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5 Lessons Rob Severson Taught Me about Success as a Freelance Writer

I’ve been reading a lot of books lately:

Books on marketing, business, psychology and anything else that can help me become a better person and a better freelance writer.

I recently had the opportunity to read Connecting Peace, Purpose & Prosperity A Survival Guide & Memoir by Rob Severson

It’s Rob Severson’s memoir, written for and addressed to his children.

What made the book particularly interesting to me was the fact that Rob is 65 and, being 18, I knew I could learn a lot from him.

Also, the concept of writing a book to one’s children and grandchildren is something that interests me, and I couldn’t just resist the fact that everything was based on Rob’s life history.

In other words, it was a story. And I love stories.

I gained a lot from reading the book and here are the 3 most important lessons I learned from Rob about being a more successful freelance writer and, most importantly, a more successful person.

1. Nobody is to be blamed for My Failure: I’m interested in successful people. Even if I don’t agree with their approach or what they do, the fact that they are successful – financially, socially or otherwise – makes me pay special attention to them to see what they’re doing right and what I’m doing wrong.

One thing I’ve noticed about successful people is that they blame nobody for their failures and as a result are able to move forward.

From constantly observing my life, I’ve also noticed that the more I focus on how to solve my problems and become successful instead of dwelling on the fact that someone or something is responsible for my failure, the more breakthroughs I make in life.

Instead of blaming the society, the government or even my environment, I learnt to focus instead on what I can do to make a change.

You might not be able to control who your parents are or what your background is, but you can control what you make of it.

2. It is Important to Always be Positive: This is especially important in business. Here’s an excerpt from the book:

I have heard that drinking alone is comparable to wetting our pants in a blue suit. At first, we feel warm inside, but no one notices it. Then it starts to smell and makes us uncomfortable, and maybe crabby. Hate and resentments are the same way except you do not feel warm inside—just angry. The people we resent usually do not even notice it; they just leave us alone. Then others notice it, but avoid us because of our griping and the negative attitude we adopt.

There’s so much happening around today to make one negative, but positivity is always important. By being positive, it becomes easier to communicate with my clients, those I constantly work with and even my friends.

It’s easier to be negative, but then it almost never ends. Positivity has its own rewards, though.

3. Getting to Know others is Very Important: It’s easy to get judgmental of somebody else, especially if they are not as “sophisticated” or as “experienced” as we are.

I could relate to Rob’s story about his experience working with a superior who he believed didn’t really understand how things would work. Except in Rob’s case, he was able to figure things out by getting to know the fellow (while I just blew it in my own case).

I didn’t really see anything wrong with this until I read Rob’s book.

This concerns my conversations with a potential client few months back. I didn’t really like the approach the potential client was using while we were in the negotiation stages, and it got to a stage where I got angry and decided not to reply to his emails again due to some of his remarks.

I felt I did the right thing then but, thinking about it today, that is someone else I could have gotten to know and who could have been my client. I estimate that cost me thousands of dollars compared to if I had worked with him for a few months.

I’m also learning similar lessons via the challenge I started over a month ago and my relationship with clients; sometimes, you just have to get off your high horse and get to understand the other party.

This is especially important when a business relationship is involved. Who knows, the client you didn’t agree with earlier could end up referring others to you.

In Rob’s case, he ended up becoming a friend of his.

Get “Connecting Peace, Purpose & Prosperity a Survival Guide & Memoir”

There’s a lot to be learned when it comes to marketing, sales, negotiating or succeeding in business.

Attitude is one thing a lot of us ignore, though, and this often costs us more than we could imagine. Whether mentally, emotionally or physically; most of the times we don’t even notice it.

Get Rob’s book “Connecting Peace, Purpose & Prosperity A Survival Guide & Memoir today; I read it in a sitting. It’s a good weekend read and can give you great insights on getting the best from life, especially from someone with 65 years of experience on earth.

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