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How to Improve and Skyrocket Your Link Building with Richard Patterson

link building richard pattersonMy guest today is Richard Patterson from LinkLabs and as someone who has worked with LinkLabs I can tell you they’re a really great and ethical SEO company. I know a number of sites that are already ranking for their top keywords because of the great approach used for them by LinkLabs and I’ve decided to interview Richard on this blog today so he can give more insights into improving your blog SEO.

It’s really great knowing you and as someone who’s been working with you I’m a great supporter of your SEO approach because I know they work. My readers will like to know more about you and what you do. Can you pls introduce yourself?

Richard: I’ve worked in the online industry for nearly 10 years and I’m involved in the marketing for a number of successful comparison websites in the UK, Australia and other countries. I’m also involved in a new start-up link building company called LinkLabs.

Wow! 10 years is really impressive and you must have learned a lot within that period. What do you think differentiates your company from other SEO companies online?

Richard: I think there’s lots of good SEO companies around but we try and focus on a few core themes that we have found to be the most important. Setting the  right expectations for the client in terms of links and rankings is important, focusing on high quality links that add value to people as well as help search engines and realizing that you need to work hard to generate quality links and that there are no easy shortcuts

That’s really cool to hear and I think I can testify to that. You’re someone who really believes in the power of link building to have a successful SEO campaign. Why is this? Do you really believe link building is important?

Richard: It’s crucial; I don’t think there is any real debate that it is one of the most important parts of SEO. What’s important though is doing it in the right way.

“Crucial”. I think that’s the word. Concerning building links the right way do you really think there is a right or wrong way to build links? Can you please elaborate on this?

Richard: Well there are definitely wrong ways. Avoid anything automated and if it sounds too cheap that probably means it is automated. There are lots of ways to build links but if I could give one tip as to what a good link is it’s one that people will find useful, if people find it useful and click on it then that’s also what Google is looking for. That’s why links from good content on strong sites that are relevant to the visitors always work well.

Awesome! Automated links? What do you think are some great ways to get quality backlinks to your website?

Richard: Yeah things like sites that offer to submit you to 1000’s of directories for $20 will not be doing it by hand, it will be done by a computer. Equally software that tries to automatically generate any sort of links should be avoided if you are looking for long term success.

As for good ways, as you know from your own experiences guest posts are a great way. Also producing content that you think will be really helpful to visitors like guides and tutorials is a good way of getting links as if the content is good enough and people find it then they will link to it. It can be hard with new sites as people aren’t finding the content in the first place – in these cases if your content is good enough and you can see sites talking about your subject you can try asking them if they would consider linking to it as a useful reference.

Richard: For example I’m sure some of the posts on your own blog have attracted some good backlinks.

Exactly! Guest posting works awesome and as someone who has written posts that keep on getting links even months after writing them I’m in full support of your point on writing great and resourceful content.

Richard: Another good way is to connect with your community or niche so people with similar sites come to your site to read your content and they will sometimes link to it. You can connect with these people by commenting on their blogs, twitter or other social platforms.

Great! Another question that bothers me, and I’m sure bothers a lot of other people when it comes to SEO, is how often should links be added? Do you really think the frequency of your links matter?

Richard: Do you mean links in to your site or linking out of your site?

Yeah. I mean links into the site.

Richard: Well you don’t want to suddenly go from no links to lots of links but increasing steadily is fine. Linking to different pages on your site and with different anchor text helps. If all your links go to one page and all have the same anchor text it won’t look like a natural link profile.

You mean Google see links to your homepage and internal pages as different i.e. I can easily be building 5 links to my homepage and 5 to internal pages without bringing about any penalty to my whole site?

Richard: Well what you don’t want is the links not to look natural, if all the links go to one page and all the links have the same anchor text that looks odd to the search engines. Naturally you would have a spread of links to different pages and with differing anchor text so of course you want some links to your home page but also links to a wide mix of internal pages and links with a wide variety of different anchor text

Wow! That’s really awesome to hear. What do you think about linking to other sites? Is there a measure that should be taken when trying to link to other people from your blog? Is there a maximum amount of links to include in a post in order to be safe SEOwise?

