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How An Entrepreneur Can Reach A Reader’s Heart

connect to your readers heartThis is a guest post by Zabrinah. If you’re interested in writing a guest post for WritersinCharge you can click here to learn more.

Similar to WritersinCharge, your website or blog is composed of a whole lot of writing. You’re an entrepreneur first, but a writer second. Whether you are giving tips or promoting your online business, you must be able to communicate with others. Emotion drives human life. If you can tap into people’s emotions—really make them feel something—then you have one of the keys to success. Celebrities have fans. As an entrepreneur with an online business, you will have loyal clientele, and devoted readers. How? By engaging their hearts, allowing them to feel, and leaving them hungry to relive that same emotional experience again.

The following are six steps to reaching your reader’s heart:

1. Write from the heart.

Stay motivated. You should be so wrapped up in your writing that you are blind to anything else. You shouldn’t be able to eat or drink. You shouldn’t be able to sleep when you have a good post on your mind. You should be excited and energized while writing. Reciprocity falls in line with this logic. The passion inside you will ignite passion in others. Emotion is strong. You should feel an uncontrollable eagerness to get your words out to the public. This heightened emotion begins in your core—the source of you—and it should leak out through your fingertips. Simply from writing from your heart on a consistent basis, you will get an incredible response from people. Your work will be addicting. Your readers won’t be able eat, drink, or go to the bathroom as long as they’re reading your blog.

2. Care about your readers.

It’s human nature to be selfish. We come out of the womb wanting things, right away. If we don’t get those things, we are disappointed. When we go to other blogs, we are always subconsciously asking the question, “What’s in it for me?” Find a way to care about them more than your bank account. Your drive to tell them something useful should be stronger than your drive to be famous or recognized in the blogging world. Once you reach that point, your work will be invaluable, not to mention, timeless.

3. Get personal.

Similar to the way Onibalusi does it, share your own experiences—what has worked and what hasn’t. This will inspire your readers and allow you to gain a full, eager following.

4. Believe.

Even when you don’t have a single message in your inbox or a single comment on your latest post, you have to believe that you are still helping someone. Don’t give up. As long as you have passion, know that it will find a way to others.

5. Be honest.

Though you care about your readers and want the best for them, you cannot write to please, or you’ll never write at all. If they don’t like a post even though you wrote from the heart, disregard it and move on.

6. Invest in quality control.

Entrepreneurs believe in their businesses and what they have to offer 100%. Subsequently, if you write an uninspired post, don’t publish it. You can put it in your drafts if you’re reluctant to throw it away, but do not put it on your blog. You have to fight to get your words out in a way that they will be well-received. If they’re not full of passion, don’t put them up. If you weren’t inspired to write it, no one will be inspired to read it. Before you publish a post, have someone you trust read it first. Every time this person gets bored, highlight those sections of your work, and make them better.

I trust that these methods work, because they have been working for me. The proof is exhibited the emails and comments you get. Sure, everyone says “Nice job!” or “This post really struck a chord with me!” That’s a wonderful reception for your blog, but you want to really make an impact. You want to change how people act and think after seeing your blog or using your product.

Recently I got an email that said, “Since reading your blog I sing in the shower again, and laugh at my favorite movies. Since reading your blog I have learned that you can channel the energy of grief into something amazing three times over. Your grief lead to a blog, that virtually saved my sanity. You are amazing, you have a gift, and you have helped us girls who suffer from something that is so stigmatized in shame, that we rarely have the right resources to heal in a practical and healthy way.” Comments like those stand out. They are unique and they let you know that your blog is altering perceptions and changing lives. The more you write from your heart, the more inspiration you’ll receive to write more.

At the end of the day, we are all human. We are all writers in some form—the internet has given us that. And hopefully, we all have ambition. The greatest entrepreneurs began right where we are now, trying to turn what they love into something successful. You’ll certainly reach that kind of success when you can reach the hearts of people who come into contact with you.

15 Comments on "How An Entrepreneur Can Reach A Reader’s Heart"

  1. samuel says:

    Awesome post Zabrina! I agree with your points, most especially the #1. You gain respect from readers when writing from your heart because it shows that your practice the words “Be Yourself” Thanks so much for sharing. Have fun 🙂

  2. alamin says:

    Zabrinah, nice post. I am totally agree with you. Actually care about reader and honestly works most. Honesty is one of the main quality you must hve to be succeed online.

