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The Power of Dreaming

dreamingThis is a guest post by Rahul Singh from If you want to get yourself in front of thousands of WritersinCharge readers you can learn more about writing for this blog.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. — Albert Einstein.

Are you a dreamer? I am not talking about the dreams you have when you are sleeping, I am talking about the dreams you see when you are fully awake, the dreams you choose to see consciously.

Have you ever imagined owning something that seems utterly impossible? Have you ever dreamt of owning a million dollars? Have you dreamt of being in love with the most beautiful girl you have known, and she in love with you? Have you dreamt of owning the biggest house you have ever seen? Have you owned a Ferrari in a dream?

Achievement – Practicality vs Dreaming

We have a tendency to be practical. We use logic to define achievable goals for us – ‘this is something I can achieve… that is something very hard to get‘. In our minds, we create some boundaries for ourselves within which we operate.

The point most of us miss is that, achievement comes to those who most want it. All the physical laws and logic bend to make the impossible possible for the one who dares to dream about the same thing, consistently.

Remember Leonardo Di Caprio’s character (Jack) in Titanic? When he is admiring Rose standing on a higher deck, someone tells him she is too high-class for him. But he doesn’t stop dreaming. Notice that he doesn’t fret over how he will get her, he just admires her – he has no idea how he will meet her and what he will say. He just dreams of her, believing in his dream all the time. When a person so completely believes in the inevitability of his success, the Universe has no choice but to start working to manifest his/her desire. When the opportunity presents itself, Jack is ready to receive it with open arms. He does not have to think twice, he does not have to plan what to do, he just acts. The successful results that his actions bear are all evident in the rest of the movie.

All big achievements start with a dream. Before a miracle in your life can materialize, it is created in the realm of your imagination. What we see as miracles in everyday life are only physical manifestations of dreams that were dreamt so passionately, they became beliefs and goals, rather than wishes.

Dreaming Vs Wishful thinking. Dreaming is a positive feeling. It makes you happy. You feel confident that you are going to achieve your desired goal. It is different from wishful thinking, which is wishing for something while holding the belief that it is out of your reach. Wishful thinking is marked by a negative feeling. In dreaming, you imagine you already have what you want and you enjoy it in your imagination.

If you really want to get something, stop just wishing for it, believe that you are going to get it. Dream about it, think about how you will use it once you have it. The way will show itself and you will be ready to grab the opportunity.

Dreaming and the Law of Attraction. Law of attraction states that you get in life what you focus your thoughts on, what you constantly, regularly think about. If you focus on getting a million dollars, the law will manifest it in your life. You don’t have to focus on how you will get it, you just have to imagine having it and enjoying it. This is what dreaming is all about! When you think about your favorite car and can enjoy driving it in your dreams on a regular basis, you are going to enjoy it in real life too!

Don’t focus on how you will get it or how difficult it is to get the money. If you think about how difficult it is to get, the law will keep it difficult for you, since that is what you focused on. Focus on the object of your desire, focus on the feeling of having it.

Courage. Dreaming requires courage. Dreaming is not a denial of reality where you just keep yourself in an imaginary world. Dreaming is acknowledging your current state but refusing to accept it. Dreaming means daring to accept that you are worthy of your goal. This is determination to achieve your goal, although you don’t know your way yet. This is mobilizing the Universe to make that dream a reality.

Have the courage to believe in yourself and your capabilities. If someone, somewhere in the world has got what you want, then you can get it too.

Blocks to dream materialization

A lot of us dream a lot but don’t see those dreams turning into reality. You may wonder why does your dream not materialize?

It is impossible for a dream to not materialize. If you are asking this question, you have already started doubting your dream.

Doubts. Dreams materialize when they remain a passionate dream till they are materialized. Doubts don’t have a place in dreaming. When you were an infant, did you ever doubt that you will learn to walk? Every time you tried to get up, you would fall. But then you would try again. You must have fallen a hundred times before you could even stand. You refused to give in to the falls. Each time, you learned something from the fall till, finally, you could stand on your own, then walk, and even run. These are hard skills to learn but you never sat down to ponder over how hard they are, doubt was never your nature. It still shouldn’t be. Don’t doubt your dreams. Doubts make the dream a mere wish.

Goals someone else set for you. Is your dream really your dream? If you aim is becoming a big investment banker on Wall Street, just because everyone around you says it’s the route to heaven, you are fooling yourself. Look inside yourself, what is it that you really dream of? Do you enjoy sports? acting? writing? Dare to accept your own dream, even if your dream is different from everyone else, even if every one is going in the opposite direction. Crowds really aren’t that smart as we make them out to be. Everyone in a crowd is following what others are doing. It leads to a false sense of security and a lot of confusion. Dare to follow your own dreams.