Richard: Not really, if it’s a site you trust and the link adds value to the visitor then it should be fine. You probably don’t want pages with 100+ links but there’s no absolute number to stick to. Think of some trusted sites that have a members page and might link to all 500 members sites, that’s a natural thing to do so shouldn’t be penalized – saying that I would avoid linking out to that many sites if possible.

Do you really think your SEO can be affected by the CMS or website template you use? For example some people believe wordpress is the best CMS to use in order to achieve better SEO and most wordpress users believe in the thesis theme?

Richard: I normally encourage people to use wordpress; it’s got some good plugins and is easy to use.

That’s really great to hear and I’m really happy to have you as a guest today. You’ve answered pretty much every question I have. Can you please introduce your business? I’m sure some of my readers will be interested in taking their business to the next level with someone like you.

Richard: LinkLabs is a new company focusing on high quality link building. There’s different ways we do this but one is create high quality content that other sites want to feature and which will include a link back to our clients. Most people have no problems building lower quality links from directories, link exchanges etc but we aim to add the high quality, relevant links to the mix which have the strongest impact on rankings. The service is really aimed at companies that want premium link building service and who are committed to long term success from SEO.

It’s really great having Richard as a guest here and from his answers to my questions you will notice he knows a great deal about SEO. I recommend you check out his SEO Services if you want to take your SEO to the next level.

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37 Comments on "How to Improve and Skyrocket Your Link Building with Richard Patterson"

  1. Daisy @ Tinnitus Treatment says:

    Now a days people do use lot of software applications to make links quickly but as its confirmed that every now and then Google always slaps these sort of stuffs to manipulate the results of search engines. So one must think about the long term success in SEO which sticks and can place your business to a new heights.

  2. sanjeev says:

    Best Interview ever i seen. thanks for sharing.

  3. PankajGupta says:

    This Interview will be really useful for all, blogger and even Startup SEO Companies. Thanks for giving this update as a post.

  4. Samuel says:

    Awesome interview bro 🙂 I never knew that buying links or using a software for building links is harmful. it helps big time! 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Keep up the good work.

  5. Dave Lucas says:

    Great stuff! I’ve tweeted it out to my followers and would urge others to pass your interview along as well!

    • Onibalusi says:

      That’s really awesome of you Dave. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. sureshpeters says:

    hey richard 🙂 nice to see you dude in virtual world 🙂 , i have small querries, is semantic web is future of SEO , and RDF boost SEO , RDF is present in drupal 🙂

  7. fantastic sams says:

    Great and informative interview. Learn a lot from this interview.

  8. Robert Antwi says:

    Thanks for this, definetely goign to do a reverse engineer and see if i can find some quality links on his site.

    I though i should give some extra advice

    IP diversity – Google loves to see diverse links. Simple submitting hundreds of articles to ezine thinking that your are going to get hundreds of back links simply by submittal is not going to benefit you solely by backlinks wise. If it makes a great read and others embed into their site then yes, or they refer to it with a contextual link – even better!

    Geo diversity – this is where you generate backlinks on websites coming froma different country. It gives your page more authority

    Building backlinks to inner pages is highly important, if you have series of backlinks going to your root domain and are not generating backlinks for every other page – it doesnt look natural

    Backlinking your backlinks is highly important

    I dont agree with the speed of generating links to your page. I actually do not see why it would hurt generating as much links to your new site.

    If it was the case and i was battling with one of my competitors i would spend hundreds to have torrents of backlinks sent to my competitor in a short period in an effort to dethrone there sites rank. (Dont think im evil, my thought is merely business)

    Its more important about building quality links, as i have some sites with only 300 backlinks yet my competitors have 4000 and i rank much higher than them.

    Quality interview.

  9. Great. Interview Oni! I had not heard of link labs before . It sounds like Richard really knows what he’s doing with 10 years of experience in Internet Marketing.

    Thans for the Interview. Definitely got some good link building info and I’m going to read up more on linklabs!

  10. Richard P says:

    Hi Robert, about the reverse engineer, our LinkLabs site is brand new so you won’t find too many links to it yet, try it in 6 months tohugh 😉

  11. Tony says:

    Thank you Onibalus and Richard for the very informative post. LinkLabs is definitely something I will have to check out once I get some websites up and running.

    I have a question for you Richard. You said to stay away from all automated processes that involve back linking. Would this include Unique Article Wizard? Also, if this is the case, have you always thought that Unique Article Wizard was bad for back linking or did this just occur recently because of the new changes to Google’s Algorithm?

