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Social Media Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Are you social media savvy with lots to say? Consider sharing your expertise by submitting high-quality guest posts to social media blogs. Not only will you increase your social media followers and build credibility, but you will also become known as an authority in this niche.

Take advantage of guest posting, but do it correctly. Instead of using it just to grow your blog, why not educate new readers with your know-how. Establish new relationships with influential bloggers and get useful exposure in the process. This could lead to new business contacts, deals and clients. To get started, read the guidelines from one or more of the blogs in the list below. You can also guest post on blogs outside of the social media niche — our ultimate list of blogs that accept guest posts might just come in handy.

1.  Social Media Examiner

Domain Authority: 87          

How to Submit a Guest Post: You should be an established authority in your field, with a track record of writing detailed articles. Please read the criteria on the guidelines page, and fill out the form detailing your writing experience.

2.  Creative Guerrilla Marketing

Domain Authority: 51          

How to Submit a Guest Post: You need to be able to write quality, original, unique articles in English. If you meet the criteria on the guidelines page, simply fill out the form on the same page. You can also email your interest for guest posting.

3.  CoSchedule

Domain Authority: 77          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read the criteria for submission on the guidelines page which states who can write for this blog, the content required and topics needed. To submit your article ideas, fill out this form.

4.  Socedo

Domain Authority: 49          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Share your expertise by writing a strategy post or tactical how-to post. Go through the guidelines to make sure you meet the requirements, then submit your pitch by email. This should be a fully written draft with a great headline.

5.  Ron Sela

Domain Authority: 36          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Are you an expert within your niche, with relevant experience and knowledge to share? If yes, read the guidelines to see the other requirements before pitching your ideas. Head to the form on the guidelines page and wait for approval.

6.  Start A Fire

Domain Authority: 44          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Articles must be 100% original, with 1,500-2,000 words and meet these guidelines. To submit your topic ideas, please fill out the form on the guidelines page.

7.  Marketing Tech

Domain Authority: 57          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Register for a Marketing Tech account, then read the guidelines carefully to find out the criteria required for guest posting. Fill out this extended profile, and don’t forget to agree to the terms and condition. You can then pitch your ideas via email.

8.  Hot in Social Media

Domain Authority: 32          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Please check out the requirements and topics needed for this site on the guidelines page. Provide your name, blog, social media accounts, a brief bio and your Gravatar’s email address. Email your ideas for review when ready.

9.  Brand24 Blog

Domain Authority: 51          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Write actionable, unique content, including graphics relevant to the readers. This guide has useful writing tips. Do read the guidelines for more details. Email your article for review.

10.  Publishing Talk

Domain Authority: 33          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Pitch your ideas to the blog or the magazine by sending an email to the editorial team. Include a link to your blog and a sample of your writing. Remember to read the guidelines thoroughly before making a submission.

11.  Twelve Skip

Domain Authority: 49           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Email your proposed topic with your name, two to three samples of your writing and your site’s URL. Follow the submission guidelines closely to get started.

12.  Social Media Revolver

Domain Authority:  30         

How to Submit a Guest Post: Your article will be put through Copyscape and Plagium so it must be original and not published elsewhere. The team suggests reading How To Write Magnetic Headlines, then run yours through the Headline Analyzer. These headline power words can help you. Simply follow the guidelines for more information.

13.  Agora Pulse

Domain Authority: 59           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Take a look at the blog to find out what makes a good article. Articles must be original and not published elsewhere. After reading the guidelines, feel free to pitch your ideas by email for review.

14.  UK Linkology

Domain Authority: 34          

How to Submit a Guest Post: You should have experience on the topic you’re writing about. Don’t send a generic email with your pitch. Make it interesting and personal. There is more information on the guidelines page.

15.  Chris Butterworth

Domain Authority: 33          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Topics are listed on the guidelines page for you to choose from.  You need a Google+ profile and Gravatar image. Head to the form on the guidelines page to submit your ideas.

16.  Pole Position Marketing

Domain Authority:  82         

How to Submit a Guest Post: Standards are extremely high here. Content must be in-depth, meaningful and valuable, so do read and follow the guidelines thoroughly. Fill out the pitch form on the guidelines page.

17.  DreamGrow

Domain Authority: 47           

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Bloggers must be experienced and not at beginner level to offer advice to marketers using social media. Please follow the guidelines carefully. Send three headlines by emailing the team and wait for a response.

18.  Netvantage Marketing

Domain Authority: 40           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Provide your blog ideas for an intermediate to advanced social media audience on the contact page. The guidelines page sets out the requirements for guest post submission.

19.  Social Media Week

Domain Authority:  77         

How to Submit a Guest Post: To contribute your guest post, all you need to do is fill out the form on the write for us page. Don’t forget to send links to previously published articles. After submitting, wait for a reply.

20.  Social Media Impact

Domain Authority: 33          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Writers who can provide value and quality are needed to contribute. Your article must meet the required standard as stated in the guidelines. Please read it carefully. Fill out the application form to get started.


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