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SEO Basics That Every Blogger Must Follow

SEO basics for bloggersThis is a guest post by Abhishek Saini from, someone who knows his stuff when it comes to SEO. If you want to get your work in front of writersincharge’s readers, feel free to submit your guest post

Last when I guest post here, I got an email to share my SEO basics on and I am glad to do it as it is a lovely place to share. Good Work Onibalusi!

Before getting into blogging business I did seo two month course and also participated in two SEO project which gives me a lot practical help. But here I am not going to share complete SEO guide as it is not that important for a blogger. As a blogger I am going to share basic SEO tips that every blogger must follow.

I am just going to teach you SEO basics every blogger must follow but before that it is very important and recommended to make catchy headlines of your article including your targeted keyword in it. Before moving forward you must read how to write catchy headline that works.

So here are the SEO basics that every blogger must follow:

1.Keyword Research

Every blogger must research the keyword which he is targeting to know if it is regularly searched by people or not.Using google keyword tool is best and free to tell how many monthly searches the targeted keyword or phrase has. Along with it also tell competition, estimated Avg, CPC and lot more.

Here I will teach you how to use google keyword tool.

a. Type the keyword or phrase that comes to your mind, like in my mind the keyword comes is “Basic SEO tips for blogger“. Then click on search button to get more details about the keyword. Here you will also see advanced options, after clicking on this you will clearly see the United States Search which means it is currently showing US search which you can change.

b. Currently it is showing you the broad result which means the targeted keyword + any other word with its searches but by clicking on exact it will show you the exact searches the keyword or phrases has.

c. So it is showing you the exact local and global monthly searches done by the people. You can also get lots of information from here like estimated Avg. CPC, ad share, search share and lot more. This you will find by clicking on relevance and choose what information you want about that keyword or phrases.

What I Do With It?

I typed “Basic SEO tips for blogger” and found two keywords which I like “SEO tips” and “SEO basics“. SEO tips has lot more searches as compared to SEO basics but the competition of SEO basics is less as compared to SEO tips. After thinking a lot I decided to go with “SEO Basics”. It is included in my catchy heading as you can see.

2.Writing SEO Friendly Content

Every blogger must try to write SEO friendly content. It is a very important thing that you must do. If you want google to rank you higher in search engines then you must do it.

Here are the tips to write SEO friendly content.

a. Repeat Targeted Keyword Again And Again: The keyword I am targeting i.e. SEO basics you might notice it everywhere in the post repeated several times. It increases the google value to get high ranks. The tips to repeat is don’t use “It“, instead of “It” use the complete keyword. For example, above I may write “here are the tips to do it” but instead I wrote “here are the SEO basics that every blogger must follow”, I use it completely to repeat my lovely keyword.

b. Make Link Of Same Page: Google loves to have backlinks but I noticed blogger doesn’t make backlinks separately for the article so it is good to make the backlink of the same page of your targeted keyword. This is what I did here if you noticed.

3.Including Targeted Keyword In The Anchor Text Links And Meta Tag

Having correct keyword and using them in heading, anchor text links and meta tag is utmost important to do. If the competition of the keyword is very small then surely this three things will give you top rankings in the Google search engine. Your anchor text and meta tag should not be your title actually it should be your targeted keyword.

4. Naming Of Photo’s

The photos you put in between must have a name and again the name of photo’s should be your lovely keyword about which you are providing information to your reader. Always change the blog photo’s name and also use original photos not copy cat. Google also shows images if it searched online and the competition in it is very less.

5. Description of the Article

After entering the title there is a description box and it is very important to fill it, you must include your targeted keyword in it. Google reads descriptions and from there it comes to know the article. And also, you need to describe your article in less than 160 words. Here is how to write a meta description if you have problems in writing it:

“Here SEO basics that every blogger must follow is discussed. All the SEO tips provided here is practical and it works.”

6. Using Tags

The tags you use increases the number of words of the same article. Now you have the chance to get a higher rank in google for two pages for a one page article.You must have at least one tag and it should be related to your article. The tag I used here is “SEO tips for every blogger”, it gives me a chance also to get higher rank for “SEO tips” keyword.

Above are the top 6 SEO basics that every blogger must follow and they are also used in this article. It’s not important to read this post but to do it practically. The more action you are not taking the more rankings in google you are loosing.

“Warning: All The Above SEO Tips Work If You Have Something To Help People.Google Loves You If People Loves You”.

I’m Abhishek and my brother Rajneesh (Founder of – a full time blogger from India. You can connect with us on Twitter.You can also subscribe to our blog or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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38 Comments on "SEO Basics That Every Blogger Must Follow"

  1. Nabeel | Create Your First Website says:


    Great SEO Tips.

    I had a question:

    Is there any use of backlinks without keyword rich anchor-text? Meaning just the website’s link, and no anchor-text.


    • Alan Mater says:

      Hey Nabeel,

      A backlink that’s just your URL and no anchor text still gets counted as a backlink, but it’s not weighted as high as a backlink that does make use of anchor text.

      So, whenever possible, it’s advised to use anchor text containing the keyword you want to rank for.

      • says:

        Hi Alan Mater
        You are absolutely correct and I agree with you using anchor text containing targeted keyword must be used.

