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10 Strategic Ways to Position Your Blog to Attract Clients Easily

Are you hardly getting by as a freelance writer by bidding on job boards? How about stepping up your game and getting a few clients of your own?

This guest post by Michael Chibuzor explains 10 strategic ways to position your blog to attract more clients, and I’m in total support of most of the tips explained – in fact, they’ve worked well for me!

“Attracting paying clients is tough!”

I can imagine the pain freelance writers go through, as they scour job boards looking for that gracious client who will gladly hire them.

You’ve worked your ass off – all in the name of marketing your writing skills. Oh, if only you understood how positioning your blog can cause a meteoric growth in your writing career.

Believe me, every successful freelance writer has paid handsomely to be where he/she is today. I recall how I went through sleepless nights just to complete a $5 – $15 project.

Did I work in ignorance, or is there something I wasn’t doing right?

I didn’t know there were more paying writing offers out there. I was also pursuing clients, rather than attracting them. And this is very important: if your goal is to attract clients, you have to do your marketing differently.

Without much ado, here are 10 strategic ways to position your blog to attract clients easily.

Note: The fact that it’s easy doesn’t make it a simple task. You still have to work extra hard, but once you’re on par, clients will fall in love with you. It’s a guarantee!

1.    Define Your Blogging Terms

Now, there are things you ought to do as a blogger. Most freelance writing experts were first bloggers before they started writing professionally. And this is what I recommend for my students – become a blogger first, before selling your writing skills.

The secret is to define your blogging terms. A lot of people still write generic articles just to make up for daily posts. And I must commend those whose objective is to update their blogs on a daily basis. For me, it’s scary. I can’t update my blog every day.

Your blogging terms would guide your every step. It’ll set the mark and culture your writing. Rather than coming up with post ideas or padding your contents just to make up 600+ words count, you streamline and work on improving your personal life. Potential clients would be attracted to you if your blog is specific, detailed and well-planned.

2.    Build a Strong Foundation

The foundation of your freelance writing career matters. Since you’re using a blog to market your creativity, you must build a sturdy (firm) business from the outset.

Why would you go out to look for paying clients when your in-house contents are quirky and irrelevant? Make your blog ready to take writing projects. Nothing is as important as having a resourceful blog.

As a content marketer, the first thing I did prior to applying for writing jobs, was to write 20 unique and detailed (2000+ words each) articles for my blog. These 20 articles were targeted to my clients: how entrepreneurs can grow a better business, generate leads and make more money.

Corbett Barr calls it the epic shit. You need to write epic shit to build a strong foundation and be consistent. A blog is expected to attract the right audience..

3.    Decide What You Want Now

What exactly do you want from the freelance writing industry?

Are you satisfied with $2 – $20 writing projects or you want to cross the red line? Can I tell you something? There is a force in DECISION. The moment I took a decision to quit bidding at Elance and Odesk, something fabulous and extraordinary began to happen in my blog and general life.

A fresh and passionate intuit dawned on me. Oftentimes, we’re unable to make the right DECISIONS because we’re afraid of staying broke or losing clients. Well, you don’t have to allow negative and inferiority complex (low self-esteem) rule your life. If you allow it, it can ruin your writing career. Have you decided to write only helpful and valuable blog posts?

No, writing every day wouldn’t help. You’ve got to slow down a bit and watch the radar, then get back and craft something that swallows your target audience and causes them to hire you.

4.    Cleanup Your Sidebar Right Now

I often see a lot of bushy sidebars. It’s time to clean up the mess and become professional. Yes, you can make extra money from affiliate marketing, but you have to be smart about it.

Do you think having 3 colorful affiliate banners on your Sidebar will generate more clicks, sales and commissions? Think again. A month ago I checked my clickbank account to see how much I earned, and guess what? I earned $21.39 after 4 months of displaying the banner.

I had no other choice than to discard the banners and make my sidebar unique, professional and business-minded. If you’re truly serious with your writing career, then get focused. If you play your cards right, you can earn $1,000 – $10,000/month and live the internet lifestyle you’ve always imagined. Potential clients have asked me to plead with you concerning the busy sidebar.

