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How to Successfully Start an Amazing Online Business

online businessThis is a guest post by Peter Joseph from Ideas Bubble.

Building a successful online business isn’t something that’s anyway easy. It can take months, or even years, to get things into full order and to be making some profit from it. Although people often say that hard work is the key to your successes; preparation right from the beginning also plays a key part.

Building a successful online business often begins before the business has even been finalized. Making sure that you have an edge and a following right before you’ve completed the website or set up the services can often be the decider of how quickly you manage to succeed. Here are the best ways to achieve that pre-success:

Find Pre-launch Subscribers:

Ever seen those blogs or websites that on the first week that they are opened they manage to gain 1000’s of email and rss subscribers? These are examples of websites that have managed to take advantage of pre-launch opt-ins.

While the website was in development, they put an email opt-in and rss feed on the page so that visitors could subscribe for updates when the final would be released. Essentially they’ve captured those emails and feed subscribers before the website has been released, but not without the help of…

Outside Traffic and Noise:

There’s a secret technique behind this that many companies have already tried before and failed at. Pre-marketing isn’t exactly easy as you have to focus on attracting certain markets and different things such as viral marketing to keep that continuing flow of traffic.

One company that managed to get this right though is Rockmelt and their web browser. Rockmelt took advantage of Facebook to build up a spin of viral traffic. How did they do it? In order to download the web browser you have to connect to their Facebook app. When you connect, it notifies others that you’ve found the new web browser. So one after another, more and more people find out about it.

If you can manage to achieve this before you release the final product and build up enough hype and momentum, then you are certainly set for success.

Notify the Big Leaders:

This one is harder to achieve if you don’t have a reputation before you, but the concept is simple. Before you release your final product; try to contact as many of the industry leaders as you can about it.

If you can get them interested in your product and explain to them what benefits it will have for them; you might be able to attract them into writing or talking about it. Through this you should be able to gain some traffic from it and hopefully if you set up your landing pages and made a way to capture pre-subscribers; notifying the big leaders will be a huge help.


There are many more ways you can make your business a success before it’s even started; the trick though, is to get creative and use your resources around you. Rockmelt used Facebook to their advantage so why not do the same. Look around you and see what you can use to make a success. Capture the traffic through email and opt-in forms and then when the big opening day comes. You’ll have a huge following to spread the news too.

Peter Joseph is an aspiring blogger, working to take people’s online presence’s to the next level. His blog Ideas Bubble, is where he shares his tips on doing so. He also offers consultancy services and regularly works to create a better online presence for people.

32 Comments on "How to Successfully Start an Amazing Online Business"

  1. William Tha Great says:

    Hey Peter,

    Thanks for the awesome post dude! You totally rock!

    I really enjoyed reading the ideas you had for successfully starting a online business. I must say they are very smart and strategic ideas. Every point you made I agree with you on completely.

    I wish I had of known things like this when I first started my online business. It’s okay though as long as you learn from your mistakes. The next time I launch anything whether it be a product or new business I’m going to use the resourcses around me.

    It’s always good to notify the big leaders, because some of them might help you out. You never know what mig happen, but it all depends on your approach.

    Thanks again!

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    • Peter J says:

      Haha, i didn’t actually know this when i started up and it is something that i do regret not knowing earlier. So we’ve both learn’t from our mistakes then 🙂

      • William Tha Great says:

        Hey Peter,

        Thanks for the Response!

        That’s what blogging is all about learning from your mistakes and developing for the better. I have had opportunities to see exactly how other entrepreneurs use the resources around them to help there online business succeed.

        You have to be social when blogging. You have to get your word out. That’s very important or at least I bleieve so.

        Thanks again!

        God bless,
        William Veasley

  2. Latief says:

    Excellent article, thanks a lot for sharing it with us! The best solution to start and realize a successfull online business is to be unique, think outside the box, be unique and smart! Cheers Pete!

  3. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Peter,

    Good tips here.

    I like the idea of generating pre-launch subscribers. ABP = always be prospecting. When building a site why not continue to prospect by setting up a list? Time waits for no one; when you have the means to start a list do so immediately so you begin to build relationships with people interested in what you have to offer. Otherwise you’re wasting valuable time when waiting for your website to be finalized.

    You are spot on in saying to be creative and use the resources around you. Some complain about not have opportunities but get this: YOU are the opportunity. Your mind is unlimited and can instantaneously grasp any of the infinite opportunities around you in a moment. The only limits are those you set up for yourself. Be creative. Put your thinking cap on and you can find an innovative way to start your online business.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Peter.


    • Peter J says:

      It’s all about building up that initial momentum right from the business. Another thing that you can do is like google, where when they release a service, they only release it to certain countries.

      Release your product to only a select group of your readers and then try get them to build up the hype for the others 😉

  4. Henway says:

    Getting pre-launch subscribers is a great tip! But I wouldn’t tell people the site is under construction. I’d perhaps pitch the mailing list as a way to get something for free such as an e-book or article.

