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Political Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

There is a lot happening in the political world, such as Brexit in the UK and the battle between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the US for the coveted White House seat. Do you have opinions, views, debates or up-to-date news to share on political blogs?

Your guest posts will be read globally, putting you and your blog in the spotlight. In addition, you will become known as an authority in the political niche. You will also build social proof, grow your social media followers, meet prominent contacts and develop more political knowledge. There are many high-ranking blogs to choose from in the list below. Start pitching your article ideas now. 

1.  AHA Today

Domain Authority: 74          

How to Submit a Guest Post: A topic to consider is legislation on government regulations, relating to historians and their work. Here are some examples. Simply submit your post by email to Kritika Agarwal for consideration. Head to the guidelines for more information.

2.  Kevin MD

Domain Authority: 74           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Look through the politics category to find out the types of posts that are published on this physician’s blog. You are free to submit an opinion piece, as long as it fits the voice of this site. Email your article after reading the submission guidelines.

3.  8 Asians

Domain Authority: 47          

How to Submit a Guest Post: You have two options. First, however, is to read through the guidelines. If you’ve got a post written and ready for submission, use the form on the guideline page to submit it. Otherwise, please pitch your idea via the contact form.

4.  BlogActiv

Domain Authority: 58          

How to Submit a Guest Post: There is a set of rules and guidelines to adhere to for all guest bloggers. You can read them on the guidelines page. To submit our guest post, just click here and wait for approval.

5.  Activist Post

Domain Authority: 68           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Although it’s easy to submit your post for approval on this blog, it can be rejected due to quality or content. Do read the blog to check out their published posts. To submit your article, cut and paste it into the body of this email. The contact us page has more information.

6.  The Diplomat

Domain Authority: 79           

How to Submit a Guest Post: If you can write original reports and analysis for the Asia-Pacific area, you will have a better chance of getting your post accepted on this site. The guidelines lay out the various ways to submit your articles. You can also submit your pitch on the form located on the guidelines page.

7.  Women On Business

Domain Authority: 48          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read and agree to the terms and conditions on the guidelines page before submitting your guest post. Remember to write your political posts from an angle that relates to women. Here are some articles from the politics archives. Fill out the form on the guidelines page to submit your content when ready.

8.  Relevant Magazine

Domain Authority:  69         

How to Submit a Guest Post: The section you will be focusing on in this online magazine is “current,” which covers politics from national and global standpoints. However, it must relate to the audience, who are Christians. Watch the video on the guidelines page from the founder to get an idea of what this magazine stands for. Pitch your story idea by email.

9.  Canadian Progressive

Domain Authority: 34          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Write a high-quality, punchy, provocative article that’s thoroughly edited for grammatical and spelling mistakes before you submit it. Please read the guidelines for useful tips, and check out the site for the writing style. Email your content for approval.

10.  Open Democracy

Domain Authority: 82          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Go through the content first to familiarize yourself with the writing style, tone and to avoid duplicating articles. First-time writers must supply a bio with relevant links. See examples of the author’s page here. When ready, submit your article on this page, but read the guidelines first.

11.  Dissent

Domain Authority: 71          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read the blog to get a picture of what this magazine represents and the types of articles they publish. Send your submissions by email for consideration, but the guidelines are here for you to peruse first.

12.  The Humanist

Domain Authority: 55           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read through the archives to find out what’s covered in the Humanist, a non-profit magazine. Articles submitted to this magazine could also be published in the online version. Do read the guidelines thoroughly before emailing your submission.

13.  Liberal America

Domain Authority: 44          

How to Submit a Guest Post: You must know about liberal politics and current events. Check out the content on the site to see what’s covered. You also need experience in using WordPress. When familiar with the site, carefully follow the guidelines and email your submission.

14.  Montana Cow Girl

Domain Authority: 39          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Write about something currently in the news and use facts. Check out the content for the tone and style of the articles, then read the guidelines for more tips on what is required. Email your submission and follow up if you don’t get a reply.

15.  HyperVocal

Domain Authority: 50         

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read through the blog to get a feel of the types of content published here. You need strong writing skills and a unique voice. The guidelines have more details about their requirements. Simply make contact with your ideas.

16.  247 U Reports

Domain Authority: 35         

How to Submit a Guest Post: Familiarize yourself with the content, house style and voice. This will help you develop ideas for your articles. To submit, please send your article ideas via email on the contact us page.

17.  Blog Critics

Domain Authority:  72         

How to Submit a Guest Post: You can write original reviews, news, commentary, or other relevant posts for this online magazine. Go through the content for ideas, but do read the guidelines for the criteria, and fill out the form to submit on the same page.

18.  Swarajya Mag

Domain Authority: 47          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Go through the published articles to avoid writing about topics already published. They welcome long form pieces or a series of articles. Stick to the style guide, which is laid out on the guidelines page, then submit your draft for consideration by email.

19.  Red Pepper

Domain Authority: 63          

How to Submit a Guest Post: The types of articles published are the ones that discuss the background and context to political issues, challenges intellectual/political orthodoxy and cover mainstream media. Here are some examples. Read the guidelines for more details, then simply pitch your proposal via email.

20.  The IVN

Domain Authority: 55          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Get your voice heard on this platform. Read through the publication to see what they’re saying. Please check out the guidelines and start the writing process here.


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