Yes, you can add one affiliate banner, but make sure it’s relevant and matches your theme. Have a widget for popular posts, recent posts, your personal photo and links to your landing pages. That should be all. The secret to building a profitable blog is to write, write some more and write many more articles consistently.

5.    What Do Clients Really Want?

Have you ever seen a 2-year old crying and beating his mother? The mom in turn couldn’t do anything because she doesn’t know what the child wants. Does it mean the baby is stubborn? I don’t think so. The baby wants something and the mom is yet to pinpoint what the need is.

This also applies to blogging and marketing as a whole. Some folks do not know what clients want, so they serve the wrong meal every time. Clients are often disappointed when they want a particular thing but can’t locate the right solution on your blog.

Market research is as important as setting up a blog for your business. If you want to triple your income online and become the go-to person for writing advice, get to know your audience. You’ve been tweeting blindly for months and years. The best time to listen to your followers, fans and audience is now. Spend time with them. Potential clients want to be heard.

Hang out with them. When you send a tweet, wait and see how people react to it. Become eager to reply to comments and appreciate retweets. When they eventually visit your blog, the chances of getting hired are pretty high because you are passionate about others. You’re a good listener.

6.    Ignore Guest Posting Noise

Oh, “Guest posting is the mother of all marketing tactics” – Michael Chibuzor

I love to write for others and the post you’re reading is a guest article. I have written over 600 guest posts for myself and clients. It’s the best thing that can happen to your business. But be very careful…

Guest posting can destroy your blogging business. Yes, you can drive traffic, build backlinks, enhance credibility and also make money if you do it right. There is so much noise out there.

Just because you enjoy writing guest posts doesn’t make you an exceptional blogger. Have you considered your audience, blog readers and customers? Guest posting can make you neglect these precious people.

It takes time to grow a better blog and create the positive aura for target audience. Guest posting alone CANNOT engage your audience. You need to be around when they need you. You need to answer their questions, ask for their opinions and give away valuable e-books, membership access, articles, advice and money (even when you earn less than most writers).

Don’t be carried away by the noise out there. Everyone is talking about guest posting. Yes, they’re right; it works but you’ve got a business to run. You need to MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

7.    Ditch “I’m Sorry Posts

A blog post is meant to be evergreen, insightful and usable. Don’t you think it’s wrong to beg for forgiveness before writing one?

I actually got this secret from a mentor, Chris Brogan. He stressed that saying I’m sorry when you missed out on a Post Series or Email Newsletter demeans your expertise. When clients come to you and see the “I’m sorry” post, they would instantly assume that you’re the lazy type and run away.

The rule of thumb is to start from where you stopped last time. Clients are looking for the slightest reason to ditch your application. You’ve to make your blog post active, not passive. It should be crowned with confidence and zeal. BTW: Do you know the 10 ways confidence can make you a better writer, click here.

8.    Your Blog Is Not For Everyone

Do you need to attract 10,000 responsive visitors before your blog can attract clients? I don’t think so. I got my first client after 3 months of starting my blog. I logged into my Google Analytics account one fateful day and saw 32 visits.

Truth be told, you don’t need everyone to succeed as a freelance writer. Take it or leave it!

Your focus should be redirected on the target audience. Do you complain about web traffic all the time? I know why – you think traffic is all that matters.

But that’s not true. If you can work to bring 10 unique, responsive and savvy entrepreneurs to your blog on a daily basis, you’ll succeed more than a person who receives 1,000 generic visitors who care less about your latest post. If your blog is about small business growth, stay focused at it. And if you teach people how to write for traffic and money, don’t write about real estate – got the point?

9.    Turn Your Clients Into Formidable Evangelists

Who doesn’t want satisfied clients?

The best way to skyrocket your writing career is by turning your current clients into formidable Evangelists.

It’s the duty of the Evangelist to bring souls to the Kingdom of God without asking for monetary rewards or incentives. Wow, so this is the best way to initiate word of mouth marketing and build a profitable freelance business? Yes, it is.

Your current clients are goldmines. You have to treat them fine and if possible, over-deliver on what you promised. I’ve been able to turn two of my clients into Evangelists and they’re happy with the new job offer. Lol!