        Thanks For Commenting

  2. Tanveer says:

    Nice one Abhishek but there are lots of things missing in this article for a basics SEO 🙂

    • says:

      Great Tanveer knowledge is something which is never complete.It is going to be awesome if you will share some more points.

      Thanks For Commenting

  3. samuel says:

    Great tips man! you’ve break it down! thanks for sharing.

    • says:

      Hi Samuel
      Great to see you like the post.
      Today your guest post on technshare is awesome.

      Thanks So Much For Commenting

      • Samuel says:

        Lol hahaha! Bro to be a guest poster is not a day job! That post took me up to a week due to editing and all that! I need more comment that will motivate me. Thanks alot for the comment.

  4. Great tips from you buddy! These are basic ones but very helpful. I like the idea of repeating keywords in your post but not too many like spamming your content. Thank you for sharing!

    • says:

      Hi Noel
      Yeah this are basic and must be followed but it is always to remember never to loss a visitor for the sake of SEO.First focus must be to satisfy them than to do SEO.

      Thanks So Much For Commenting

  5. Alan Mater says:

    Hi Abhishek,

    Excellent tips on SEO. SEO is essential for every blogger to maximize the effectiveness of their blog and bring in targeted traffic.

    • says:

      Hi Alan
      SEO is very important for a blog.
      Thanks For Sharing Your Lovely Views 🙂

  6. Always remember the basics.. Its true that we never seize to improve and develop our SEO strategies but we will still cling to the basics no matter what. Thanks for always reminding us and great post Abishek!

    • says:

      Hi Paul
      SEO basic are really important and must be followed.

      Thanks For Sharing Your Views 🙂

  7. Kim @ SEO says:

    A good guide for people who is new to SEO.

    • says:

      Hi kim
      Great to see you like the post. 🙂

      Thanks So Much For Commenting

  8. I am really getting the hang o SEO. I had been checking post as to help me out on so many things about SEO. Oni has helped me as well. Also other guys like Gabe in other websites. Good thing that people including you are not selfish to help newbies like me on this business. And by the way, thanks for sharing the key word research tool heads up. I haven’t tried it yet. But I think I will give it a shot this week. I will message you here if it helped me a lot. 🙂 Thanks Dude.

    • says:

      Hi Ernest
      it’s awesome to see you are going to use google keyword tool.But I also want you to visit my blog and read the article how to use google keyword tool.It will make easier for you to use it.

      Thanks So Much For Commenting

  9. Tinh says:

    I use Google External keywords tool to do this and it worked friend. Thanks

    • Me too.
      Sometimes i use free keyword tool from wordtracker

      • says:

        Hi Hung
        Sure wordtracker free version is another good tool research.

        Thanks So Much For Sharing

  10. Keyword research is really an important step to do for search engine optimization. It will be too good if we manage to get a domain name with our keyword. It will be much easier to be optimize.

    • says:

      Hi Kok
      you are right having domain name of targeted keyword helps a lot.

      Thanks So Much For Sharing

  11. James Books says:

    Hi, you say to repeat keywords over and over… is there a limit to this? would it really be best to just repeat the word over and over? I heard that every 3 words in 100 or something in that bracket was the best amount?

    • Alan Mater says:

      Hi James,

      There IS a limit to how many times you should repeat the same keyword. The common rule is 2% – 3% density, meaning the keyword is used a maximum of 3% throughout the total content on the page. So, what you heard is correct. Hope that helps.

      • says:

        Hi Ameter
        You really know good stuff about SEO.
        When repeating keyword always remember to use it whenever necessary.if you use it unnecessarily you will spam your page and loose people interest in it.

        Thanks So Much For Commenting

        • Alan Mater says:

          I know a thing or two. 😉

          You’re right, it’s best to write for your readers and not search engines, making it sound natural when read.

  12. Sheila says:

    What an awesome blog! You’ve taught me significant SEO information from this article. I appreciate you for taking the effort to extend this topic so comprehensively. I look forward to learning more on your upcoming posts. Thanks.

  13. Jantzen says:

    As someone who is a newbie to SEO I found this very helpful

    I currently blog comment and post in popular forums to gain backlinks. I don’t see anything wrong with these two methods as long as you don’t just put “great post” and then run.

  14. Steve says:

    Nice SEO tips. Very well laid out and explained with the need for good SEO practices.

  15. Karl Hadwen says:

    Some great examples of SEO basics, I’ve implemented the majority of them on my blog. Market Samurai is also a great tool for increasing visibility in terms of SEO.

  16. says:

    Hi Brother ,

    You are just doing awesome job with your posts , And Onibalusi is brilliant supporter . He knows how to win and how to make others win .

    Thanks Keep connected.

  17. Julia says:

    Thanks for sharing this great post on the basics of SEO. Itâ??s very enlightening. I absolutely love to read informative stuff. Looking forward to find out more and acquire further knowledge from here! Cheers!

  18. These are definitely great tips. Would just like to add one more tip: get quality backlinks from websites of the same niche as your blog.

  19. Jason Bravo says:

    What an awesome blog! You’ve taught me significant SEO information from this article. Thanks!!

  20. okechukwu says:

    That awesome post you wrote there.Am going to implement the idea asap. Thanks

  21. Joseph says:

    Hello Abishek, great post. I didn’t give this importance to SEO. Your article helped me to know the importance of SEO.
    Would u visit my blog and give me suggestions how to improve it.
    It would be a great help if u do.


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