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Spreading The Wings of Your Blog Traffic

spreading the wings of your blog trafficI have been writing about blog traffic and subscribers recently because it is where the problem of most bloggers lies. There are two different types of traffic which I explain below.

PS: Before I Continue, this post is only applicable to those who have solid blog traffic strategies in place, if you don’t then get my Free traffic ebook right away.

Useless Traffic

Yeah! In case you haven’t heard about this, we have useless traffic and it doesn’t matter how you get the traffic but there are some other great and important factors to be put in place.

If you got your traffic from the best sources and it does not benefit your blog then it is a useless traffic. For example, we all know that search engine traffic is one of the best type of traffic you can ever have, if you have a page getting tons of search engine traffic and that traffic is not making you any money or impacting other major aspects of your traffic then it is what I call “useless traffic“.

Useful Traffic

This is another type of traffic and it is the best type of traffic you can ever get, it is this type of traffic that impacts your blog and your general life. For example, if you have a major page getting tons of traffic from search engines or any type of quality traffic and it is effecting your blog and your general success then it is what we call useful traffic.

One major page exhibiting this is my subscribe page, this page has one major focus and that is to help me get people subscribe to my blog, the end result is that this page is impacting my whole blog because all those who subscribe will be seeing all my future posts.

I am not here to talk about you using any unethical marketting techniques or anything of such nature. If you a fan of all these unethical marketing practices (otherwise called blakchat techniques) then I will advise you to stop right away, it won’t pay you and it is the beginning of you digging your grave but you should rather focus all your efforts on solid ethical marketing formulas because this is where real success comes.

I will be outlining some tips to get the best from your traffic below.

Notice The Key Points

Every blog has a major keypoint and that is where the real success of your blog comes from. For example, if you have a particular post on your blog that gets tons of quality search engine traffic, even more than your homepage, then you can effectively utilize the power of this simple post to skyrocket your blogs success.

For example, if you have a blog talking about hotels and you wrote a post about hotels in maryland and this post gets tons of traffic from search engines and other sources then this post is your key point.

One basic fact which I would like you to note is, your homepage might not necessarily be your major key point, it might be the homepage but it is not necessarily your major key point, your key point is where most of your blog traffic comes to.

You might even have more than one key point, the list can be countless but it is very important to take proper note of all your major key points and work on optimizing them to bring benefits to your blog as a whole.

Optimize Your Key Points

It is not only enough to know your key points but to also work on making sure it benefits your blog by optimizing it.
There are various ways by which you can optimize your key points, it might be in the aspect of converting visitors to subscribers, it might be in the aspect of getting more traffic to your blog. For example, if you are getting a lot of traffic from stumbleupon you should know many of those coming to your key point from this particular location are the stumbleupon users and the more stumbleupon votes you can get the more stumbleupon traffic you can get.

One major way to increase conversion for your is by making use of the referrer detector wordpress plugin. The major function of this plugin is that it helps you tell visitors to either vote up your blog or subscribe to your blog – it depends on your prefence. It works best for social media traffic.
   Another great plugin you might use is the What Would Seth Godin Do wordpress plugin. This plugin works wonders and you can use it to optimize your blog for new visitors. For example, you can tell it to display above all posts and it should show itself to your new readers at a set time (it is set to first 5 visits by default), you can also tell it to display a little details about you and how you are planning to impact your reader’s life, you can also go ahead to tell them to subscribe to your blog for more updates.

Another thing you might want to do is by making sure you have well-placed affiliate links in your key points because this will also increase your potential of making money online.

Utilizing the Power of Interlinking

This aspect has been underutilized but it has a great power attached to it. I wrote a particular post sending me a little traffic to my blog with me ranking for it on page two, this keyword has little competition and since I am already on page two I decided to use the keyword to link to it in my guest post, It only jumped a few positions but immediately I linked it using one of my posts I jumped to number 5 of the keyword on Google.

Interlinking is very important to your online success if you plan on getting your major traffic from search engines.