After writing for my client, I would do something spectacular. I don’t stop at writing, I still do things that weren’t in the agreement (no, I wasn’t breaching the contract). Whenever I publish a new article, I would tweet it to my responsive twitter followers and blast a quick email to my list members. Within 30 days, this new post would garner 20 – 30 cute comments and links. And I’ve being using this strategy to grow my clientèle since 2010.

Your current clients are already Evangelist, but you must ordain them. If you’re working on a project, don’t just stop at writing. You could optimize for long-tail keywords for easy search engine ranking, share posts with fans, write a guest post to promote it – do it with courtesy and don’t charge for it.

Your clients would storm the streets, conferences centres, workshops, offices and high trafficked blogs to evangelize (refer and convert new clients) for you – with joy. You’re blessed. Hahaha…

10. Re-purpose Your “Contact Me” Page

What do you have on your “contact me” page?

Isn’t there a way to make it more powerful and attractive to clients? As the final piece of puzzle, I want to show you how to re-purpose the aforementioned page to entice writing clients. Ideally, make your contact page visible. In fact, it should be more visible than the ‘submit guest post’ page.

On that page, start with appreciation. Salute people professionally without sounding so autocratic. Your attitude matters. What a lot of writers fail to realize is that you can’t pretend to be who you’re not. So, you have to earn the prospective client’s trust.

Now, most people would like to contact you via the form, while other people would prefer the direct email. Also include your personal telephone number where you can be reached and don’t forget to include your Facebook fan page and Twitter handle.

Ask clients to fill the form if they want to hire you and you’ll get back within 24 hour. Don’t promise what you can’t do – it’s a dent on your self-image. If someone wants to be a friend, they should follow you on twitter and like you on Facebook. You really do not need many friends. Or do you?

 Your Turn To Slap Me

Phew, I thought I would keep you reading for the rest of the day, but I’ve got to go. We’re done with the post, but before you write your comment(s), I would like to know how freelance writing has changed your life.

Are you still struggling to gain traction or are you living the freelance lifestyle already?

Be specific and tell me how you got your first client. You’re a bundle of solutions to your world – See you at the top!

Michael Chibuzor is a confident freelance writer from content marketing. Creatively, he’s served over 50 small and mid-sized businesses with exceptional and results-driven contents. If you want to attract more paying customers and make more money, hire Michael to write for you.

56 Comments on "10 Strategic Ways to Position Your Blog to Attract Clients Easily"

  1. Toyin Aluko says:

    Great post Michael! Although, I don’t pay any serious attention to freelance writing, but I can at least see one or two things I will apply on my blog here. I was just considering removing some of the banners on my sidebar that’s not making any difference on my blog.

    Thanks for this insightful post

    • Hey Toyin, good to have you read and comment on my post. With a grateful heart, I say a BIG (THANK YOU).

      • Toyin Aluko says:

        You’re welcome Michael, hope to have you on my blog one day.

  2. Rahul Ghosh says:

    This is probably the best explanation for a newbie. I do agree few months ago Oni told me to try guest posting and it worked like a magic.

    • Bamidele Onibalusi says:

      Hey Rahul,

      Hope all is well at your end?

      I’m glad you tried guest blogging on my recommendation, and that it’s working for you 🙂

  3. Saeed@WebContentSupplier says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’ve been a regular reader of your blog at traffice4blast before you changed it to

    I like your writing style and your expertise in the freelance writing field.

    I’ll definitely implement some of your tips on my website and see what comes out of that.

    Keep up the good work brothers — you and Oni. I’m so proud of you two.



    • Awesome comment, Saeed. Yes, I know you’ve been an avid reader of my blog. I’m doing my best to make my readers happy. I’m proud of you too – you’re most welcome.

      BTW: You’ve such a clean blog. I like the fact that you’re blogging about content marketing. Powerful, you won’t regret it. Stay gracious Saeed.

      • William Veasley says:

        Michael: Awesome job on the article! Keep working hard because it will pay off!

