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A New Series to Help Writers Improve their Use of English Language

I was a little surprised when Oni told me what the top query from freelance writers was. In fact, my surprise was compounded when he said that the recurring question came from both native and non-native English speakers.

Fortunately, Oni and I can both (in different ways) completely understand this question from our unique perspectives.

Oni is a young Nigerian whose second language is English, yet for his age and experience, he writes English with remarkable skill and accuracy. On the other hand, I’m a native English speaker who not only taught English in secondary (high) school, but later trained and worked in London specifically to teach English to foreign speakers.

And what’s the top concern Oni gets from freelance writers all over the world? It’s their yearning to improve their use of the English language.

It makes sense that if we’re able to use the English language better, we can polish our marketing pages, our ‘hire me’ pages, our e-Books etc. A good command of the language will enable us to say exactly what we want and reach potential clients in a way not many other writers can.

I see this fact demonstrated on many of my clients’ blogs when I do editing work for them. They have so much talent, so much to give, and are so beautifully apt in their chosen niche. Yet, because they can’t command the language to say exactly what they want it to, in the way they want, they’re having a hard time reaching their potential and converting their skill into payment.

Oni and I both want to help, so we discussed the possibility of a grammar series aimed specifically to help you hone your writing skill, tone, use of misused words, and punctuation skill.

The Mistakes Writers Make series will kick off this week with four separate parts.

  1. Writing tone
  2. The Apostrophe
  3. Punctuation part 1 (exclamation mark, full stop, ellipses, brackets)
  4. Punctuation part 2 (colon, semi-colon, hyphen)

You can be assured that once you read these articles, you’ll want to bookmark them for constant reference.

We hope to continue the series – maybe on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. It’s up to you and what your thoughts, feedback and requirements are.

Make sure you stand up, stand out, and let us know what you’re having problems with. Who knows, your issue could be addressed in an upcoming article!

P.S You can now find this page here. Scroll down to the middle of the page for the collection. 

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10 Comments on "A New Series to Help Writers Improve their Use of English Language"

  1. Luana Spinetti @ Writer's Mind says:

    Aww I’m so thankful for this project! As an Italian freelancer writing in English, there are so many situations that I still don’t know how to handle. Also, there is the added problem of stylebooks and, when it comes to speaking, pronunciation.

    That said, I’m eager for the series to start! 🙂

    ~ Luana S.

    • Bamidele Onibalusi says:

      I’m glad to hear that, Luana!

      As a non-native English writer myself, I’m anticipating this series and I’m sure it’ll be awesome. Depending on how it is welcomed, we’ll turn it into a monthly thing 🙂

  2. daniel says:

    I can’t wait for the next series.


    • Anne Lyken-Garner says:

      The first article in this series is due to be published today, Daniel. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Ahmed Safwan says:

    This what I was waiting for. Thanks for this series Oni and Anne.

    • Anne Lyken-Garner says:

      You’re welcome, Ahmed. Please let me know how the articles are helping you once they go live.

      • Ahmed Safwan says:

        They are really amazing anne.

  4. Tom says:

    I think you’re English is great!


  5. Ah! I’m so excited to read that you and Oni going to start and continue this series. I’m eagerly waiting to read next article from this series.

  6. I am a freelance writer and a regular reader of this blog..I am going to follow the posts related to this series as I am expecting to learn many useful lessons by going through them…..


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