  5. tushar says:

    people do not take the business seriously when it come to online mode…
    they do not understand that it requires equal hardwork

  6. silpada says:

    The online business demands more dedication and consistency than the offline business.

  7. Buen says:

    Pre-launch visitors and subscribers is important for future business, but unfortunately a very overlooked business opportunity. Thanks for a great post.

  8. Jon says:

    Thanks for the heads up about Rockmelt; haven’t heard of it before. All great ideas and if you aren’t leveraging Facebook’s innate viral nature shame on you. The average user has, what, over 130 friends? Every time they “like” something all those potential sets of eyes see it. Just make sure you’re syndicating valuable content or that goodwill and word-of-mouth won’t find you.

  9. Paulina Masson says:

    This is how we are doing it too. Our web app is not coming out until March, and we already get 10,000 pageviews a month – and lots of people signed up to be on the waitlist!
    We mostly use Twitter, Facebook and our new Blog to drive traffic to the signup page for the app – and it works!

    Great article.

  10. richard says:

    Good post. I like how you focus on setting up your business for success before you even launch. Having some things such as a viral facebook app in place before you even launch is a really great idea to set yourself up for success. Thanks for the post and have a great weekend!

  11. Samuel says:

    Awesome post Peter. This is just a strategy game. You must be ready to use all the tactics you know and see which works fine. I agree with your points bro. Thanks.

  12. live chat support software says:

    Creating a buzz before launching a new business is always a good way to start. I did it using Guerrilla and Facebook marketing

  13. Alex says:

    Great post, Peter!

    I definitely see your point, an other great example of what you can do with a great pre-launch promotion is Keyword Winner.
    I know that even before the plugin was finished Dan Lew used his influence to coop other bloggers in promoting his plugin before it was released. And I know it had a real success from the first day.

    Using all you can to succeed and seizing every opportunity is a must if you want to accomplish big things.

  14. Stuart says:

    I had no idea about Pre-Launch Peter, that’s genius! My eyes have been opened 😉

  15. LoveChic says:

    Well, let me express my position. I can’t totally agree with you on the first point. Maybe it’s a good idea to start e-mail marketing before launching your blog or site and find pre-launch subscribers. But personally I don’t like subscribing to anything that hasn’t been launched yet.

  16. TsarShu says:

    The preparatory stage as well as planning is essential for any business. Without it you’ll make mistakes that could easily avoid if done preparation wisely and thoroughly. Thus, I completely agree with what is written here. Preparation, preparation and then – launching.

  17. ipad apps uk says:

    Legitimate resources plays vital role.

  18. Using Free Press Releases is also a great way to announce yourself.Besides you should concentrate on Personal Branding in order to build a successful Online Business.

  19. Kanyakumari budget hotels says:

    I come here accidentally and see your information, thanks for your sharing. Your statements are all very reasonable, also let me learnt a lot, thank you!

  20. Kitchenaid says:

    thanks for information ,now i will mak small business

  21. nice write up mate, if you want to win in an online business then you must have an unique idea actually, if not very hard to succeed these days

  22. Wedding Expos says:

    Thanks for the tip. I think pre launching is work for certain type of product. For example ebooks , games uses these kind of marketing techniques. Twitter is very effective platform for this marketing strategy. I think this technique bit harder apply for new web site that doesn’t have good branding.

  23. kolobigi says:

    Nevertheless do not allow failure to gain tangible pre-launch subscribers to kill your dream,some of us started without it.

  24. Nice suggestion on how to start a successful online business…

  25. Web Design Tx says:

    Notifying the heavy hitters of the industry is an extremely important step that most people overlook. Sometimes you have to simply acknowledge the power-houses in your niche, and see what you can do to leverage a mutually beneficial relationship with them.

  26. You’re right Peter, most people will tell you that you must work extremely hard to be successful with your online business but preparing yourself from the start is also important. If you don’t prepare yourself and plan ahead then all your hard work will most likely go to waste as you are spending a lot of time doing things that won’t have much of an impact on your business.

    I like the example you used of Rockmelt taking advantage of Facebook. Viral traffic is something that can help any online business build up momentum and achieve success when it starts. Thanks for sharing some of your tips, I can sure use them.

  27. Suraj says:

    Thanks for sharing these wonderful thoughts of yours.

  28. E. Tetteh says:

    Brilliant! I love this idea of pre-marketing. It just makes so much sense. It’s like giving out samples or teasers (offline) of your potential product.

    I agree with you about looking around and getting creative and using traditional concepts to work towards your benefit on your blog/website. Thank you!

  29. You are on point about how to start an online business but for those who are starting out they shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that just because it is online therefore the challenges are relatively fewer. They should see it in very much the same way as a normal business except this time they have a global audience to sell to.

    Great post


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