says:

    You are right. Networking is super important. That’s why the thing we’re using now is called “internet” but not “intranet”.

  19. Karl Hadwen says:

    Great post and congratulations on getting top 30 bloggers on retire at 21. I believe anybody can be a successful blogger, but they have to be passionate about the subject.

  20. cropped denim jacket says:

    Hy oni great post… Yes successful blogger doesn’t like making so much money…. Its all about building trust and authority.


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