        Best Wishes,
        William Veasley

  4. writer jeff says:

    Hi Michael / Oni,

    Writing for client is something I never intended to do from the very beginning. I wanted to do affiliate marketing and even sell my own ebooks. Until recently someone approached me to write for them.

    I would definitely add this one in my income stream. Thanks.

    • We welcome you to our world. I’m sure you’ll feel happier helping businesses realize their content marketing goals. Keep your head up. Success is sure!

  5. I’m glad to be here Oni. I’m so confident your readers would appreciate the post. Thank you.

    • Bamidele Onibalusi says:

      Anytime bro!

  6. Another very helpful post here, Michael. I started noticing real improvements in the way I work when I made a blogging timetable. I used to run around like a headless chicken – writing this, blogging that. Now I know exactly what I’m doing online, and when. When the time is up for that particular activity, I log off and go to the next. I manage my time so much better.

    Also, I agree with what you said about defining your terms. I have several blogs and have now given up posting many times a week. I have certain days when I post on certain blogs. This I do each week. This is more manageable and less stressful.

    Clean Sidebar: This is hard, but I’m getting there slowly and feeling better about it.

    • Great comment Anne, running around like a “headless chicken?” Sounds funny but real. I’v enjoyed your productivity tip and I’m going to STEAL your time management tactics. Thank you for being the first to read and comment here. Stay gracious Anne.

  7. Nandita B says:

    Hi Michael,

    A great post, I must say!

    Things like – Clean-up your sidebar, ignore guest posting noise and a better contact me page are really helpful and improve the blog as well as the blogging career for sure.

    Thanks 🙂

    • Oh, I truly appreciate your time Nandita. You creatively summed up the entire post with your positive outlook – THANK YOU!

  8. Lanre says:

    Hi Mike,
    After digging through Oni’s archives and receiving a brief blog review from Ana of Traffic Generation Cafe, I realized I had to stop blogging for a while. My blog needed a whole lot of REBRANDING.

    I had the writer to reader engagement but I realized I was spreading my wings too wide (no specific target). Like other freelance writers, I wanted specific results- I wanted more clients, more QUALITY clients.

    I got my very first client from a forum and a few others from classified ad sites (after posting some killer self-promotional ads). I still write for some of them while I’ve screened off those who went against one of Oni’s Terms and Conditions which is- Pay writers what they’re worth :-).

    The best way to get quality clients is via your blog because afterall, they contacted you based on the quality content they saw and so wanted some of the magic. Receiving clients via your blog gives you as the freelance writer some form of control over the kinds of clients and the quality of the job offers. Besides, if you can get one client via your blog, then you can get more. Just play your game well and be different.

    My rebranded blog is still in draft and I’m definitely adding the points in this post onto my checklist. This is your second guest post that I’m reading on this blog and I must say, you’re a really bad guy in freelance writing (in a good way ofcourse). Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next freelance writing success tip.

    • Nice comment Lanre. You’ve made the right decisions. I was in your state a while ago. I know what it means to work with tight-fist clients. Few months ago, I sacked two of my clients and moved on with my life. I actually informed Oni about it.

      The formula hasn’t changed, at least the last time I checked, it’s as strong as ever.

      Rebrand – Create epic shit – market your posts – get ready to receive clients – make money.

  9. June says:

    This post is fantastic. It’s exactly what I need to read to push me to the next level. I’m going to print it and use it as a guide.

    When I started my blog last April, I rush in all excited, but didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I didn’t even know what a ‘niche’ was. Therefore, my blog is quite generic and that’s what the problem is.

    I recently wrote a post titled, ‘Am I a Blogger or a …? I vented my frustrations about being a blogger in it. I wish I had known about bloggers like you and Oni before I started blogging. It would have helped me a great deal.

    Anyway, I’ll stop rambling on. I’m in the process of setting up another blog. I’ll make sure to use all what I’ve learned about blogging this time around.

    Thanks for this post. It’s an eye opener.

    • I’m so delighted I was able to help out June. I wish you the very best in your blogging career. Keep reading Oni’s blog and mine – great stuffs coming your way.

  10. onelmon says:

    Thank you very much, Oni and Michael, for sharing this great post here. It’s a very informative and helpful guide for a newbie like me.