Sticking to something you don’t want anymore. When was the last time you paid attention to how you feel about your dream? Does it still make you as excited as it did earlier? As we grow as human beings, as we gather new knowledge, what appeared important and worthwhile before, may not look so now. There is no point in running after something you know has no value. Don’t follow something halfheartedly just because you have invested effort in it before. If your new knowledge points in a different direction, let go. Take the new, more exciting path. This is how learning and growth are. Sometimes you have to do the uncomfortable.

You have to be very careful here. If you switch goals, this has to be only because you find more worthy goals to follow, based on new knowledge. This should not be an excuse to keep jumping from one goal to another out of lack of focus. Oni is a good example here. He started out with aggressive commenting on other blogs. The goal was to be the blogger with the most comments (correct me Oni if I am wrong here – You’re definitely right! More proof on that can be found here). But, as he gathered more information about blogging, he realized it is not the best strategy for promotion and took up other, better methods.

Lack of focus. Do you dream of too many things at the same time? This will result in confusion. If you have multiple goals, all pulling your attention in different directions, the Universe is confused about what you actually want. Focusing towards a single goal is key to success.


Dream and dream big. Don’t keep your dreams small because you feel bigger ones are out of your reach. There is no limitation to what you can dream and achieve. Aim for the highest, the best you can think of. Expect the best for yourself, and others. Remember, you are creating your future reality in your dreams. Why make it any less than fantastic?

Rahul is a software developer turned personal development blogger. He writes on how to live a successful, happy and abundant life at

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28 Comments on "The Power of Dreaming"

  1. TsarShu says:

    Great post, I bet! I read it in a moment! And very informative! The style of the writer is so catchy that I decided to visit your own blog!

    • Rahul Singh says:

      I am glad you like it TsarShu πŸ™‚

  2. Samuel says:

    Awesome post Rahul! To be successful in life, you must be courageous and always aim for excellence.You must always dream big in order to win in a big way. Most people get influenced by the friends they walk with. It’s not mandatory for you to do the things your friends are doing. Try to switch lane, and when you fail, remember that you are closer to success. I never shruggled when people critize me, it simply means I’m two steps ahead of them. Belive in yourself and stay around people who will add value to your life. Thanks for sharing.

    • Rahul Singh says:

      I agree with what you say Samuel. Courage is absolutely required to live the life of your dreams, from the way you write, it is evidently present in you.
      Keep it up and thanks for adding to the post!

  3. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Rahul,

    Excellent post πŸ™‚

    “Dare to follow your own dreams.” That’s a money statement and the exact mindset that separates those who live their dream lives from those who live someone else’s dream life. Some want to gain their parents’ approval. Other, their friends. The majority seek public approval. Good luck being happy if you want everybody’s approval except your own.

    As for visualizing it’s easy to become a magnet to good things by holding a vision of your dream life and generating the emotions of living that dream life now. Live in your picture mentally: feel, hear, taste and smell your mental picture. The emotions attract whatever is needed to make your picture a reality. The process is orderly and never fails.

    Courage is a key word, I’m glad you covered it. Be brave in holding your dream in the face of things that don’t suggest it’s becoming a reality. These appearances eventually fade away and your dream will become a reality.

    Thanks for sharing your insight Rahul.


    • Rahul Singh says:

      Well said Ryan! I am seeing increasingly that courage is the central quality in those who strive for, and achieve the life of their dreams.
      Thanks for adding to the post.

  4. Wonderful post except for the stuff on the Law of Attraction. Methinks that whole concept has been responsible for a choice few of getting rich….while millions simply dreamt the dream.

    Your mileage may vary, of course.

    • Rahul Singh says:

      I am glad you like it Barbara.
      The names we assign to concepts don’t matter as much. For me, Law of Attraction means that we get in life what we keep our focus on. I suppose most people would agree to that. Even if you don’t, I suppose it is a good thing. That you test things out for yourself and don’t accept something just because other’s do, is itself a desirable and commendable trait. I respect that. I don’t think reality is absolute, we create our own realities and we make our own laws in life. Whatever laws work for you, are good for you. πŸ™‚
      On a side note, if the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for someone, there can be many reasons behind it. The ones mentioned above may be some of those.
      Thanks for adding your perspective.

  5. Hi Rahul

    I am now living my dream. Dreamed of having my own home business and now it has become a reality πŸ™‚ Pictured how it would be and I’m getting there. Bigger dreams with bigger success is all in the mix.

    Wasn’t enough to dream though. Had to proactively put that dream into motion and research, study and then just do it!

    Thanks for such an interesting post Rahul. Much appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Rahul Singh says:

      That’s so exciting Patricia! So few are able to live the life of their dreams. I am happy for you.
      I am sure you must have put in a lot of effort. Effort is always required. But I think the effort that we need, to work towards our dreams, is different in nature from the effort we make to work towards things we don’t really enjoy, things we do out of fear and insecurity. Effort, while working towards our dreams, sort of flow naturally. We don’t have to drag ourselves out of the bed on Monday mornings, with a sinking feeling in our heart.
      I have a feeling you are not only enjoying your dream life, you would have enjoyed the journey towards it as well. πŸ™‚
      Keep creating bigger, better things. You are an example for others to follow.