Apart from increase in search engine traffic, another great benefit of interlinking is that it helps you get more traffic to flow through your blog. For example, you might want to take a look at one of your most popular posts and then make sure you link to some of your best internal posts in it.

One great exapmle of this is my list of dofollow blogs, this post has sent hundreds of visitors to several blogs on the list. If I want to make effective use of this traffic to benefit me then I can promote a product on top giving some ideas on getting the best from search engine traffic or explaining more about backlinking, I might also want to use such ebook to build my subscriber’s base since that page is a key point and it only needs me to channel traffic to some other pages.

One Goal

Yeah! When trying to spend the wings of your traffic as outlined in this post, I believe you should have one goal, I mean your key points should focus on one goal and that should either be making money online or getting more subscribers to your blog. If you allow me to advise you I will advise you should focus on increasing your subscribers, one major truth is that all your subscribers will all your posts and the more subscribers you have the more money you can make.

Try as much as you can to focus your key point on getting more subscribers and you will eventually make more money.

Dedication Pays!

When talking about dedication in this aspect, I am not talking about dedication on your blogging but dedication of a page to achieve your blogging goals. For example, take a look at my subscribe page, it has one purpose and that is to get subscribers, both to my mailing list and my feed, and it is really converting.

If you could dedicate a page to increasing your blog subscribers then you can focus your promotion on your subscribe page only.

For example I focus all my blog commenting efforts on my subscribe page and this has been proving to be effective.

Over To You!

Do you think the wings of your blog traffic can be spread? Have you gained any new things from this post? Why not share this post on your favorite social networks!

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15 Comments on "Spreading The Wings of Your Blog Traffic"

  1. Samuel says:

    Nice post man! Interlinking pays big time also dedication! Keywords matters alot well to get the best result, it all about strategizing. Kip d gud work up! Thanks.

  2. Oprawy Oswietleniowe says:

    I am absolutly right with Samuel. Great work. Maybe it is a little bit long but I think that there was no other option to write such a good article.
    Keep writing!

  3. Michael says:

    Hi Oni

    You are prolific!

    I’m learning a lot about building community and driving traffic to my blog through your excellent and value added posts. I echo Samuel here in that I agree with your argument that interlinking ‘pays big time.’

    Thanks for sharing.


    • Great Michael,

      I am glad you love the post and you are gaining something from this blog.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  4. William Veasley says:

    Hey Oni,

    This article is wonderful!

    I never thought about focusing on a page to boost my subscriber count. That is pretty much brilliant! Good, good, good, point for me to think more about and look into further.

    One question- I was looking a your top commenter link on Rob’s site, and it direct traffic right to your subscriber page. How did you do that instead of your homepage?

    P.s there is a word missing in the second paragraph of the “optimize your key points” section 🙂

    Thanks again.

    God bless,
    William Veasley

    • Exactly William,

      Gald I could help.

      Exactly, I do that my using my subscribe page as my comment URL instaed of using my blog URL.

      What do you think?

  5. Tinh says:

    The most important thing about traffic quality is how much beneficial it is. I do agree that most of traffic from SEs is not always good if it does not convert well. Great article 🙂

    • Exactly Tinh,

      Not just any type of traffic is useful but high quality traffic.

      Thanks so much for commenting!

  6. Yet another great post from Onibalusi. I admit I have never put any attention in encouraging my readers to subscribe in my feed. I think you’re right. We have to optimize those pages that have huge traffic to convert it to sales. I have been interlinking my pages but I never really thought if it has given me more sales. I guess I have to pay attention in analyzing my key points.

    • Exactly Jovit,

      Encouraging your readers to subscribe to your feed can also make a difference.

  7. Tej Kohli says:

    Yeah these are the best strategies ,, But I noticed that now a days Friends connect through Google , Facebook , My space also drive much traffic

  8. Justaguy says:

    Hi, I understand you have some experience and knowledge about blogging. But I have a question. I’m from Sweden but I started a blog about my business ideas that I want to share outside of Sweden. Is it possible to get good traffic when my English grammar ain’t the best?

    • Bamidele Onibalusi says:

      Yes, it is possible.


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