  12. Robert Antwi says:

    Thanks Richard, got to love it. What do you think about about geo related back links – to allow the demograhic of the exact traffic you want to find your site?

    Also do you as well use the feature of backlinking to a web 2.0 site in an effort to stop SEO nerds reverse engineering your sites?

  13. Hi Oni,

    You have taken a great interview and I think you should try for news reporter. LOL 😉

  14. I’m no SEO expert. I don’t know how many backlinks my sites have. I play Google by ear, I listen to their SEO experts, I publish quality, original content on a very regular basis. My search traffic and PRs continue to grow. I think it’s how and who you link to and links to you. Google is getting really good at sorting out the organic from the manufactured.

    Oni my friend, I feel like a proud Uncle haha Keep up the good work!


  15. Dave Grimes II says:

    Having a wide array of IP addresses linking in to you and making sure people are linking in to more than just your homepage have been the two most effective techniques for improving my Google ranking.

    Oni – Great interview. You asked some really great questions, and you lead your guest around very well. Cheers.

  16. Kenny @ Imoney2day says:

    Greay interview. Got some tips for my blog seo. Sometimes, I fell the whole seo thing is really complicated. There seem to be no one correct way in doing it. But happy tham am able to list my other food blog on google page one in less than a month

  17. Kyocera toners expert says:

    Thank you Richard for sharing your insights on link building. They are very helpful.

  18. Alamin says:

    Hi, oni that’s was really great interview. I answered most of my question. I have one question which link works more blog comments or forum post.

  19. Andreas says:

    The reality is that you can have content of nobel-prize quality on your website and barely get someone to link it, especially when you are a new site and just starting out. It takes a lot of time to get known in already crowded industries.

  20. Tech Crates says:

    This conversation is of great help to me….Got to learn many things !!

  21. Ding Neng says:

    Thank Oni for getting the real SEO expert here for us 🙂

    Just a short question for Richard:

    “How do you make sure that you secure your Keyword at #1 spot for the long run? What you do to maintain it?”

  22. Fazal Mayar says:

    Tremendous stuff Oni. I love this interview! Linkbuilding is really important for any website!

  23. Jon says:

    It’s encouraging to see Richard validating a lot of our current efforts. Most of us are likely WordPress users and we do strive to offer relevant and quality content.

    There will always be people trying to game the system and spam out links. But the businesses that will endure are the ones built on ethical foundations and with their audience in mind. Offer value first, give freely, and create shareable content. Top it all off with perseverance…

    Thanks, Richard!

  24. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Thanks pointing out these questions!

  25. TsarShu says:

    I did find many interesting facts for me. It was really useful and worth twitting 🙂

  26. Java Nature says:

    we can learn many things from the above dialog… thanks…

  27. I wanna draw traffic to my website and i am using forum back-link building method to do so can any 1 provide me a list of top ranking forums please?help appreciated. thank u!

  28. Nice information, Its very useful for me.

  29. Steven says:

    Nice article, internal linking structure is something I am working hard on improving on a number of sites.

  30. Scholarship Grants Online says:

    This is a nice link building tips to follow to avoid being penalized by Big G. Variations of long-tail keywords for anchor texts I think is a good strategy SEO wise.

  31. semmy @ Make Money Online says:

    Hi this is really great linking building strategy. Thanks for your interview Oni and also to Richard.

  32. mrohila says:

    Great stuff! I’ve tweeted it out to my followers and would urge others to pass your interview along as well!

  33. Best hosting service says:

    Once again a great post. I got so many new informative article from this website and all of these are useful on my daily work. I am feeling so great to be member of this website. This post is also useful for me. Thanks for sharing.

  34. mrohila says:

    There will always be people trying to game the system and spam out links. But the businesses that will endure are the ones built on ethical foundations and with their audience in mind. Offer value first, give freely, and create shareable content. Top it all off with perseverance…

  35. mrohila says:

    I have a question for you Richard. You said to stay away from all automated processes that involve back linking. Would this include Unique Article Wizard? Also, if this is the case, have you always thought that Unique Article Wizard was bad for back linking or did this just occur recently because of the new changes to Google’s Algorithm?

  36. Childrens Cabin Beds says:

    Oni link building always hard works….


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