  6. Rahul says:

    To dream of things which is sometimes we think impossible can make things worth possible. It might be a door for success but dream is nothing without works, effort and strong determination. Always aim for high and even if failure comes in the way. Be stood still, stand and learn from it, always be opened to accept perfections.

    Dream is free of charge why not make use of it.

    • Rahul Singh says:

      That’s right, dreams are the door to success. Work, effort and determination flow out naturally when they are directed towards what we feel most passionate about.
      Failure is an integral part of success. Nothing and no one teaches a lesson like failure does. In fact, I don’t think any body ever fails, we either succeed, or we have a learning experience that helps in our success later.
      Thanks for adding to the post Rahul, it seems we share more than our names, our attitudes πŸ™‚

  7. Great article Rahul, I brought up a great point when you mentioned the difference between dreaming and wishful thinking. It all starts in your mind, and if you already believe you have it then you will have it in real life soon enough.

    I also loved the advice you gave at the end on dreaming big. There is definitely no limitation to what you can dream or achieve. I found that out for myself the hard way, but now I know better.

    • Rahul Singh says:

      I am glad you like it John!
      I know what you are saying, when you mention that you learned the hard way that there is no limitation to what we can dream and achieve. I have felt the same way before, after achieving something and realizing I could have asked for much more. Now I only strive for the best I can think of.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  8. Stuart says:

    What a great post! I think dreaming is so important to forming our plans, yet a lot of people confuse it with wishful thinking, or even ‘daydreaming’. The idea of dreaming, especially when used as ‘envisioning’, is essential to creating those unique plans that will make you great.

    I particularly liked the part about letting go if you don’t feel attached to it anymore. I’ve had numerous incidents of this, and I wish I’d taken the right step back then. Live and learn.

    Thanks for sharing Rahul πŸ™‚

    • Rahul Singh says:

      Glad you like it Stuart.
      I am sure everyone has those times, when they desperately try to cling on to something they don’t even like any more.
      Good thing is you have realized that already and have changed your ways for the better.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  9. Richard says:

    I think it’s easy to be practical or learn how to be practical. It’s much a harder to be an idealistic dreamer. Most people will think that open idealism can sound corny or cheesy and there’s someone of a societal embarrassment sometimes to showing that idealistic side.

    But once you take a deep breath and become that dreamer, you start thinking out of the box and really open your horizons. Just be sure to keep a balance of pragmatism as well. Extremes on either side are generally not a good thing.

    • Rahul Singh says:

      Very true Richard. Neither extreme is good. Effort is definitely required, nothing will manifest while we just sit on our butts, dreaming our life away. But if we dream well and believe in our dreams, effort will become so much easier and fun. We will not only enjoy the end results, but the journey to it as well.

  10. Alex says:

    Great post Rahul,

    I think the world’s richest “dynasties” have taken birth from only the dreams of the first man that started the business.
    After all I think dreaming is something that can really motivate you to do great things and when I think of great people they were are dreamers.

    But, like Richard said you have to take all things with moderation, and going to much in the dream world can sometimes affect you and your finances.

    • Rahul Singh says:

      Thanks Alex,
      That’s an interesting point. All big dynasties start with a courageous dreamer who brought his/her dream into the real world.
      I think such dreamers usually motivate those around them(their kids, family, relations, co-workers) to dream similarly and to be courageous. This ensures continuation of their dynasties after they are gone. They help themselves and a lot of those around them.

  11. Hey Rahul,

    Great work! Very motivational article mate! There is no way to reach something when you say that it is impossible. Success depends a lot on your mindset and being positive does make a difference. Talking from experience here. It doesn’t have to be blogging – everything in life works that way. I’ve gone through a lot of hard situations and often positive thinking helped me find a solution. Got a bit carried away and off the topic. Back on dreaming. Always dream big – that is my advice to the novices. Even though a goal can seem impossible, things might turn out differently if you start believing it’s possible and put some efforts meanwhile. Liked the Law of Attraction hypothesis as well.

    • Rahul Singh says:

      I am glad you like it Daniel πŸ™‚ Thanks for adding your experience.

  12. DiNaRa says:

    People say if you have no dreams and wishes, you are dead. I like dreaming but I not only dream, I work to realize my dreams and wishes. The most important thing is to set realistic goals and don’t dream about unreachable. The life gave me a very tough lesson on this topic.
    Thanks for a very inspiring article.

    • Rahul Singh says:

      It’s nice to know that you dare to dream and also make efforts towards them. As far as I understand, if you have a burning desire, you will find your way to it. If the desire(or your will power) is not strong, you will probably get bogged down by a few failures and quit.
      Unrealistic and unreachable is only that which you think is so.

  13. silpada says:

    Dreams becomes reality if a consistent struggle is applied on them and these dreams are ideas. Every progress is because of a good idea.

  14. mincir says:

    Every successful activity is because of dream and it is right of every one to observe dream.

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