  11. Linda says:

    Good morning Gentlemen!

    And thank you Oni for introducing me to another very nice and helpful young man!!

    I so feel reassured by your comments Michael. I dipped my toe in the freelance writing market and landed a couple of the low end jobs, which took forever and a day to write and paid peanuts. I was not a ‘happy bunny’ and decided to quit there and then.

    I have a blog as a marketing tool for my chalet, so although I knew what it was about I still approached it the same way as June above – on topic, but nonetheless with random content. Then I ‘discovered’ Oni, absorbed his advice about writing and decided I could be a writer too! Yeah, ‘big headed’, I know…

    The blog now has structure (still working on that one!), but the content has found a new ‘home’ as a series of travel guides – yet to be completed and published, but they’re coming! Even better still it has attracted the attention of some of the ‘right people’, who like it and better still like my ideas for the travel guides.

    Thanks to Michael, I now have my next set of tasks. I have started to put together another blog – it has structure and content, but no purpose. Voila! It’s about to become my showcase for writing skills. Thank you so much.

    And I so agree with you about the presentation of a blog.

    Aesthetically banners and other ‘stuff’ are not pleasing on the eye. Long live white space – it makes the written word so much more attractive!

    Consider yourself having secured another fan, Michael.

    • Your comment gave me Joy, Linda. I so much like your comment and the way you elucidated on your points. Thank you for reading my post. I welcome you with open arms to my fanbase. Keep rocking the freelance writing world, you can change your world with words.

  12. Though I’m a graphic designer and doing good in my field but my love to Oni’s blog have reached me to guest blogging and I’m doing super awesome here. People hire me to write guest posts for them or for their companies and really getting huge paid. Thank you Oni for guiding me always.

  13. Hello, Oni !
    Long time no see, where have you been ?
    Finally, u wrote useful information again

  14. Tayo Solagbade says:

    Great post Michael.

    Plenty to chew on. I definitely gained useful insight from reading it.

    I’m trying to learn more about blogging productively, on behalf of two people – myself and a much younger person Oni knows about 🙂

    Blogging to get hired is a strategy that obviously works well. And I’m keen to explore the opportunities it offers.

    However, I’ve done some thinking, and am now quietly experimenting on a complementary strategy…

    My ultimate aim as a writer, is to build a body of write-ups (blog posts and others) with which I can earn “passive income” for the long term.

    I’m currently testing some web based services that could make it possible,. If it works, I’ll be sharing what I learn.

    I feel being able to earn REPEAT passive income on what we’ve already written can make the writing we do more rewarding i.e. To be able to earn repeat income from stuff I’ve already written, even as I write more. And to get paid even when I do not write.

    Has anyone else considered this possibility?(I’m not referring to book royalties here)

    Let me say kudos to guys like you and Oni, for sharing blog post insights that inspired a new direction in my thinking.

    • Hey Tayo, your strategy to earn repeat passive income sounds good to me. Please share your experience with us. I might just try that. Thank you for reading my post.

  15. William Veasley says:

    Oni: Hey man, it has been a long time since I have been to your blog. I love the design and layout. You have been going strong for a long time and that is really hard. I started a new site and my focus is going to be on creating the best content I possibly can. Everything else is going to come second to that.

    Keep up the great work!

    Best Wishes,
    William Veasley

  16. Sheyi @ says:

    Michael my good pal, you’ve shown your expertise here again and I happy to see the positive reviews/comments coming in.

    Did you change your blog url or the whole blog? Guess i noticed something.

    As a blogger, though I think about getting writing gigs sometimes but overall, i prefer to write myself and build my writing empire – one day i will make millions in book publishing deal (not the publishers’ way but self publishing).

    Good article.


    • I wish you all the best Sheyi. Yes, I made a 301 redirect to my new domain name to enhance my branding. Thank you for making out time to read my piece. I’m so happy with the comments coming in – what a great inspiration. I hope you’re doing well with your blog?

  17. Michael,
    I dont read many posts and I read yours through. What struck me was I was charging way too low.
    Next I had to clean up my blog and go get myself a theme.
    Will work on these tips.


