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Confessions of a Serial Guest Poster: How to Prospect, Write and Promote Your Guest Posts for Maximum Exposure

This guest post is written by Adam Costa

Obviously, words can make money.

But you know what really turbocharges your results?


Now, there are many forms of exposure, but guest posting remains my favorite for five reasons. It…

  • Promotes your website
  • Builds your authority
  • Provides valuable links to your site
  • Delivers more traffic (from the referring site and additional search engine referrals)
  • Is 100% free

Not a bad list, eh?

Now, Onibalusi is a master at guest posting, so I won’t repeat his methods here. But I will share my own unique strategies, developed over the past six months. It’s a simple process, really: prospect, write and promote.  Let’s take a look at each step…


There are two main benefits to guest posting: increased traffic and links. One post on a highly popular site will do you more good than five posts on smaller blogs.

Sure, sure… but… how to quantify the value of a blog? What exactly constitutes an authoritative site with high traffic?

For this, you’ll need two tools (don’t worry, they’re both free):



Here’s a screenshot of the SEOBook toolbar:

graph 1

As you can see, there is a lot of data. But we’re really only concerned with one: Monthly Uniques. This lets us quickly estimate a blogs monthly traffic.

Keep in mind, these estimates tend to be on the low end. In my experience, you need to multiply it by 3 – 4x for an accurate traffic level (the only way to be sure of a site’s traffic to look at their analytics, something most site’s don’t readily share).

For guest posting, I like to see sites with at least 5K monthly visitors (which may be 15-20K in reality). Posting on a blog with that kind of traffic ensures I’m getting some decent exposure.

Of course, location matters, too. Will your guest post be featured on the homepage, or tucked away in a category page somewhere? If it’s the latter, low for blogs with 20K or monthly uniques.

Now that we’ve covered traffic, we need to determine the authority of the site. The higher the authority, the more valuable the links will be for SEO purposes.

Fortunately, the SEOMoz toolbar makes this a breeze. Here’s a screenshot:

graph 2

The toolbar shows both the authority of a page, as well as the overall domain authority.

It’s the domain authority we’re after.

Authority is measured on a scale from 1 – 100. The higher the number, the more authoritative it is. It’s logarithmic, which means going from 20 – 30 is MUCH easier than going from 70 – 80.

Try to find blogs with a minimum domain authority of 40 (but go higher if possible). They will pass that authority on to your site, and help you rank in the search engines.


Before you write your guest post, take a good, long look at what they’ve recently published. Has your idea been beaten to death? Or is it so far off-topic no one will read it?

These questions are better answered beforehand.

Once you’ve got a topic in mind, write the headline first. It’s soooooo much easier to write a post around a headline. Why? Because headlines force you to focus.

For example, look at the title of this post. It identifies who I’m writing for, what I’m writing about, and how you (the reader) will benefit from it.

Once you’ve finished writing your headline, put it away for at least 24 hours. Focus on other things. Let the idea bubble up inside you… and then… pour it out on the page. Just keep writing. Don’t stop. Even if it’s pure and utter nonsense just keep writing. Let it flow.

I learned the (10 + 2) *5 technique from 43folders: write non-stop for 10 minutes, then stop for two, then write for 10… five times through. This is exactly one hour, and trust me, you’ll be amazed at how effective it is!

Then go back and edit. And once your post is perfect and published it’s time to…


Don’t just leave it to the blogger to promote your work: get out and help! Here are several ways you can promote your guest post:

  • Tweet about it
  • Like it on Facebook
  • Bookmark it (Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc.)
  • Reference it in other guest posts (if applicable!)
  • Comment on other blogs with a link for further info
  • Mention it in forums
  • Use Pixelpipe to upload social updates about this post (HUGE timesaver)


Guest posting is like a rocket ship. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to get off the ground, but once you develop relationships with bloggers you can easily take it into orbit.

Follow this simple format and you’ll be a highy sought-after (and paid) blogger!

Adam Costa is the co-author of Business In A Backpack, which explains how to market your business while on the road. He is a business consultant who helps small and midsize firms create high quality marketing materials, from sell sheets to brochures.

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15 Comments on "Confessions of a Serial Guest Poster: How to Prospect, Write and Promote Your Guest Posts for Maximum Exposure"

  1. sam @ goa carnival says:

    Great way to post Guest post and list is too good which you mentioned above in this post.

  2. Michael @Blast4TrafficNow says:

    Yes, Guest posting works and since I discovered the immense benefit of writing for other blogs, my traffic and have increased. I’ve also been able to promote my business, attract few clients that pays me to write for them.

    Honestly, it was Onibalusi who inspired me when I saw his monthly earnings.

    Who doesn’t like to earn that much? I guess no one.

    Thanks for sharing and please Oni, would you mind sharing your August income report?

    I really need it.

  3. Thanks on your marvelous posting! I truly enjoyed reading it, you might be a great author.I will make certain to bookmark your blog and will eventually come back later in life. I want to encourage one to continue your great work.

  4. Hi Adam,

    Helpful tips!

    I like your point about researching a blog before sending out a guest post. Make your post stand out. Write from a different angle, using a different approach.

    As for promoting, market the heck out of it. Of course, sharing other’s content is a great way to have folks share your stuff but never hesitate to really push your guest post out there.

    Thanks for sharing your insight!


  5. I’m just getting started with guest posting, and it’s definitely worth the effort! Thanks for the great tips on how to make it even more effective 🙂

    • Kalen Smith says:

      Very good thing to do. I worked as a professional guest poster for three clients and it really makes a difference for a site. Many high name clients placed all their marketing efforts in it so i think there’s something to it.

  6. fazal mayar says:

    good post, my site has 67 of domain authority i guess its not that bad

  7. Agness mumbi says:

    i found this site in google search when I surfing for some do follow sites.. really its a nice site.

  8. In essence the blog you want to guest post on needs to have a lot of traffic, good traffic that is, but traffic nevertheless, I don’t think it really matters if that specific blog is listed in DMOZ or haves PR5 if it doesn’t have good traffic.

  9. Seed @ Millionaire Seed says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am certain that your information will help me gain an edge to exposing my newly formed up blog.
    Thanks for sharing some of the tools/links as well.
    I in particular love the idea of (10 + 2) *5 technique. Even though it somewhat describes the way I write, but I never knew it was referred to as the (10 + 2) *5 technique. I am certain that I will be able to read up more on that technique now that I know what it is called.

  10. googler says:

    Writing the headline first for your topic really works. I have been doing these for the articles I write. It keeps me focus on what I need to research.
    Thanks for this helpful post!

  11. cal says:

    oni, im curious about this and dont mean this offensively but im wondering about something

    you have written numerous guest posts and you have a pr of 4. why is this? surely with writing so many guest posts you should have a higher pr than 4? genuinely curious about this. can you never get above 4?

    • Onibalusi says:

      Thanks for the comment Cal! The number of guest posts I wrote doesn’t guarantee pagerank – there are a million factors that determine what pagerank a website is assigned. I really don’t care about pagerank! What I do care about is that my traffic from the search engines is increasing everyday.

  12. DavidMicheal says:

    Hello, am very happy that came across this site because it has really opened my eye. But i have a question, How do apply for a guest writer with being rejected, what should i write the first letter in contact us box. Thanks

  13. A0 Posters says:

    Great post as well as very useful tips too.I’m just starting my guest posting for my site.The tips and ideas are too good for helping the guest post much effectively. Thank you for the useful post.


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