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Pet Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Perhaps you’ve got a pet, adore animals or work in this industry. There are many pet blogs looking for excellent content from guest bloggers. Becoming a published guest blogger will expand your business, put you in the spotlight, attract new readers to your site and build your social proof.

Use this opportunity to network with other bloggers, make new connections, add to your expertise and develop your confidence in the blogging world. To get you started, we have compiled a list of sites for you to choose from to submit your guest posts.

Note: Not a pet blogger? Then you might want to check our list of blogs that accept guest posts in other niches.

1.  Go Pet Friendly

Domain Authority: 54          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Submit personal stories, pet-friendly activities or traveling with pet articles. If required, your article will be heavily edited and the format changed to suit the style of the blog. Read the guest posting guidelines for more details, and fill out the contact form with questions or concerns.

2.  Dogs Naturally Magazine

Domain Authority: 50          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Read some of the published articles to get an idea of what this site is looking for, and to see what has already been covered. Email your queries as a Word document when ready, but do go through the guidelines first.

3.  Preloved

Domain Authority: 56          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Please read the blog to check out the writing style and tone. Content could be about pets, horses, livestock and animal welfare. Send your submission, but go through the questions on the write for us page and answer them in your email.

4.  Animal Bliss

Domain Authority: 36          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Write well-researched, detailed articles about animals and pet care. The guest post guidelines have a checklist of what to include with your submission, plus other useful information. To submit, email your completed article for consideration.

5.  Fidose of Reality

Domain Authority: 49           

How to Submit a Guest Post: The audience are dog lovers, dog moms and dads. Check out the blog and familiarize yourself with the tone and style of writing. Only pitch original topics, not published elsewhere. Send your ideas in the body of an email. Read the guidelines for more details.

6.  Kol’s Notes

Domain Authority: 40          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Write about dog treat, recipes and dog training – or lack of it. Read some of the content to get a feel of the style of articles published here. Email your pitch for consideration, but do read the guest posting guidelines first.

7.  HavaHart Wireless

Domain Authority: 43          

How to Submit a Guest Post: To submit your guest post, please fill out the form on the simple guidelines page. Your application will be reviewed. If you’re successful to guest post on this site, you will be contacted.

8.  3 Million Dogs

Domain Authority: 33          

How to Submit a Guest Post: You should know the basics of using WordPress. In addition, you should enjoy writing about your love of dogs. Send an email with two published articles you’ve written, or a link to two blog posts you’ve had published. Simply head to the brief guidelines here.

9.  3 Boys And A Dog

Domain Authority: 50          

How to Submit a Guest Post:  Although this blog has a pets category, they’re looking for guest posts within the kid’s craft section. This includes farm animals and ocean animals. Here is the section on crafts for you to read. To submit, just complete the form on the guidelines page.

10.  EntirelyPets

Domain Authority: 50          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Look through the categories to see content that has already been featured. Pitch your topic ideas by email and send samples of previous work you’ve done. Here are the guest post guidelines to get you started.

11.  Schnauzers Rule

Domain Authority: 35           

How to Submit a Guest Post: First, read some of the dog articles, tips and more on the guidelines page to kick-start your ideas. Do think about submitting original, unusual articles not already covered. To submit your article, fill out the form on this page for review.

12.  Pet Problems Solved

Domain Authority: 31          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Preferred topics are based on issues, informative pieces or fun observations on pets or pet owners. Follow the guidelines carefully and read about the types of articles that will not be accepted. Email your article ideas for consideration when ready.

13.  Heads Up For Tails

Domain Authority: 32          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Submit an original post not published elsewhere and check for spelling mistakes. Use paragraph breaks and capitalization for easy reading. Email your article for revision. More information is on the write for us page to get you started.

14.  Dogs Monthly

Domain Authority: 39          

How to Submit a Guest Post: All submissions are moderated, so please stick to the guest post submission guidelines. Don’t forget to attach an image to your post (you should own the copyright or provide an image credit). To submit your story, fill out the form on the guidelines page, which also contains the terms and conditions.

15.  Embrace Pet Insurance

Domain Authority: 54          

How to Submit a Guest Post: To save time for both parties, email your proposed topic and expertise before you start writing. This site is about pet health and insurance. Therefore, you should have experience as a vet tech or veterinarian. Head to the guidelines for more information before you get started.

16.  Untrained Housewife

Domain Authority: 41          

How to Submit a Guest Post: This community blog has a section for pets. Register for an account to get started. Read the brief manifesto to get a feel of what the site is all about. And fill out the form on the write for us page with some details about yourself.

17.  One Green Planet

Domain Authority: 68          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Here is an example of the types of posts published on this blog. Follow these instructions for submitting your article to put your work in good stead of being accepted. The write for us page contains the submission guidelines.

18.  Wag The Dog

Domain Authority: 35           

How to Submit a Guest Post: Write for the audience who enjoy personal tales and stories about behavior, cooking, training and traveling experiences with dogs. Please read the blog and check out some of the posts already published. The blogging guidelines cover all you need to know about guest posting here.

19.  Petful

Domain Authority: 49          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Articles should be your own, not published elsewhere else and between 700 and 800 words. Make it conversational (first person) with useful advice. Do get in touch via the contact form with your ideas, after reading the guidelines here.

20.  Trupanion

Domain Authority: 61          

How to Submit a Guest Post: Are you an animal expert, pet lover, dog trainer or vet? Check out the guidelines of requirements needed to submit a guest post at this site. Send your article as a Word document attachment, or write it in the body of an email when ready.


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