  18. Hi Michael,
    I just started writing newly and I am happy with the progress you young chaps are making. I am learning a lot of useful tips for my blog. God bless you.

    • God bless you too, Jeremi. Don’t give up on your passion. Success is sure to those who can stick around for a long time.

  19. Wpfix says:

    Nice strategies to attract clients. Thanks for sharing this

  20. Lena says:

    Very well written and very very useful post.
    Odesk and Elance marked the beginning of my freelance career. I don’t bid anymore. I get invitations 😀

    • Hey Lena, thanks for your comment. Glad to hear you get invitations now.

  21. Ben Troy says:

    I love the idea cleaning up the sidebar, in fact, a perfect website should be loaded with useul resource for audience, there are real free stuff at sidebar for reader to get and make viral traffic .

    • Good to have you here Troy. I enjoyed the Move – Troy!
      Are you the producer? Just kidding.

      Thank you very much for leaving a cute comment. I hope you visit again.

    • Good to have you here Troy. I enjoyed the Movie – Troy!
      Are you the producer? Just kidding.

      Thank you very much for leaving a cute comment. I hope you visit again.

      • Ben Troy says:

        sure 😉 I am new to the blogging industry and always to find guru to follow

  22. Excellent post, Michael. I like how you reassured me that simply working to drive traffic to my blog isn’t the principal concern. I have always tried to create excellent content that my reader’s can really use. It’s good to know that that’s the key to your success because it focusing simply on traffic spreads your efforts in too many directions.

    I’m only now realizing that I can make money from the articles I write. As a professional researcher, I’ve written primarily for prestige instead of profit. Oni and you have helped me realize how to monetize my skills.

    • You’re most welcome Bill. Oni and I will do our best to help writers realize their goals – make money and build a platform. Thank you.

  23. Kharim Tomlinson says:

    I must say that this is a great post and deserved to be read a second time to get all the information inside my head.

    I like the point that you made about the sidebar. This plays a big roll on every blog. It can help to make money, boost optins and also makes your page views increase. We just need to trim that sidebar to make it work perfectly.

    Thanks for the great tips that you have provided.

    • Oni and I are glad to have you here. It’s a great privilege to impact lives around the world with words. See you around!

  24. Mavis Barry says:

    I like to Write Approach Posts

    Clients will be reading your blog to get a feel for your approach. They want to know your thinking process, how you handle challenges, and your “secret sauce” for achieving success.

    Take an afternoon and think through the top challenges your ideal client faces. Now brainstorm blog topics that explain your approach to solving those issues. Schedule these posts on an editorial calendar. For best results, write at least two approach posts every month. Don’t forget to include at least one sentence that offers a link to learn more about your services.

  25. Becca says:

    That is an awesome post. You have really layed out your points in great detail. Very easy to follow with good content. We should take get hold of this post, read and impliment the points outlined.

  26. Ben Troy says:

    As a business and marketing consultant it is safe to say this article is true in every regard. The problem most business people have is being able to “solve” the problems listed.
    Some problems can be solved rather easily and without much cost, but other issues will take lots of time and money, such as location.
    Most problems like these can be resolved BEFORE you open your door for the first time.

  27. Jeulyanna says:

    Life is tough for writers. Glad, you’ve shared valuable information…for struggling writers. I no longer have to sell my blood nor my skin for a living. 🙂

    • Sure, life can be tough for writers, but if you persevere and promote yourself, you’ll definitely earn a living from it.

  28. Ray says:

    It seems like google is taking more notice of quality content than ever before. I used to write short articles without really worrying about punctuation a few years ago but that just doesn’t cut it anymore. Thanks for all the great information on how to step it up. There is so much value in blogs like this.

    • Quality content has been the bedrock of growing a successful online business. Thank you for reminding me.

  29. Albert Paul says:

    Good post,This is very helpful to me because i’m a newbie blogger.

  30. Clara says:

    Thanks you guys…I’ve gleaned a lot from this post as well. About to head over & clean up that sidebar!


  31. James Hannan says:

    Thanks Michael. Actually… If a blog get featured on some popular blogs, it becomes easy to get client.

  32. Angel says:

    Great article! Quality content is extremely important in order to see success.


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