  3. I like your # 3, As you’re writing your blog so that visitor read it so it always important for us personalize them so they feel friendly and enjoy to read the blog. I’m not saying that other points are not good but I mean any blogger should always focus carefully on #3.

  4. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Zabrinah,

    A powerful post here.

    Your mention of tapping into emotions should be at the forefront of any blogger’s mind. Learn how to make people feel something after reading your post. It might create a feeling of being inspired or it might create a feeling of discord; perhaps the reader wants to debate you over an emotionally-charged topic.

    The idea is that people move into action based on the emotions they feel. As you note it makes no sense to publish an uninspired post for the sake of posting. Only click the Publish button when your heart and soul is 100% invested in the article.

    #4 was a big stickler for me, for quite a while. When I had few readers and no comments I felt at times what I was doing “wasn’t working.” I since learned that when it looks like nothing is working, Everything is working. Believe in yourself through these tough times and God comes to your aid. Periods of general inactivity on your blog prepare you for the massive success on the way. Almost every blogger goes through this testing period.

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration Zabrinah.


  5. tushar says:

    writing through heart and passion is so important….agree with you..

    thanks for the article

  6. DiNaRa says:

    I think the scale of assessing posts can be a good idea, I mean, at the end of the post you can put such voting scale. It will help you analyze your writing, But be careful the results can disappoint you 🙂

  7. Stuart says:

    So many good points here to digest, but the one that stood out for me was “Be Honest”.

    When you lie, someone knows. Someone always knows. And that someone is you. Even if no-one else knows you’re lying, you’ll know, and it’ll eat away at you. That’s why being honest is important, because you’re being good to yourself.

    Thanks Zabrinah 🙂

  8. Dave Grimes II says:

    Touching your readers is certainly the best way to build trust, and retain your audience. To me the best way to do this is also the simplest: Be yourself, and tell stories.
    If you’re not putting on a facade of any type, the people who follow you will never be disappointed. This is a simple case of wanting to draw in the right crowd for you, not making yourself the right person for a given crowd.
    If you tell stories, and you’re just being yourself, people will listen, they’ll relate, and they’ll enjoy your writing. And, ultimately, if they enjoy your writing, they will return. Every time they come back to your site, and ever time they enjoy their visit to your page, you’re building trust with them. And that’s the goal we all have in online business: build enough trust with your audience that they’ll feel comfortable enough to become your client/customer/etc.
    Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Well said. Connecting with readers doesn’t have to be tough. If a blog owner writes honest targeted and informational posts, readers will become loyal followers.

  10. William Tha Great says:

    Hey Zabrinah,

    Thanks for sharing the fantastic article!

    You are truly a good writer, because from the very beginning I was pulled into your article. Great introduction that is key in pulling in your readers & you do a good job with that!

    I agree with every point you have listed here down to the core. I’m reallygoing to take into account everything I read here. It’s very important to reach out and grab your readers heart. Your readers are the key to your success, because they will make you money & help promote you.

    Following your passion is a must when in this business!

    Thanks again!

    God bless,
    William Veasley

  11. Alex says:

    You are right, Zabrinah!

    Writing in a way to touch the readers emotions is the best way to gain regular subscribers that enjoy your posts.

    I also agree that a blogger doesn’t have to push the publish button just to have an other post on his blog, but he has to use that button to deliver something that all can relate to or find useful.

    Caring about your users will always make you think twice before publish a post and something that will drive you to write better content, useful that will always help the user.

  12. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments! They mean so much to me!

  13. LoveChic says:

    Do you know why people read the blog and guests posts here? Because the writing touches us! Good job! Go on like this!

  14. Symfony says:

    Zabrina, you know what you are writing about, thus, it’s a real pleasure reading your posts. I’m afraid of writing or commenting what I’m not an expert is. I prefer reading and listening to other people discussing and talking.

  15. iknowihaveit says:

    Zabrinah, thank you so much for #4. I am encouraged to keep on writing and believing that someone who needs to read my post will stop by and be helped.


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