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5 Creative Ways to Recycle A Used Headline

What do you do when you can’t come up with a headline? It’s simple. You recycle a used headline. First, find an impressive post you’ve published on your blog. You could browse through your categories and dig out an old post. Or choose one of the most popular ones. Although you’re searching through your posts, you’ll be focusing on headlines.

Are you ready? I will show you 5 creative ways to recycle a used headline.

I’ll demonstrate by using one of the most read articles on my blog. After dropping my iPhone down the toilet, I wanted to share the panic that followed. So I wrote ‘Can You Restore a Water Damaged iPhone?’ The article has been read over 12,739 times.

#1. Choose one keyword from a used headline to create a new headline

From my iPhone article I chose water for the keyword. I discovered that ‘water’ is a widely searched term. The phrase ‘About Water’ is searched 101,000,000 times. So creating a unique headline using those keywords would rank high in Google.

Before you write your article, research your keyword. Google Keyword is a great tool for finding out what people are searching for.

Type in your keyword, tick the ‘only show ideas closely related to my search terms’ box. Copy the characters and press ‘search’.

Over to you: Select a keyword from one of your chosen headlines. Create a new article  after following the steps above.

#2. Choose a word or phrase from your used headline to produce a guest post

I could use the word iPhone to write an article for a technology blog. I would then produce a list article on 7 reasons why people are addicted to their iPhones.

Over to you: Read the blog’s guest posting guidelines carefully before you start writing. Research the categories to make sure your article hasn’t already been published. Make the article interesting and useful to their readers.

There are many benefits of guest blogging. The main two are to generate traffic and get more subscribers for your blog. Also, guest posting will give you a lot of publicity.

#3. Create an eBook

It’s obvious that my article is reaching a large audience. The main search term is ‘I dropped my iPhone in water, what should I do?’ I know my readers’ problems, so offering them a solution can come in the form of an eBook. It would contain step-by-step instructions on how to restore a water-damaged iPhone.

Over to you: After deciding on the topic for your eBook, spend some time planning it. Write an introduction. Use the information in your blog article for the main content. And finally, design a unique cover for it.

Some of the benefits of writing an eBook for your blog are:

  • It will increase traffic and entice new subscribers to sign up to your blog. It’s nice to show your appreciation by giving something for free. However, I’ve yet to action this advice I’m giving you. My next project is to write a free eBook to offer on my blogs.
  • Your readers can easily download, print and share the eBook with family and friends. It’s also a great way to get readers to talk about your blog.
  • Write a few sentences about who you are on the back page. Include a photo, your blog’s URL and contact details. Embed your social media buttons as well. It’s another cool way to encourage people to share.
  • Get more exposure to your blog by tweeting your free eBook. Make sure you link it back to your blog.

#4. Join forums to discuss the main keywords used in your headline

I typed ‘forums on water-damaged iPhone’ in Google and searched. There are lots of discussions taking place on that subject.

Over to you: Use your focus keywords to find the right forums. But to get the full benefits you’ll probably have to register as a member. Most forums will allow you to add a link to your blog. If other members find your information useful, they’ll visit your blog.

It’s also a handy way of interacting with others and getting your blog noticed.

#5. Find fresh, new headlines within your used headline

The trick is to study the headline carefully. Use some of the words in it to create new ones. I can make two headlines from ‘Can You Restore a Water Damaged iPhone?’ The first one is ‘How Water Can Restore Your Health’. The second is ‘Is There Life After an iPhone?’

Over to you: Use the same strategy above. Write down one of your headlines on paper. Can you make at least two from it?

With a bit of creative thinking, it’s easy to recycle a used headline. Next time you find it difficult to come up with ideas, use one of the tips I shared. When you think outside the box, you’ll discover lots of other ideas.

Can you add to this list? Have you recycled a blog article headline? How did you do it? If you found this article useful please share it with others.

June Whittle is a team member, a freelance copywriter and blogger. She maintains and writes for her two blogs. To find out how she can write a copy for you that gets results check out for more information. Thanks for reading.

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