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How a 10-Minute Conversation and Twitter Made the Most Popular Pizza Place in Town

pizza conversationThis is a guest post by Jay Mcleod. If you want to get yourself in front of thousands of WritersinCharge readers you can write for us.

About 5 months ago, I was speaking to an old Air Force buddy of mine, and we were chatting about what we have been doing these past few years after we got out of the military. He told me he was going to school, and helping his brother in-law out with his pizza joint in town. I told him that I was an Internet Marketer, and he wasn’t really sure what that was. I told him the gist of my job, what I do to help people make money online, and he had a great question for me.

“How can people make money online without selling a product or service on a website?”

So I decided to try out a little experiment with him. I spent the next ten minutes laying out a plan using Twitter, to help his brother in laws pizza place attract more customers. I also sent him an email with the breakdown of exactly what to do which I will share with you all now.

I told him to create a Twitter account for the Pizza place. He was a bit familiar with Twitter, so this was no problem for him. I told him to ask a few of his local friends to start following the pizza place feed. The pizza place did not have a website, so I told him to add the location of the pizza place on the twitter page.

Once he had a few friends to help him “spread the word”, I told him to do the following:

  • Post to the pizza place twitter feed interesting and awesome facts about pizza. Where did pizza originate? What is the difference between types of pizza? Just a few little factoids that would be fun for the reader to absorb.
  • Start following the friends of those who follow you. Do this every day. Increase the amount of people who follow you each week. The more people you try to follow, the likelier more people will follow you.
  • Once you start putting out more facts and increase the amount of followers you have, start asking questions that increase conversation? What is the craziest topping you have every tried on a pizza? What is the worst topping on a pizza? How much pizza have you eaten at one sitting? Strike up conversation, and reply and retweet the responses you get.

Once he had a bit of a following, I suggested to him to do a direct message promotion to where anyone who asked for it would get a coupon code for a discounted pie. Tell the people at the counter the code, and work out to where anyone who asks for it gets a code.

Fast forward to last week, my friend and I spoke for the holidays. I asked him how Internet Marketing worked for him, and he almost jumped through the phone with excitement. He did everything I suggested, slow at first, but immediately after he started posting, his brother in-law absolutely saw a rise in profits. They noticed when they posted specials on Twitter on their slow days they saw a rise in sales, and their business grew enough where they needed to hire two more drivers. All in all he was pretty excited, and his brother thinks that he is a marketing god.

I proved to my friend that you do not need a website, or a physical product to sell online to make money online, and it holds true. Use Social Media regardless of your business, and you will be successful.

Jay Mcleod has been in Internet Marketing professionally since 2001. He is now taking his knowledge and sharing it on IF you are interested in making more money online, check out his website for insight and advice.

24 Comments on "How a 10-Minute Conversation and Twitter Made the Most Popular Pizza Place in Town"

  1. Samuel says:

    Awesome post Jay! I’m sure your friend will forever give thanks to you. You are right bro. Thanks for sharing. Have fun 🙂

  2. Akhilesh says:

    Good post to show power of internet marketing……..

  3. Malaika says:

    What i like about the appoach ,is the way it is innovative. A low cost, yet totally effective way to market the business. Awesome.

  4. Hi Jay

    A great example of using social media to grow a business…sweet. Very creative too. You probably have tons more examples so I will pop over to your site.

    Hope you have a newsletter I can subscribe to for more great ideas, as I am only just starting marketing sourced products. Need to learn heaps about marketing on the net. Offline going better for the moment.

    Thanks for sharing Jay. Much appreciated.

    Patricia Perth Australia

  5. Hey that is truly brilliant and common-sense at the same time – kudos to your friend for being smart enough to listen to you!

  6. Stuart says:

    It’s amazing how much power social media has in today’s world! Truly remarkable. Thanks for sharing Jay!

  7. Hi Jay,

    This is yet another example of how powerful Twitter can be when used properly! It is great that no matter off or online, you can grow your business using internet marketing. Of course when we are talking about a specific business like a Pizza restaurant, whether the promotion is going to be successful depends a lot on the location. That works for the US, because most of the Twitter users are there, but for example it wouldn’t work where I live. Nonetheless I really liked the story. Money can hardly be made directly from your tweets, but Twitter can be one of the best ways to promote your projects.

  8. Ryan Biddulph says:

    Hi Jay,

    An inspirational story and another example of how social media can benefit your business if used the proper way.

    Your post title sums it up in one word: conversation. A conversation was the genesis of the idea and a conversationalist tone set the table for the growth of the business.

    Instead of spamming promotional links – which weren’t possible anyway, since he didn’t run a website – he tweeted super interesting tidbits to generate a buzz around his profile. No links, no distractions, just creative tweets that formed an attractive magnet.

    After creating a buzz it becomes much easier to drive sales. People are interested in what you have to offer so if you can offer increasing levels of value though coupons or discounts your business will grow. It’s all about giving before receiving and making the entire process fun and interesting.

    Thanks for sharing these valuable tips Jay.


  9. richard says:

    This post is a good example of a step by step strategy to how to use social media in a real context. You can actually translate this plan to virtually any context. Awesome!

  10. Jack says:

    All of those done in twitter? Wow!

    Can I have the twitter name? I’d like to know how he was able to put as much info within 140 characters… Maybe I could also do that to our toner cartridge business.

  11. anik says:

    how twitter can make it? nice discussion..

  12. Doc ViewZu says:

    It takes a little while to get a following, but stick to it and you’ll be surprised.

  13. Eleazar says:

    There’s nothing to lose of trying. Good for Jay’s friend that he listen and leverage the power of Internet Marketing through Twitter.

  14. Dave Grimes II says:

    Awesome stuff! I’ve always had difficulty using Twitter to its full-potential. The ideas and tips here are going to be a game-changer for me on there, for sure! Thanks for sharing!

    PS – Now I’m hungry for pizza… curse this slow-carb diet!

  15. A low cost, yet totally effective way to market the business.

  16. TsarShu says:

    Time to take Twitter seriously. I knew that the power of twitter is growing but I’d like to know the exact things that I should do.

  17. DiNaRa says:

    Good example of the combination between online and offline techniques. I think that if you are not online, you are also not offline. Thus, I’d recommend every company go online from the very first days of launching.

  18. Latief says:

    The power of social marketing revealed, hehe. Nice post, true facts. Cheers!

  19. infrared heaters says:

    It’s been said that the social programs can explode your business, they can also destroy it. Keep posting…..

  20. Jocuri online says:

    I think is very important for a Pizza company to be on twitter. If we are going deep in this, it can take orders from tweets :))

  21. I really like to read your story.The power of social marketing revealed,True facts. Cheers

  22. semmy @ Make Money Online says:

    Hi Jay this is really nice twitter article! this is real example. I think I’ll bookmarked this post. I want to open a small restaurant and I’ll follow this one. thanks for share

  23. Dictionar Roman Englez says:

    Great! Soon we’ll eat & drink on Internet.

  24. jocuri says:

    I think is very important for a Pizza company to be on twitter. If we are going deep in this, it can take orders from tweets 🙂 )


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